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TOP 5 reasons you should use Spotify as the main music app

Spotify is currently my favorite music player, replacing NhacCuaTui, Zing MP3 and iTunes on computers and mobile phones. Share with you 5 reasons why I like Spotify, invite you who are using Spotify to share more of what you lack.

1. Abundant music store, both Vietnamese and English

About a year ago, Vietnamese music on Spotify was quite small, but now it is full and also updated quickly so I have no difficulty updating music. New, young and fresh songs from singers I like like Black, MIN, Son Tung MTP, Tien Tien … are soon posted on Spotify. Other famous singers such as My Tam are also available, but I don't listen to them so I don't know much.

Of course, the music on Spotify will be delayed compared to some Vietnamese music sites, especially with the songs they exclusively distribute (eg NhacCuaTui or this). This latency usually ranges from a few days to a week depending on how hot the song is. However, this one's not stressful, because the new music will be released on YouTube already, so I heard from that side. Moreover I still have the NhacCuaTui app on my device, whatever it takes, I just switch over to the comfortable type, nothing to twist.

British Music is out of words already, some Vietnamese copyrighted sites can not be compared, and pirated sites, I do not accept.

I find Korean music on Spotify a lot too, if you guys like Korean music try it out.

2. Extremely smart suggestion system

Very few songs that Spotify suggests I don't listen to, and the ones that Spotify recommends are mostly songs that I like or like to listen to. This suggestion system works based on the type of music you like to listen to (it will ask when you first use the app), as well as your daily listening habits.

Some playlists are also composed by Spotify specifically for the Vietnamese market, many of which are trendy and suitable for the weather / weekdays / major holidays.

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3. There are download songs to listen offline

Like other Vietnamese music apps, Spotify also allows you to download music offline, handy for when you have to board a plane or simply don't want to spend 3G to stream music when on the road.

4. The function to transfer music between devices is extremely good, can be used with Google Home to play music in multiple rooms

This function is not any other music app I've ever experienced (do not try Tidal, do not know if not). You can listen to the song halfway on your computer, now it's time to go to bed, then press the switch and it will play the song on your phone, right where you left the computer, not wrong for a second. . Or if you are listening by phone and want to transfer to a computer, you can also do the same.

Well, you can also use this function to remotely control the song.

Spotify is also compatible with the Google Home ecosystem, so I can use Vietnamese voice commands to control music playback. And because I spread my smart speakers in many rooms, the whole house goes everywhere to listen to music, extremely.

I used to share the multi room audio system in this article: Talk about popular low room audio easy to play with Google Assistant, starting at 700k / room, you take a closer look in it.

5. Great app experience

From design to use is easy, and the desktop app is also good because I listen to music at work and need control from the computer for convenience. Spotify's music player app is better than current websites.

What about you, are you using Spotify and what do you like / dislike? Please comment.

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