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Top 5 points of Powerbeats Pro compared to AirPods: sturdy wearing, buffalo battery, good listening, …

Here are the top 5 points of Powerbeats Pro compared to AirPods. Although these two ears belong to different schools, but should also see, how the two brothers who listen to the apple family are better than each other, have something for you to discuss for fun.

1 / Design: Earhook helps to grip the ears well for sports

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The loose feeling is something that is easy to see in AirPods, even though I have never dropped him. However, there are certainly many brothers who always feel it can fall off at any time. AirPods can only be used in normal conditions, if you love sports or strong movements, you certainly have to go back and pick them up because your child falls out of his ear.

Powerbeats Pro is different, this is a sport product with an in-ear design and an earhook strap that helps the product stick to the user's ear. The sense of certainty that Powerbeats Pro brings to you can confidently play subjects like kick boxing, jogging or santo for a couple of rounds that are hard to drop.

2 / Water resistance: shortcomings on AirPods

This is not a big feature, but despite the 2nd generation launch, Apple has not yet equipped AirPods. In fact, the majority of high-end users will not care about what this crib does, but it will help us feel more comfortable using it, such as carelessly neglecting washing, falling into the water, It's raining or simply you're a good person.

PowerBeats Pro is waterproof, this is obvious. But the fact is how much it is, no one knows because Apple did not say it clearly. However, it also helps me and many other sports brothers to be more comfortable using it because they will have less or more sweat, and water resistance will definitely help increase the age of the rabbit. Product up significantly.

3 / Sound insulation: Needed in some cases

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The in-ear headphones are all noise-resistant or less. This is also the strength of PowerBeats Pro compared to AirPods because it is completely soundproof. Sound insulation helps you to focus on listening to your music, and you don't need to open the volume too loudly to overwhelm outside noise. Now if you come to fitness centers, it is very easy to see a very noisy sound: music, screams, dumbbells, all kinds of junk sounds. Therefore, soundproofing will definitely bring a much better feeling of exercise.

4 / Battery: 9 hours to spoil all day

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Thanks to the larger size, Powerbeats Pro has a battery life of up to 9 hours per charge. If compared to 5 hours on AirPods, this is a very impressive number. Actually 5 hours is a long time for you to use, but if you join the trail, you will know 5h is definitely not enough. Therefore, I highly appreciate the battery life of PowerBeats Pro because currently the average wireless headphones are only about 4 5 hours only. If you want longer, only PowerBeats Pro is able to meet your needs.

5 / Sound: Sound quality is strong and vibrant

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Powerbeats Pro actually overcame the time of Beats mentioning the booming, sluggish bass. No, this Powerbeats Pro has three very balanced bands, especially extremely well controlled bass and treble bands. When listening to Powerbeats Pro, I felt the positive, cheerful energy, the spacious soundstage, the familiar music became completely new. If you compare directly with AirPods, … well, just ignore it, it doesn't have a door : D


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