Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva

Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva

Do you want the spirit to become more radiant after make-up? Do you want to have youthful ruddy beauty with a well-makeup face? Use a little light blush on the cheekbones, to get the freshest look. Indispensable product line inside make-up kit can easily be purchased anywhere. But between so many types of blush today, what is the best product for female skin? Let me introduce you to the top 5 types of super pretty blush blush that thousands of Eva use.

Why should we use blush?

Why should use blush

Why should use blush

Unlike other makeup products, blush has been around for thousands of years. Since ancient times, ancient women knew how to make blush from natural ingredients. Over a long period of development, blush has been improved and looks like the present. The main product line is the inseparable things of women for the following reasons:

1. Blush powder creates pink beauty full of vitality

After the makeup process, your face will become brighter than usual. Without using blush, your face will look very pale and lifeless. As long as people apply a little blush to their cheeks, the skin will quickly become ruddy and look extremely natural.

2. Blush powder creates attraction on the face

Along with the eyes of the Soul Window, the rosy cheekbones also become attractive points to help women become more attractive in the eyes of the opposite person. You will easily impress people around you thanks to their bright pink cheeks and sunny smile.

3. Blushing blush helps women become more confident

Many Eva sisters confided to me that they could not feel confident with white face without blush. So using blush is always the last make-up step that people never overlook. In this way, women retain their inherent confidence and can master all their appointments.

The current blush types

The current blush types

The current blush types

Current blushes are manufactured under a variety of textures. People also rely on the texture of blush, to divide the product into:

1. Tint blush

Tint blush is the longest lasting blush among the product line today. Tint blush has a water texture, so it dries quickly after applying to the skin. You get the pinky feeling throughout when using the unique blush line.

2. Blush in gel form

The gel blush has a fairly textured texture. Soft powder quickly penetrates deep into the skin to give you a bright pink. The product contains more pigments than the blush powder. Therefore, gel blush brings outstanding uniformity to the overall face.

3. Liquid blush

Liquid blush will be thicker than Tint blush, but looser than gel. The use of liquid blush will help you never expose the chalk particles on your face. You just need to use a little blush to lightly dab on the cheeks and spread, you will get super smooth pink skin.

4. Blush in jelly form

True jelly blush has a texture similar to a gel blush but is a bit thicker. Products after hitting on the skin will keep the color long and bring the feeling of tightness, moistness for the cheekbones.

5. Blush cushion type Cushion

Cushion-type blush is a perfect combination of moisturizer and traditional blush. This is a blush line that is manufactured in compressed form with a soft, soft chalk. Products bring shiny skin to women after hours of make-up. You can customize the lightness to your liking by lightly rubbing the Cushion.

6. Mousse blush

Mousse-like blush has the same quality as a cream-like blush, but has a much better fluffy and moist texture. You can use your hands to get a little blush, then apply directly to the skin. Or use chalk to blend evenly.

7. Creamy blush

Creamy blush with a loosely textured texture can easily be applied by hand without the use of a brush. Products for the ability to hold up to 24 hours of color, so that women confidently shine throughout the day.

8. Blush in powder form

This is a waxy texture blush produced in the form of bars. The product line has good adhesion, so save the color for a long time. On the user side, you can rub the blush into your desired position without fear of being smeared or over-handled.

9. Blush powder

Blush powder form has an excellent lubricating ability. Oil-free products only adhere to the surface of the skin and do not clog pores. Especially as powder blush does not create wrinkles when people brush around the acne.

10. Blush powder compact form

Blush powder blush is the most classic and familiar blush with Eva women. The product has a neat design, very easy to carry around on the go. Thanks to the soft, moisturizing powder, the blush powder is compressed for long sticking time.

Experience choosing to buy blush

Experience choosing to buy blush

Experience choosing to buy blush

Before the appearance of too many types of blush, women would surely be extremely disturbed and do not know which product to use. In this case, I advise you to explore the golden experience of the following predecessors:

1. Choose a blush that matches your skin tone

  • For pale, pale and lifeless skin, choose a blush with peach or coral pink. Because these are two pastels that help balance the pale colors on lifeless skin.

  • For rosy white skin, you can use all kinds of blushes in different tones. But people need to rely on make-up style, to choose the best blush color.

  • For brown skin or skin that is too dark, choose a light nude blush like: Cockroach cheeks, plum red or earth orange. The product will help you conceal blemishes and create a harmonious balance for the face.

3. Choose blush according to skin characteristics

  • For dry skin: Cream blushes are the best choice. By supporting products to add moisture to dry skin.

  • For oily skin: Gel or powder blush is the most suitable line for oily skin. The reason is because this blush has good oil suction ability, to keep the chalky layer lasting.

  • For normal and combination skin: Use powdered blush to achieve superior smoothness, while retaining color long on the skin.

3. Choose blushers of reputable brands

Blush powder of a reputable cosmetic brand is usually produced from selected raw materials with natural origin. The product is safe for women’s skin and does not cause irritation like cheap blush.

The ability to stick and color the cheeks from a famous brand is also much better. Therefore, I recommend you only use blushes of major cosmetic brands such as Maybeline Newtyork, Clio Pro, NYX and Asami Blusher, …

Instructions for using blush

Instructions for using blush

Instructions for using blush

How blushing blush is how easy but difficult idea. But as long as you master the blush technique below, everything will become a lot easier:

  • Step 1: Using a brush, take a little pink powder and gently rub it on the cheekbones. You should note that you should only take a little at a time, to avoid over-handing and waste.

  • Step 2: You have to put your lips out before you apply blush. In this way, you will identify your cheekbones to position the brush more precisely.

  • Step 3: Apply blush just in the middle of the cheekbone and start to spread evenly along the cheekbone. In the process, women need to beat properly for blush to not clot.

  • Step 4: Adjust cheek color as desired. If the blush is still light, you can add a little more powder and then apply the first three steps again. But if the chalk color is too dark, you can use a paper towel to blot it out.

  • Step 5: Lastly, use a colorless powder to make the makeup layer underneath become the smoothest.

Top 5 kinds of super smooth blush, super pretty

1. Asami Blusher blush

Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva 1

Asami Blusher blush


Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva 9

Asami Blusher has pink color tone, so it is not suitable for brown skin.

Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva 9

No powders or brushes included.

Asami Blusher is a powder that is produced domestically as a powder. Compact box design with luxurious white tone, easy to pocket. Asami Blusher blush contains no preservatives and toxic additives. Instead, it contains only natural ingredients that are safe for the skin.

The most unique thing is that Asami Blusher blush also contains nutrients to help increase skin moisture. The product gives users a pink and smooth skin naturally. The ultra-fine chalk particles also provide good adhesion and color fastness.

Benign products suitable for all skin types are sold at super chestnut when only 126,000 VND / 7g box. Perhaps that’s why Asami Blusher blush is considered the most perfect choice for women.

But Asami’s blush also has limited points when taking pink tones as the dominant color. Because this time the product is not suitable for women with brown skin and dark skin. There is no brush or pollen inside the chalk box as other chalk lines.

2. Fit Me Maybelline Blush New York

Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva 12

Blush Fit Me Maybelline New York


Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva 9

Maybelline New York blush does not come with a brush.

Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva 9

Easily leads to Cakey condition on dry skin after make-up.

Coating, lip balm, matte lipstick, mascara, … are a series of popular products of Maybelline and the blush of this brand is no less.

New York Fit Me Maybelline Blush is a product line from the US and famous all over the world. The square box design features a white product name printed on a luxurious black background.

Inside the compressed blush contains carefully selected active ingredients, so it does not irritate the skin. The product line has 4 different tones suitable for all skin types and especially Asian skin tones.

What controls me so much about Maybeline Newyork’s blush is its ability to color naturally and be incredibly gentle. I always feel confident with rosy cheeks in harmony on my face.

In addition, the soft chalk makes me feel evenly spread on the skin during blushing. Color adhesion of the product must be said to be perfect when lasting for many hours. But the price of Blush Maybeline Newyork is only 123,000 VND / box 4.5g ..

However, everyone needs to know that Maybelline’s blush is marketed without a brush. Moreover, American blush easily leads to Cakey condition on dry skin after make-up.

3. Clio Pro Multi Face makeup powder

Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva 24

Clio Pro Multi Face makeup powder


Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva 9

Pretty picky skin and suitable only for women with pink white skin.

Clio Pro Multi Face makeup powder is manufactured and imported from Korea. The product design is a luxurious round box with a glossy black outer shell. When you open the makeup box, you will be delighted by the perfect combination of 3 different tones. The pastel colors go from light to dark to give a natural speckle effect when applied to the skin.

Perhaps the most outstanding advantage of the Clio Pro Multi Face powder line is that the product is manufactured using modern Aircrush technology. Each compressed powder has a very small texture, easily dissolves quickly into the skin. After using makeup, you will get a light, thin layer like when not using.

The point that makes me appreciate the product line is its ability to stick to the color for up to 24 hours continuously. I mostly keep my pink glow all day when I use Korean blush.

But you should note that Clio Pro Multi Face makeup is quite picky. The product is only suitable for women with fair skin. If you have brown skin, you have to know how to mix colors to make up your makeup.

Compared to the price, makeup of Korea is also higher than that of Maybelline New York. The product currently sells for 424,000 VND / box of 9.5g.

4. NYX Professional Makeup blush

Top 5 types of super smooth blush for Eva 34

NYX Professional Makeup Blush


Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva 9

Color retention is not durable.

Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva 9

Blush is easily washed out when the skin is oily, so it is not suitable for use on oily skin.

NYX Professional Makeup Blush is a line of blush originating in the United States. The product is produced in the form of ultra-fine chalk particles for the ability to capture light extremely well. The composition of blush does not contain toxic substances, especially Paraben. So you can feel secure using products from NYX Professional Makeup brand.

In my opinion, NYX Professional Makeup blushes are very evenly spread on the skin. The product is easier to use than other blushes on the market. The great thing is that you can choose from 24 different blush tones to transform according to each makeup style such as: coral pink, peach orange and bright orange …

In addition to blushing cheeks, NYX Professional Makeup also helps to reduce wrinkles on the skin. Products give me rosy cheeks, fresh and full of vitality.

Currently, the price of NYX Professional Makeup blush is only 169,000 VND / box 4.5g. This is a very cheap price for a multi-purpose product line, suitable for dry skin, acne skin and sensitive skin.

But you need to know the limitations of the product is the ability to hold the color is not as durable as other high-grade blushes. NYX blush is also easily washed away when the skin is oily, so it is not suitable for this skin type.

5. Missha Color Multi Stick Pink Cheek

Top 5 types of super smooth, super beautiful blush for Eva 45

Missha Color Multi Stick Pink Cheeks


Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva 9

Wax cream is easy to accentuate wrinkles on areas that are less lustrous.

Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva 9

High adhesion makes inflammation and acne skin more severe.

Missha Color Multi Stick from Korea is produced in the form of a lipstick, like a lipstick. Products designed to fit the handle with a one-sided canopy brush, which makes it easy for women to apply makeup during use.

Korean Blush has a creamy texture, gives it a long-lasting effect on the skin and minimizes clumps. You can use blush to brush the cheeks, create blocks and even highlight. So I always call Missha Color Multi Stick blush is a 3-in-1 product line super convenient.

But perhaps the point that makes me the biggest plus point for Missha’s blush is the presence of 6 common colors such as pink, coral pink, bright orange and earth brown, … Each tone has the ability to up Natural color and no stains after being applied to the skin.

Compared to the price, Blush Missha Color Multi Stick is quite cheap when listed only 169,000 VND / 7.5g ingot. But the product also has a drawback as the creamy wax will quickly accumulate and highlight wrinkles on the skin less tight. This type of blush is also not suitable for use on acne and sensitive skin. Because the adhesion is too tight, it can clog the pores, making the inflammation worse.

What kind of blush should you choose?

The blush lines that I used to use leave me feeling separate. But to choose the best product line, I still prefer Asami Blusher blushers. The reason is that Asami Blusher blushes fully meet the following criteria:

  • About design: Asami Blusher blush has luxurious white box design. Compact chalk box size, very easy to pocket and take with you.

  • About use: Asami Blusher blush brings youthful beauty to women. The product line also adds nutrients and moisture to the skin. You will feel the superior softness after a short time using high-grade blush.

  • About safety: Asami Blusher blush is made from natural ingredients and does not contain preservatives. Benign products suitable for all skin types.

  • About price: The price of a box of Asami Blusher 7g is only VND 126,000. This is a very cheap price for a quality blush.

Top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush for Eva 1

Asami Blusher blush

Frequently Asked Questions

Blush is the type of cosmetic used by women to apply blush. Products give Eva a ruddy appearance, youthful and make cheekbones become more prominent.

For medium-white skin, you can use a blush or light brown blush. These are 2 neutral colors that do not bring opposite feeling on the skin.

For women with high cheekbones, you should apply blush in a circle or blush from inside to outside horizontally. Absolutely do not use chalk in the upward sloping direction to make the cheekbones look taller.

For oily skin with too much oil, use a pressed blush to increase the ability to absorb moisture. Products will help the skin become dry and not greasy.

Creamy blush has a creamy texture, so it gives high permeability when used on the skin. The use of hands to apply blush cream will help users save more than when using puff. But people should note that washing hands before using blush.

If your skin is very dry, use Asami Blusher. The product line to help moisturize the skin makes the skin lacking water become more smooth.

In short, the top 5 types of super-smooth, super-beautiful blush is the best suggestion for women. You can choose the right product line depending on your skin characteristics and your ability to spend. Trong trường hợp mọi người còn có vấn đề cần thắc mắc, hãy comment bên dưới để được hỗ trgiải đáp nhanh chóng.

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