TOP 5 super cool photography apps for Android

 TOP 5 super cool photography apps for Android

TOP 5 super cool photography apps for Android

Some of us are happy with any native applications pre-installed on Android devices and there’s no doubt that the default services of Android giants like Samsung, HTC and Google are top stuff.

But sometimes you need to change. Perhaps you want the camera interface to be more refined, or you want to have manual controls on your camera that are close enough to make professional photographers nod their approval. So, here is a list of 5 best camera apps for Android that meet your “business” needs, whether basic or advanced.

1. Paper Camera

With Google’s 4.5-star rating, Paper Camera is everyone’s choice for the title of “Best Camera App on Android.” The app offers cute and easy-to-use sketch filters, You can play with many cool features on Paper Camera and you will find that this is one of the most interesting camera apps you have ever used.

Paper Camera

Filters are available in various categories such as comic books, cartoons, sketches and neon …, creating a natural, rough and rustic sketching feel for your photos. Paper Camera is probably not the most feature-rich photography app like the others, but you won’t care because the results generated by this app are extremely special.

  • Download Paper Camera for Android

2. Cymera


List of the best photography apps for Android will not be complete without Cymera. In addition to the rich editing features the app offers, you also get automatic facial recognition as well as a selection of 15 unique watermark designs for your photos. The built-in smart gallery can catalog your photos based on location, or you can group all your selfies together. Sharing photos with friends is also made extremely easy with the sharing options for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

  • Download Cymera for Android

3. Manual Camera

Manual Camera is a different photography app with the other options on this list. While most third-party apps try to eliminate complicated steps to simplify the process of taking photos, Manual Camera provides a series of manual controls for the camera on your Android device by Take advantage of APIs available on Android.

Manual Camera

Therefore, you have rich features such as manual shutter speed adjustment, manual ISO, manual exposure, the ability to save images in RAW format for later editing processes, and more. If you want complete control over every detail on your photo, then Manual Camera is a great option that you cannot ignore.

  • Download Manual Camera for Android

4. Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX

With over 5 million users, Camera Zoom FX is another great alternative to the application available on Android. It has a crammed interface with buttons at the top and bottom of the application, associated with a range of features and settings. The app supports many filters that you can apply to your photos, and if that’s not enough for your needs, you can download additional filters in CH Play. You can also perform editing operations such as cropping, rotating, flipping, adding frames or stitching from within the app and also recording videos.

  • Download Camera Zoom FX for Android

5. Open Camera

Open Camera

Have you heard of Open Camera? It has some noteworthy features and is the best open source camera option on Android. Thanks to the open source feature, the application is constantly updated by its large community. You have face recognition, auto-level, touch to focus and auto repeat modes. Everything on it is also customizable from the grid overlay to the volume keys that you can reassign to all camera functions.

  • Download Open Camera for Android

Above are 5 cool photography apps that you can choose to use instead of the default camera app on your Android device. Each of these applications has its own unique and attractive features, so based on your own needs, choose the most suitable tool.

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