Top 5 smooth gaming screens, priced at only VND 6-7 million for gamers or net owners - Photo 1.

Top 5 smooth gaming screens, priced at only VND 6-7 million for gamers or net owners

On the market today there are quite a variety of gaming monitors relatively comfortable only around 6-7 million but well meet the demand for action games trendy. Here are some very interesting products for investment netbook owners or 'slim wallet' gamers for themselves.

QNIX QX-GM27F165 – price of 6.3 million VND

The new Korean screen company in Vietnam sounds quite strange at QNIX, really making gamers and net room owners pay attention immediately with the gaming monitor model QX-GM27F165.

The QX-GM27F165 game screen was officially launched in Vietnam market in May 2019

The configuration of the QX-GM27F165 is really delicious with a 27 inch full HD 1920 x 1080 screen, extremely high scanning frequency of 165Hz, 1ms response speed, extremely high brightness up to 400cd / m2, visible 16.7 million colors are very lively and support AMD Freesync makes images smoother, completely not torn when turned around so fast. In the present time when action games are on the throne, this is indeed a great choice. Not to mention, QX-GM27F165 also helps gamers feel comfortable with the protection features, eye fatigue including low blue light 4 levels and flicker free. Additional points make the QNIX screen different from the screens available on the market in the remote control (Remote), which helps to change screen modes according to the game when playing games easily and conveniently. .

At first glance, the appearance of the QNIX QX-GM27F165 screen doesn't really catch the attention of a fairly simple design, but it accidentally becomes an advantage when installing a screen in a cyber. Design of border overflow, fixed base brackets, there are not many accents on the frame border that gamers are not confused when playing games.

All of the above features come at a price of 6.3 million dong, making the QNIX QX-GM27F165 suddenly the first choice for those who want to save money and have a good screen. .

Samsung LC24RG50FQEXXV – Price 6.4 million

Top 5 smooth gaming screens, priced at only VND 6-7 million for gamers or net owners - Photo 2.

The configuration of Samsung LC24RG50FQEXXV is also fast with 144Hz, 3000: 1 high contrast, bright and beautiful colors from VA panels, but there is still a slight weakness in response time. up to 4ms. Overall this screen is suitable for many game genres from FPS to MOBA, tactics … but not really excellent at any specific trend.

Obviously Samsung LC24RG50FQEXXV is quite suitable for gamers or net owners who prefer big brands and want a stable product. However, in actual use, it has a small size and is a bit expensive compared to the performance, so it should be considered carefully before investing.

LG 29UM69G-B LED IPS – cost 6.7 million

Also from Korea but LG is far more famous than QNIX in Vietnam market. The 29UM69G-B LED IPS display model of this giant is pretty good for gamers who have a large size of 29 inches and a resolution of 2560×1080 (full HD ratio of 21: 9).

Top 5 smooth gaming screens, priced at only VND 6-7 million for gamers or net owners - Photo 3.

LG 29UM69G-B LED IPS screen has the technology to display many modes, extremely beautiful colors and wide viewing angles typical of IPS panels. However, its configuration was a bit dreary in action games, shooting when the scan frequency was only 75Hz, the response time was 5ms.

For gamers who have just used computers to play games and to study and work, LG 29UM69G-B LED IPS proved very suitable. Net shop owners with a large number of Alliance players should definitely consider investing in this screen. However, if you want to touch the trendy trend are shooting games, acting like PUBG, CS: GO or Apex Legends should be considered carefully.

MSI G24C Curved costs VND 6.9 million

MSI's name is probably too famous in gaming villages and their screen products also support gamers very well. The MSI G24C Curved product is no exception when it comes to super hot looks and great configuration.

Top 5 smooth gaming screens, priced at only VND 6-7 million for gamers or net owners - Photo 4.

Obviously, MSI G24C Curved is very suitable for professional gamers who want to 'try hard' in shooting titles like PUBG, CS: GO… However, it should be considered carefully by MSI G24C Curved has a small size of only 24 inches, bringing in a large space will be 'lost'. In addition, when playing some MOBA games, this product cannot promote all its strengths. Therefore investing a large series is probably not a good idea.

Viewsonic VX3276S – 2K – mhd costs 7 million

This is the largest screen of any product listed up to 32 inches. Viewsonic VX3276S – 2K – mhd creates a monumental level for both gaming / working corners of ordinary users and large computer rooms.

Top 5 smooth gaming screens, priced at only VND 6-7 million for gamers or net owners - Photo 5.

Viewsonic VX3276S – 2K – mhd display quality is good with IPS panel for true color, wide viewing angle and high brightness. Combined with the large screen size of 32 inches, the images in the game will be overwhelming when viewed. However, the Viewsonic VX3276S – 2K – mhd has a big weakness in the configuration when the resolution is only full HD 1920 x 1080, it will be 'pitted' if you have a hard-hitting gamer and scanning frequency is only 60Hz, speed 3ms feedback.

Viewsonic VX3276S – 2K – mhd proved quite suitable for players who like to play MOBA or PES stones at home. Net room owners will obviously love this product for the đôi double seat ’area, but the mass is probably not very good.

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