Top 5 sneaker models are very popular with young people this summer

Sneaker models have always captured the great affection of today’s young people, wearing these sneakers gives us a sense of dynamism and helps us attract the eyes of others.

On the market today there are many brands of sneakers with a variety of designs. So you know what sneaker models are popular? If you do not know, today Topthuthuat will guide you to the top 5 sneaker models that are very popular with young people this summer!



Sneakers is one of the keywords that many of you are interested in

Summer is one of the most popular seasons of the year, especially the students, because when the summer comes, we will be traveling to rest after a period of tiring studying. So what sneaker models are you preparing to buy for me to wear this summer? And the top 5 sneaker models that are very popular with young people this summer include which shoes?

NIKE AIR FORCE 1 WHITE – Nike’s “national” shoe model

Referring to the Nike brand, we cannot help but mention the Nike Air Force 1 white version. Since its inception, this product has “stormed” on social forums, most people complimented on its beautiful design, pure white color, easy to use. And for now this product is still Nike’s best-selling product.


Nike Air Force 1 pair pictures white version

This white Nike Air Force 1 version is easy to match, they can fit most of the outfit you wear and moreover this product is also considered to be suitable for many ages and genders. difference calculation. We can use this product in all circumstances such as going to work, going out, traveling …

ADIDAS STAN SMITH WHITE – A popular product from ADIDAS

Surely any of you have heard or seen the name Stan Smith of this Adidas brand. Launched more than half a decade, but this product is still loved by many young people because of its beautiful design, the color is very harmonious in black and white, this product is also one of the shoe models that make the name. age for this famous German shoe brand.


Adidas Stan Smith pair image white version

Possessing a classic design, using lanyards, the product is sewn with the eco-friendly Prime Green fabric. The shoe body is made up of 50% recycled ingredients and the sole of this product is covered with a very strong rubber layer.

More than 50 years since its launch, Adidas has continuously improved its products by creating new and more novel mixes, but the design of this pair of white Stan Smiths is still a legend that is hard to replace.

GUCCI ACE LEATHER SNEAKER WITH BEE – Shoes from a cult fashion brand

For a long time, Gucci has been a symbol of the elite because high-end products with expensive prices that not everyone can own. Not only famous for its fashion collections, but Gucci sneakers are also very popular and it has become a threat to the giants of the shoe industry.


Pictures of Gucci Ace Leather Sneaker With Bee

Gucci Bee is one of the famous products of this brand, this shoe has been loved by many famous artists and used regularly. Possessing a classic design, the shoe body is in red, dark green and in the middle is embroidered with a bee in a very harmonious way. This product is one of the good choices for you when going out in the summer.

CONVERSE TAYLOR ALL STAR CLASSIC LOW CLASSIC BLACK – The shoe associated with Vietnamese youth

Converse brand is one of the brands quite familiar to Vietnamese youth, especially students. The low-necked Converse Taylor All Star Classic is one of the most popular in the brand’s products, possessing a familiar classic design with a rubber sole and using laces to tie shoes and products. This is considered suitable for all ages, genders and can be used for all different circumstances.


Pictures of low-necked Converse Taylor All Star Classic

VANS CHECKERBOARD SLIP ON – Lazy shoes loved by Justin Bieber

Vans Checkerboard Slip On will be a great choice for you when summer comes. This slip-on has a compact, ergonomic design with a fabric body and a rubber sole. The product has a simple design with the shoe body of the diagonal black and white square motifs that look very harmonious and beautiful. This child was extremely loved by Justin Bieber and often wore them in his daily life.

Double pictures Vans Checkerboard Slip On

Double pictures Vans Checkerboard Slip On

So where to buy these sneakers?

There are many ways for you to own these sneakers, most of them are very popular and sold a lot in Vietnam, so you can look to genuine stores to buy.

Or you can find and buy the above products Tulo Shop, here specializes in trading and selling rep, rep 1.1, super fake shoes … from famous brands in the market with extremely reasonable prices and guaranteed quality. When you come here, you will be extremely enthusiastic about consulting staff and these staff will help you find the shoes you like the most.

Hopefully, with the above article on “Top 5 favorite sneaker models this summer” will help you get a lot more information so you can choose to buy the shoes you like the most.

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