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Top 5 reasons to buy iPhone 11 Pro instead of 11 Pro Max

  • The iPhone 11 Pro battery is sufficient for all day use
  • Lightweight and a lot smaller
  • The iOS experience on the small screen is still good enough without the big screen
  • Performance, camera and everything iPhone 11 Pro Max is no more than iPhone 11 Pro
  • Cheaper

The battery
The battery has been a major problem for small iPhone users for many years. But with the iPhone 11 Pro, that's no longer a problem. You can still have fun all day with the iPhone 11 Pro. Thinking about buying an iPhone 11 Pro Max so that you don't have to worry about the battery anymore is out of date now by about 2 months.

And if you are in the form of plowing, shoveling, plugging in games, Facebook addiction, even if the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max also need a mobile battery to meet. So for now it's the same for both. That's why mobile phone battery makers are growing. Thanks for the battery life of Facebook.

Lighter and smaller

iPhone Pro Max is really very heavy, almost the heaviest of the 6 "smartphones. 5. The net weight is 226g, adding accessories and then it is almost 300g. Especially the brothers also add protective tempered glass. it's a lot worse.

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For people with big hands, big pockets, wearing a belt is probably not very serious. But like me, in the process of using iPhone 11 Pro Max has an additional ostrich skin patch from Carved name about 20g. I dropped my pants 3 times because I put it in my pocket and left. My hands are also medium and small, so holding the iPhone 11 Pro Max for a while will get tired and the finger will get tired.

Girls who use the iPhone 11 Pro Max may for some time get used to the weight and size. But then I thought the fingers would get bigger, longer, more ribbed so … to adapt to the new production tools. So anyway, I would not recommend that you choose iPhone 11 Pro Max instead of iPhone 11 Pro.

Experience no less

Of course, the bigger screen, the more everything looks like. But it is not really serious. For iOS, everything is optimized separately, without the content on iPhone 11 Pro Max is the content on iPhone 11 Pro zoomed up. Everything is customized to challenge the most effective and reasonable screen size of the machine. That is also the reason why many brothers can still have fun with the iPhone SE.

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So if you think the way your Android users think the bigger screen phone is, the better the experience will be with the iPhone. And with iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, I personally think the difference is there but not worth the price.

Performance, camera, and everything on iPhone 11 Pro is the same as the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Many people do not notice that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is more expensive so it will be better, better … in fact it is only virtual. Everything on iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro are the same. You hold something smaller and have the same power as someone else holding something bigger. So this part iPhone 11 Pro has even more advantages than iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple does not distinguish different size machines with different performance.

More expensive.
At the same capacity, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is usually 3 million more expensive than the iPhone 11 Pro, although not much in the total purchase price of about 30 million, but you should not spend more on something that is not better or sometimes worse.

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For me, the iPhone 11 Pro or the small iPhone is always polite, fit and neat. This year also satisfies the good use needs, so there is no reason to convince me to use iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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