Top 8 good online gaming websites 2020
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Top 8 good online gaming websites 2020

Free game websites are an interesting place to play online games without downloading them to your computer. Confused where to play when you have so many choices? To help you choose easier, this article summarizes a list of the best online gaming websites you can refer to.

Good online gaming websites

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  • Diversity of online games
  • No download required


  • Advertising not to be missed
  • Lack of instructions in some games
  • Advertising between games

Trang web Addicting Games

This online gaming site has a number of addictive and free games. Addicting Games has a number of flash game categories such as Puzzle, Action, Zombie, Funny, etc. The games on this site require little downloading and just one click to enjoy the game right away. However, the website contains a lot of ads you cannot ignore before 15 seconds and some games do not have clear instructions on how to play.



  • Free online battle royale game
  • Great list of action, adventure games and other free online games


  • Longer load time
  • In multiplayer games, there may be lag

Miniclip website

Miniclip has free online games in the genre of action, adventure and some other genres. In addition it can also type battle royale games (arena of life and death) for free. When playing games on the site you need to wait for the download because it is larger than the flash game. Sometimes large online battle royale games also experience lag, interrupting your game experience. But in return for the variety of types and quality, you can ignore these shortcomings of it.



  • There are many popular games
  • Games of the type of RPG, action and puzzle are of good quality


  • Long game loading time
  • Registration required to play some games

Pogo website

The site has popular titles like Plants Vs Zombies, Scrabble and many other games. Pogo has many good games that keep you entertained for hours without getting bored. However, the site requires players to sign up to play free online games and have many ads while playing. Some games have slightly longer loading times.



  • Provides popular titles from the 8-bit era
  • Game controller support
  • Brings an excellent library of all gaming machines from the 90s


  • Game loading time is a bit long
  • A slow internet can affect the gaming experience

Trang web Playretro Games

Playretro Games is one of the best free game websites on the Internet. The library of games includes famous NES games from the NES era, including Castlevania and Jurassic Park. Some games require a long loading time but in return you will not encounter lag issues while playing or advertising. Most free 8-bit online games support the NES controller, which is one of the best features of the site.

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  • There are many free online game genres
  • Can play for hours without interruption by advertising


  • Required login with Facebook account

Kongregate website

This game site requires you to log in via Facebook before playing. Kongregate offers a variety of free online games that players can enjoy without downloading. In addition, you can play games here for hours without being adversely affected.



  • Collection of MMO and ROG games
  • There are several Open beta versions for upcoming games
  • Some games can be downloaded for offline play


  • It takes a long time to download for major games
  • Not for users with a slow Internet connection

Trang web Mmogames

This site is a gift for all fans of the game Massively Multiplayer Openworld. Mmogame has a huge library of free games that can be played online or downloaded if you like. You can even find some new upcoming games in Open beta on this site. In addition, it also provides the latest news about MMO and RPG games. Needless to say, this is one of the best online game websites you should try.



  • Play popular Android games without an emulator
  • A lot of games and ads can be skipped


  • Long loading time in game

Trang web Poki

This site allows you to play all the famous Android games like Subway Surfer, Bullet Force and many other online PC games. Poki eliminates the hassle of installing an Android emulator to play PC games. This site is suitable for all users who want to play their favorite Android games with the mouse and keyboard.

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  • There are gaming guides if you need help
  • Release new games regularly
  • Some games can be downloaded and played offline


  • Requires flash when playing games
  • Some games are for trial only, you need to pay to play the full version

Trang web Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games is a well-known site with downloadable games for Windows and Mac but it also has some good options with thousands of free online games.

Some popular game genres on Big Fish Games include hidden objects, strategy games, brain training games, puzzles, family games, etc. The popular games here include Hidden Express, Cubis Gold 2, Fitz! and Bubblez !.

You should check the newly released game and Top online games to find hot free online games today. Big Fish Games also released games for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Wish you have fun playing the game!


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