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Top 5 worthwhile points on Oppo Reno: beautiful, durable design, beautiful selfie, many security tools, …

Reno and Reno 10x Zoom are sold for 13tr and 21tr in Vietnam. A price is not low. Zoom is undoubtedly the highlight and the most talked about point in recent days when it comes to Reno. But optical zoom is really only available on Reno 10x Zoom. So what about Reno? Shark fin camera? But how much is that enough for the tens of millions? Invite you to point through the top 5 most notable highlights on both Reno and Reno 10x Zoom in the video below to see what are the worthwhile points on this duo to "down the money". Of course, this is the top 5 most valuable video on the planet, the point is not yet – we'll talk in another video.

However, to be honest, if in the points below, you are not attractive enough or you have found a 5+ option (there are 5 points that add another or cheaper) then it is a reverse For reasons not to choose when you have better choices.

Beautiful design – durable
No matter how much you hate OPPO, you have to admit that Reno is a beautifully designed machine, at least on the back. Specifically, OPPO created two versions of black heaven and blue ocean with beautiful back, changing color according to light but according to 2 different styles. Black heavenly king is a black back, glossy, clear. And Blue Sea is a rough, green but still smooth back. I personally prefer the navy blue version because this way of handling the back is very different from the rest of the machines on the market and it looks unique.

However, good back is not enough. In the tens of millions segment, you have to do really well overall, not just your back. With Reno, OPPO did it when dealing with problems that often annoyed users and made them disparaging like plastic backs and a slightly elevated screen overall. With Reno, OPPO finally made glass and is Gorilla Glass 5 on the back, accompanied by Gorilla Glass 6 on the front. Part of the screen and chassis also have a seamlessness, no longer protruding, no more hands.

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Next, the "crushed" camera cluster clung to its back, not slightly raised, bringing a seamless back (even with the Reno 10x Zoom, which owned a 5x optical zoom camera. In addition to aligning the dorsal details, Reno's back becomes more refined, towards high-end instead of just being as beautiful as before. In addition to the true Fullview front panel, the charging port is also USB-C in both versions (no longer entangled with the microUSB port), so Reno's overall design has almost no minus points. The only minor problem is the Reno 10x Zoom, which is slightly more heavy on the "monumental" camera system than the regular Reno.

Beautiful screen is not "disabled"

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6.4 "for Reno standard and 6.6" for Reno 10x Zoom. These are OLED screen with FullHD resolution + and protected by Gorilla Glass glasses 6. The lower edge of the device is still slightly thicker than the other 3 edges but thin enough. And looking at a full screen, without defect, without rabbit ears / moles / drops of water is obviously very eye-catching. High screen brightness and wide viewing angle, combined with customizing the vivid / light color mode (only on Zoom) or adjusting the screen color temperature (cooler, default, warmer) then This screen will be easy to "satisfy" most users. There is no boundary for you like the eye-catching brightly colored / you like the color fidelity, you like the bright blue screen / you like something bright yellow, because you can perfectly calibrate it in the display settings.
If it comes to Reno in the 13tr segment, this screen stands out in the segment. If it comes to Reno 10x Zoom, it is completely not inferior to anyone, except for a few competitors who use 2K monitors like S10 +. But Reno will compensate with the FullView advantage.

Beautiful selfie does not need ulike
Referring to OPPO will almost think of the first selfie. During the offline session, many brothers also recognized that "beautiful selfie". With Reno, we have a 16MP selfie camera. OPPO has done very well in the pre-beauty range – "virtual in nature". That is obviously more beautiful than many people, but it does not bring a false feeling, the type of "skin is dirty, the eyes are sloppy" like some firms that make the skin smooth and natural, look real, sparkling eyes. So, the OPPOs later, or specifically with Reno, they just need to try to keep that beauty in many situations – that is, increase the selfie's handling capability in many other bright conditions. together.

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We have a soft light for better selfie in the morning. This lamp is light and gentle, not glare. eyes, support "take a selfie in the dark" better but do not need squinting because the light of the lamp hits the face directly. I see the light of the lamp is similar to the examples that girls use.

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In addition, the self-backlit HDR selfie mode works very well. When shooting, I didn't see anything behind because the sun was very intense. But the final image is still visible. Also, if you notice, OPPO's selfie camera has a fairly wide angle. In short, OPPO's selfie will help you much to avoid downloading the Ulike app.

Shark fin cameras do not touch

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At this point, I am very puzzled when I put it in because if I want to FullView without defect, if I do not have fish, I can use indenting, sliding, rotating, … many types. However, if you consider your own point of attraction, in terms of creativity, creating a finned camera is worth it. Come to think of it, no one has made camera models like fish fins, this will be an attraction for anyone who likes originality. In addition, compared to the previous OPPO version, they also thought about "poisoning to be more durable" when adding the feature to automatically detect the falling machine but retract the camera. In addition, according to the specifications, if you average 100 times a day, you can be completely assured for 5 years. Surely no one has verified this claim. But, 5 years is also more than enough for safety and with the life cycle of a smartphone in the time when companies are "lucky" as they are now.

Color OS 6 has too many smart features, especially "security" than many machines
OPPO's Color OS offers so many smart features that some users will feel a bit confused. But if you're used to it and you like to install many things for smartphones, you'll be happy with it. I see there are many features available that some of you normally use to download the 3rd application, and OPPO and Color OS are available for you.
Preliminary list:

  • Screen gestures (almost no physical keys are needed, this is a long time ago): swipe 3 fingers to take screenshots, lift up to turn on the screen, screen gestures turn off (draw words right from the screen) black image to quickly activate a certain feature or application), swipe on the screen to adjust the volume.
  • Navigation gestures: completely hide 3 virtual keys and easy to use, can customize the position / operation according to your usage habits.
  • Smart side bar (screen capture, screen capture, quick opening of cool apps): especially handy when playing games. Just swipe quickly from the edge.
  • Hold down the power button to quickly call GA
  • Smart driving: more focused when driving and keep yourself and others safe when receiving only the necessary calls according to the set.
  • Duplicate the application to use 2 accounts
  • Game space to optimize game play: smart bar to quickly open the game while playing games, set the dark mode to prioritize game play for battery or good, block messages and notifications to annoy while playing game

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And especially, security on Color OS is really impressive. If you go to the security section, you will see OPPO "taking good care".

  • OPPO provides us with tools to manage application permissions. You can review what application details are in security at any time.
  • Prevent leakage of personal data: when an application tries to read some personal information such as contacts, events, messages, call logs, .. the system will automatically provide blank information.
  • SOS contact: press the power button 5 times to activate the emergency call. When SOS mode is on, the SOS message contains the location / scene image from the front and rear cameras, even the video will be sent to the emergency contact you saved. When you move over 200m in 1 minute, the new location will immediately be updated to the emergency contact.
  • Block harassment: including calls and messages without downloading third party apps.
  • Child space: limit usage time, limit access to applications, prohibit games and recharge applications by automatically sending SMS, banning system changes / deleting apps.
  • Lock applications and privacy to protect personal data security when needed to borrow phones.
  • Security keyboard: encrypt password information.
  • Warning when an application is recording or taking pictures under the background.
  • Prevent screen capture and recording with private applications: photos taken will be black only.

Add plus points for Reno 10x Zoom with a better price: +2

  • For those who want to experience Zoom, still like to zoom in but need "safety" (you know who I have zooms that are "precarious" is already ") More details about zoom invite you to read In the article Evaluate the zoom camera of Reno 10x Zoom in. In short, we have 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, 60x digital zoom for you to dabble in.

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  • Cooling system: Snapdragon 855 this price range is not lacking, but not every machine has a heat sink. OPPO did that for Reno 10x Zoom with the heat sink system including graphite plate, dynamic heat sink, gel heat sink. And the machine is really not warm, overheating when playing games for a long time. (Of course, it will be limited, playing too long will be hot, don't ask me about an immortal phone while playing the game.:)).

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The points I listed are those that I think are both good and outstanding in the segment. In addition, this device will also have other interesting points such as configuration significantly improved (no longer worry about low configuration on the OPPO as before), fingerprint sensor under the fast screen, rear camera is quite good … But I don't count on the top because many other machines will be available, or a bit nicer.


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