Top 7 most common defects in cars and how to fix them

Top 7 most common defects in cars and how to fix them

After a period of use, cars are more or less prone to failures. Timely detection will help you quickly fix, avoid further damage.

Battery out of power

Normally, batteries have a lifespan of about 3 – 5 years depending on frequency of use and maintenance conditions. When the vehicle is circulated outside, under the hot sun impact of the environment (especially in Vietnam), the metabolism and energy production of the battery takes place faster, plus the installation of electrical equipment. Death and vehicle have to travel with short distances, which will have to turn on continuously, which will shorten battery life. Common signs when the battery runs out of power are the indicators and the dashboard will not light up when you turn the ignition key. The low battery will make it difficult to start the engine, then you can only hear the “click” sound coming from the starter system.

Need to prepare a set of lines to prevent unexpected run out of battery

Remedy: First, to catch this disease, you should periodically check the water level in the battery for timely replenishment. If the battery runs out, it will burn the plate and cannot be restored. If you run out of battery in a car, you need to have a set of fishing lines and have another vehicle assist you.

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The gas pipe is leaking

The fuel lines from the fuel tank to the injector to the combustion chamber are divided into segments with different materials. Therefore, it is very easy to leak joints in the segments. During use, these pipes can also be bitten by mice because they are made of plastic, or the joints can be shrunk, causing large openings, causing fuel leakage, causing great waste.

It is necessary to quickly fix this error to avoid fire and explosion

How to catch the disease and fix it: When this error occurs, you will smell the car’s gasoline smell strongly (some high-end cars have a fuel fault light when the pipeline is open), you need to check as soon as possible. the better. Because if you leave it for a long time, it will waste fuel and risk causing fire and explosion due to electric spark.

Tripod rubber is hardened

Although this detail is only the size of a hand grip, it is subject to a great deal of pressure from the car. It is used to keep the overall weight of the vehicle engine and transmission, and also to endure vibrations when the vehicle turns cornering or bumping. Therefore, the occurrence of hardening or broken rubber tripod is very common. The most obvious symptom of this car’s fault is that when the car enters the road, or starts up, the driver will feel the force transmitted directly into the chassis causing the steering wheel to vibrate violently.

The rubber for the tripod is badly damaged

Remedy: You should periodically check to minimize damage in these tripod rubber parts. As soon as you detect small signs such as shaking, you need to bring to a reputable service center for immediate detailed replacement.

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Front damper malfunction

The front suspension is always subjected to a pressure many times higher than the vehicle’s weight each time the brakes are folded. That is why the front damper is always one of the common mistakes in cars. Signs of damper damper are quite easy to tell, you just need to observe with the naked eye, if oil leaks make the damping wet. In this case, you will feel the vehicle bounce more strongly than usual when entering a bad road. When the speed is faster, the jolting phenomenon is more pronounced.

Solution: If one of the two damper bars have problems, you need to replace both bars for the best. Because you change the side, it will cause irregular shock absorption and still make the car unstable when entering bad roads or at high speeds. In addition, such misalignment also makes your replacement and maintenance no longer synchronized.

The tire is worn out

This is one of the most common illnesses when riding a car. When you travel about 19,000 – 24,000 km / year, the tires will wear out before the neoprene layer degenerates. Then, your car will no longer hold the road well, and the tires will also be thinner, increasing the risk of a tire explosion.

Tire explosion will cause many dangers

How to fix: Of course, when this error occurs, the best remedy is to quickly replace yourself with a new tire to avoid excessive wear of the tire, or aging synthetic rubber tires that are dangerous. insurance for you and your loved ones on the road.

The belt is cracked

The main function of the belt is to drive other components such as generators, air-conditioning cyclones, power steering pumps. In addition, the belt also assumes the function of driving the undercarriage pump system in some high-end sports cars. Normally, you can detect belt deterioration through cracks in the belt. When the belt is out of date, it will often screech, making it harder to start the engine. However, it is still possible that your belt will be unexpectedly damaged by external factors such as a rat bite.

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The belt is broken

Remedy: If there are no unexpected failures as mentioned above, the belt should be replaced periodically after about 80.00 – 100,000 km / time. In addition, you should also regularly quickly check if the belt is cracked or if there is a problem to promptly handle.

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The indicator light is no longer lit

Xenon or Led bulbs usually have quite a long life so you do not have to worry too much. However, for traditional incandescent bulbs, the life of the ball is only about 6-7 years depending on how you use it. The Fix: In fact, the bulbs will generally have a lower lifespan if you have to travel at night often or have to run on bad roads. So you should check regularly and when there are signs such as uneven lights or low light, it should be replaced as quickly as possible to keep the circulation safe.

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