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TOP 5 notable points of Redmi K20 Pro: the best performance machine in the range of 10 million?

Once again Xiaomi expressed its intention to crush all competitors in the 10 million segment, last year was the Pocophone F1, this year is Redmi K20 Pro. Price below 10 million does not mean weak and wobbly configuration, you still have a nice, strong phone across other high-end machines with Snapdragon 855 chip, RAM 8GB, and also a 4000mAh battery. This is the 5 most notable points of this phone.

1. Strong configuration as high-end machines

Snapdragon 855, RAM 8GB, 128GB internal memory … are the only things you can find on high-end phones, they usually cost from 15 million or more. The nearest one is Galaxy S10e, which also costs 14 million ++. With the same configuration, the Redmi K20 Pro only costs about 10 million back. It will create a big barrier for flagship competitors because users will have less reason to spend money to buy expensive machines.

To meet your ongoing gaming needs, the Redmi K20 Pro has a good heat dissipation mechanism with many thermal conductive plates on both the front and back of the board, so the heat generated from the SoC Snapdragon 855 has can get out better. According to Redmi, the improvement in heat dissipation is up to 650% compared to traditional thermal solutions in the phone, and it helps the machine temperature to be 8 degrees lower than the CPU core temperature.

2. There are 3 cameras like Mi 9, which can capture slow motion 960fps

The cheaper Redmi K20 Pro is still equipped with 3 cameras like the senior Mi 9 brother. The rear main camera still uses the 48MP Sony IMX586 sensor, in addition there is an 8MP mouthpiece f / 2.4 and a 13MP wide-angle tube f / 2.4 with a view of 127 degrees.

With this 3-camera cluster, you get a powerful zoom feature, at 2x zoom level, 3x the image will still be clear thanks to the high resolution of the main sensor. The maximum zoom that this phone can make is 10x. The wide-angle tube will also be useful when you need to take photos, take photos of buildings or narrow groups of friends in the house cannot get too far to capture the whole group.

Thanks to its powerful handling capabilities, the Redmi K20 Pro also recorded slow motion video 960fps, just like some high-end Sony phones. It is unclear what the resolution is when shooting 960fps. But the fact that a good phone has this function is impressive.

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3. No rabbit ears, no water drop screen, border overflow screen

To achieve this borderline design, Redmi had to move the K20 Pro's 20MP front camera into a moving module. It will hide when you are not using it, when you use it, turn it on the top edge of the device. This design last year was only available on a few expensive machines, this year seems to be popular for mid-range phones.

And thanks to that, the front of the K20 Pro looks good, isn't it? Redmi says this screen border is only 3.8mm thin with "ultra-thin part", good visibility in bright light and can limit blue light from entering your eyes.

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4. Fingerprint sensor under the screen

Mi 9 has a fingerprint sensor under the screen, and the K20 Pro also has it, no less than it is (and sometimes it doesn't use the same sensor). I used the fingerprint sensor under Mi 9's screen, it was very good, K20 Pro would probably be the same. This sensor is clearly more convenient than placing it on the back.

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5. What sacrifice to have this price?

Of course, any of its money, compared to other high-end phones, the Redmi K20 Pro will sacrifice the quality of the display which is not as good as its competitors, the quality of the finish and the high level will not be equal, and Camera photography may not be as good as it is. However, with that price, plus the not so strict demand, the Redmi K20 Pro will still be an extremely attractive option for those who are preparing to upgrade their smartphones.

It is unclear when the K20 Pro will start selling in Vietnam.

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