Top 5 smart robot vacuum cleaners best price
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Top 5 smart robot vacuum cleaners best price

In this article, Network Administrator will introduce you to 5 smart cleaning robots with extremely “loving” prices, to help you dispel the worry of cleaning your house at the end of the busy year when the Lunar New Year is coming. near offline!

Robot vacuum clean the smart home is an advanced cleaning solution that is becoming increasingly popular in the world. Compared to a vacuum cleaner with a normal cleaning function, the robot has the advantage of being able to operate automatically, so the user is almost completely free during the cleaning process. When in operation, the robot is also virtually noisy and moves extremely flexibly to clean every corner of the house.

Let’s take a look top 5 smart robot vacuum cleaners best price on the market today.

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  • Medion MD 18501 intelligent vacuum cleaner robot
  • Robotek W600 Wifi smart robot vacuum cleaner
  • Robot vacuum cleaner smart home Probot Doni X Wifi 1.800Pa
  • Life-building intelligent robot vacuum cleaner V8S (International version)
  • Probot Nelson A3S smart robot vacuum cleaner

Medion MD 18501 intelligent vacuum cleaner robot

Medion MD 18501 intelligent vacuum cleaner robot

Medion MD 18501 is a smart cleaning solution from the brand Medion. This intelligent floor cleaning robot has only height 8.3cm, easy to move in all tight corners, under the table, under the cabinet … to perform cleaning and operate extremely smoothly, the noise generated below the threshold 65dB.

The robot uses a rechargeable battery and can be operated continuously inside 90 mins after a full charge, you won’t have to worry about vacuuming halfway through when the device runs out of battery. When the battery is almost empty, the robot can also find the charging location itself to charge the battery.

Medion MD 18501 is capable of performing 2 separate cleaning functions, including vacuuming and mopping. The device can clean dirt, hair, pet hair on hard floor surfaces with 3 vacuum modes (suction at 1 dirty spot, suction corner, suction room) as well as wet the floor thanks to equipment. 2 brushes beside the machine, 1 soft wipe, dust container capacity 300ml and water dispenser 250ml.

Medion MD18051 intelligent vacuum cleaner robot has the ability to recognize and turn heads in front of stairs, obstructions, limit the area of ​​virtual wall activity, schedule cleaning with intelligent sensor system and control. Convenient remote. In particular, the machine is also equipped HEPA filter Help clean the room air more effectively.

Products currently priced only 6,190,000 dong and be warranty for 18 months.

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Robotek W600 Wifi smart robot vacuum cleaner

Robotek W600 Wifi intelligent vacuum cleaner.

Robotek W600 Wifi are products of the brand Robotek. This is the most versatile smart cleaning robot possible vacuum cleaner, mopping the floor and bactericidal. Noise threshold of the machine is not too 50dB, works extremely gently, smoothly.

Equipped with a smart navigation system, Robotek W600 Wifi will determine the most efficient and time-saving cleaning route for each room.

With the vacuuming function, the robot has a suction force with up to pressure 1,200 – 3,000Pa, ensure huge suction power, easy to clean all dirt. It also has a dust sensor to detect dust densities and use the best cleaning option. Dust container with a capacity of up to 1 liter, and when the tank is nearly full, a message will appear, the user does not need to check the container itself. There are water drawers and 2 modes Wipe dry, wet wipe, this cleaning robot is capable of performing floor cleaning as well. Users have the option of vacuuming and mopping the floor at the same time or vacuuming first, mopping the rear floor to reduce noise to a minimum. In particular, Robotek W600 Wifi is equipped UV germicidal lamp The bottom of the body to ensure clean bacteria on the floor, better protection of family health.

The robot is equipped with sensors to prevent falling stairs, avoid obstacles and also virtual wall mode Suitable for use when users want to limit the range of equipment. Robot works on many types of floors, suitable for all families. Products available Modern LED screen to control, at the same time possible Read the announcements Machine activity reports, friendly to all users at all ages. In particular, the timer feature of the robot allows Set 7 timelines for 7 days It will be very convenient for the cleaning process when users have to travel for business or travel far.

Each fully charged battery allows the robot to work continuously in 90 – 120 minutes depending on the task the user chooses to use. When the battery is low, the robot can automatically find the charging location.

Products currently priced 6,980,000 VND and be warranty for 18 months.

Robot vacuum cleaner Probot Doni X Wifi 1.800Pa

Robotic vacuum cleaner Probot Doni X Wifi

Probot Doni X Wifi 1.800Pa is a high-end smart home robot product from the brand Probot. Thanks to being equipped with strong suction power 1.800Pa, 3 brushes and suction, large capacity dust and water storage tanks (respectively 600ml and 380ml) along 6 cleaning modes (moving zigzag, spot cleaning, edge cleaning, automatic cleaning …), you will be completely assured your floor is clean, shiny, perfect, without missing any nooks and crannies. come on.

In particular, despite having a large capacity compared to many other mopping robot products, Doni X Wifi has an extremely compact design and extremely quiet operation (noise level is just below 55dB), absolutely does not affect the rest or relaxation activities of everyone in the family.

Robot vacuum cleaner Doni X Wifi is designed with a full range of sensors that detect height, obstacles, identify stairs, identify the location of dirt to prevent falling, anti-collision, clean the floor cleanest , ensure the longest service life and the most efficient operation. In addition, the product also supports virtual assistant systems such as Alexa, Google Assistant so you can easily schedule work, manage devices … via smart mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. .

With a huge battery capacity to come 2,600mAh, operability is continuous in 1.5 – 2 hours, robots will help you clean the area 180 – 220 square meters after each full charge, more than enough for a normal house, apartment, right? When the battery is low, the robot will automatically charge, thereby ensuring the next home cleaning is not interrupted by the robot running out of power halfway.

Products currently priced 7,490,000 VND and be 12 months warranty.

In case you do not need a device with a strong capacity or need to support Wifi, you can refer to the Probot Doni X 1.400Pa product with a softer price only 5,890,000 VND.

Robot vacuum cleaning mop iLife V8S (International version)

Vacuum cleaning robot iLife V8S

iLife V8S is a cleaning robot model that can perform both functions such as vacuuming and mopping from the brand. iLife. Owned 2 strong brushes, 1 large capacity suction system, super strong suction motor and Designed to create eddy currents Optimal, the device will surely satisfy you with the ability to clean dust, pet hair, hair … on the floor. In addition, you can also depending on the level of dirt on the floor, the type of dirt, trash to vacuum to choose Turbo mode (maximally active) or Eco mode (quiet clean, save battery) accordingly.

ILife V8S smart cleaning and floor cleaning robot has a floor positioning chip and the ability to operate on a variety of terrains such as tile floors, wooden floors, carpets, ramps, steps … will help you clean perfectly. indoor location. In particular, with the international version is equipped Intelligent automatic water regulating motor, the product will help the floor to be cleaner, dry faster. In addition, the robot is also equipped with an LCD screen to help you track information such as battery life, hours … the easiest way.

Another advantage of iLife V8S is that you do not need to schedule a device every day, you only need to schedule it once, the machine will automatically operate according to the set time of the week, very convenient when you are on business, Traveling, not at home. Besides, thanks to the large battery capacity coming 2,600mAh and a huge capacity dust container 750ml, you can be assured that the machine does not stop working during a bad cleaning as well as no need to continuously dust.

This product cleaning, floor cleaning utilities are priced 8,490,000 VND and be 12 months warranty.

Probot Nelson A3S smart robot vacuum cleaner

Probot Nelson A3S smart robot vacuum cleaner

Probot Nelson A3S is a modern multi-purpose vacuum cleaner robot that can vacuum, wipe and wet the floor almost completely automatically, helping you free hands and save time and effort cleaning the house.

With active power coming 1,400Pa, Equipment 2 brushes, 1 brush, dust container 450ml, water containers 350ml (Can be used with cleaning water), large capacity battery 2,600mAh and 6 cleaning modesYou can rest assured the floor area is up to 180 – 220 square meters will be cleaned, fast, uninterrupted by Nelson A3S.

In particular, although the price is not too high, only 5,900,000 VND, but the product still applies a range of modern technologies to ensure the most convenient and effective moving:

  • Using Gyro positioning system, calculating map, self-mapping system after the first cleaning to optimize vacuuming and mopping.
  • Integrated Multi-Room technology and a variety of sensors to not miss any indoor position as well as effective anti-drop, anti-collision.
  • Applying Silent Air technology to minimize noise, avoid affecting living activities, sleep, health, especially in families with the elderly, young children.
  • Allows users to remotely control via apps on smartphones, tablets to turn on / off, track activity, mode options, schedule work …
  • Able to alert by voice for users to have the appropriate custom, automatically return to charge the battery when the battery is running low to ensure working efficiency in the next.

Probot’s Nelson A3S vacuum cleaner robot has a rugged design, has multi-directional wheels, is flexible on many floors such as tile floors, wooden floors, carpets … and is easy to disassemble parts to protect. born will bring you an experience of cleaning all dirt, stains, pet hair, hair … has never been so quick and convenient!

Products available 12-month warranty period.

Hopefully the above information will help you better understand the robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaning products, an advanced and modern cleaning solution to make your life more comfortable and more comfortable.

Are you still wondering about whether or not to equip a vacuum cleaner to clean the house? General article “Should I buy a mop robot?” will help you answer the above question.

If you are living in high-rise apartment buildings and looking for a window cleaning solution, refer to the Probot W188 glass cleaning robot or Bobot Win660 automatic glass cleaning robot, smart cleaning devices dedicated to window of a tall building.

If you want to buy and get advice on the robot vacuum cleaner model with the most preferential price, you can order it online at the website Or call the hotline Hanoi – TP. HCM To be supported quickly and enthusiastically by the professional and experienced sales team!

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