The defeat before milan when juventus can not match the champions league

Top 5 stars can leave Juventus

Juventus is falling in a very difficult season and the coming summer can be extremely volatile for Lao Ba.

After nine seasons of dominating Serie A, Juventus this season has officially become the former king. Worse, with defeat to AC Milan last night, Juventus “shot himself in the foot” in the race to win a place in the top 4.

Failure to AC Milan caused Juventus to be unable to attend the Champions League. Source: Internet

At this time, although only 1 point behind the fourth ranked Napoli team, Serie A has only 3 rounds left. The prospect of being absent from the Champions League for the first time after 9 years is becoming clearer than ever for Lao Ba.

If you can not attend the most prestigious arena in Europe, Juventus will have to face serious “force bleeding” next season. So which top 5 Juventus stars can immediately leave this transfer window?

5. Dejan Kulusevski

Dejan Kulusevski is highly appreciated in his first season playing under the Juventus shirt. This season, the 21-year-old striker has scored 4 goals in 32 matches in Serie A. Certainly, if he leaves, the North Macedonian player will be pursued by many clubs because of his talent.

dejan kulusevski is very young and very good looking

Dejan Kulusevski is very young and has shown himself. Source: Internet

4. Alex Sandro

Although he turned 30, Alex Sandro is still a highly appreciated player. Not being used much at Juventus this season is the main reason why the Brazilian defender wants to leave and many famous clubs want him.

Sandro is still a topic

Sandro is still a classy defender. Source: Internet

3.Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala is considered the brightest “jewel” of Juventus since he arrived at the club from Palermo in 2015. During the six years in Turin, the Argentine striker raised his level to become an important star of the team.

If you do not have a dybala, you will have a better place to start

Without injury, Dybala will probably play more stable. Source: Internet

This season, Dybala has only 18 games for Juventus in Serie A due to frequent struggles with injuries. However, with his level, “La Joya” will certainly still be a player that many teams welcome.

2. Matthijs de Ligt

Lao Ba spent up to 73 million pounds to bring Matthijs de Ligt back from Ajax after the 2018/2019 season. Although there are 3 years of contract, but if you cannot attend the Champions League, the Dutch midfielder can completely “escape”.

The goal is to get back to many studios

Matthijs de Ligt is a midfielder sought after by many clubs. Source: Internet

Currently, Barcelona and Chelsea have a reputation for wanting the midfielder if he wants to leave and surely the two clubs will not be afraid to spend money on this deal.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Not attending the Champions League is difficult to accept for Ronaldo. He is considered the “king” of the Champions League with a series of records as well as championships. Not only that, Ronaldo is the greatest goalscorer in C1 with 134 goals.

ronaldo will go if he cannot win the champions league

Ronaldo will leave if he does not qualify for the Champions League. Source: Internet

Despite being 34 years old, but CR7 has never stopped when it continuously shows that it is still very sharp. This season, he is leading the Serie A top scorer list with 27 goals. To leave, CR7 even accepted a decrease in salary and PSG or Man Utd all wanted to get Ronaldo’s signature.

Real spent boldly welcoming the Argentine striker

Super striker MU is about to break the club record



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