Top 6 self-destruct chat applications on the phone

 Top 6 self-destruct chat applications on the phone

Top 6 self-destruct chat applications on the phone

To absolutely protect information when chatting with friends, our partners often use the self-destruct message feature on free chat applications. So which chat apps are currently supporting self-destruction of messages after reading?

Most chat apps now support self-destruction of messages when the recipient has read them, but this feature will only work when you activate for each specific message. To ensure the security of messages sent don’t forget the applications we introduce below.

Summary of chat applications that support self-destructing messages

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Zalo
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Snapchat
  • Whatsapp

Facebook Messenger

New flower icon of Facebook MessengerDecorate flowers for messages on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is probably the popular chat application in Vietnam, and followers of Facebook are not using Facebook Messenger. Besides Facebook Messenger connecting directly with Facebook, it has countless attractive features, so this is the number 1 chat app to choose at this time. The secret message feature or the self-destruct message posted on Facebook Messenger not long ago but has been used very popular. Besides your existing Facebook contacts, you can still connect with new friends via QR Code, email or Facebook name.

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Making new friends is easy on ZaloZalo Official Account

If Whatsapp is dominating Europe, Viber in North America, Wecchat in China, Zalo is the No. 1 chat application in Vietnam today. Zalo in Vietnam is popularly used by students, businesses and middle-aged people. With the advantages of friendly Vietnamese interface, new features are always directed to the advantages of Vietnam, which has created Zalo’s success in Vietnam. The self-destructing message feature on Zalo has been present for quite a long time, it can be said that Zalo is one of the first applications to use the security message feature on the OTT market in Vietnam.

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Secret conversationSwitch to secret chat

Compared to applications on Viber is probably the most popular application in the world. Viber is trusted and used by many businesses, especially since the launch of the self-destruct messaging feature that has helped Viber gain higher user trust. The message sent after being read will disappear completely, especially this message can not be forwarded to prevent your message from being read by the 3rd person.

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Speed ​​chat with TelegramMessage security

After Yahoo Messenger was officially retired, Telegram has shown itself to be the leading PC chat application. Right from the first days of launching Telegram has won great sympathy from users with a simple interface, easy to use and highly secure. Therefore, when the self-destructing message feature appears on Telegram, Telegram’s security level will be ranked at the top of the list of free chat applications today.

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Features of the Snapchat app on AndroidFeatures of the Snapchat app on Android

Snapchat is originally a social network with the forefront of security. Works like social networks Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but Snapchat goes in a very different direction. All posts on Snapchat will be quickly canceled within 24 hours from the time of posting. Similarly, the chat feature on Snapchat is also quickly canceled without leaving any trace.

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Share everything easily with WhatsApp Messenger Send instant messages with WhatsApp Messenger

Compared to the aforementioned applications, Whatsapp is probably the least popular chat application in Vietnam. However, when you use Whatsapp, you will quickly be persuaded. Nothing but a phone number to register, all related information will be completely confidential. Not only that, the self-destructing message feature on Whatsapp has also been quickly used by many people. Certainly if you are looking for a chat application to chat with foreign friends and safely, Whatsapp is the top recommendation.

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Above we have introduced you to the chat applications that support the self-destruct messaging feature. Hopefully you will choose one tool that really fits into the top chat application above.

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