Top 5 most notable assistants in Free Fire June 2021/20

Which assistant are you trusting in Free Fire this June? Take a look at the list below of Motgame to see if you have the same opinion.

Mr. Waggor

Although after Mr. Waggor has had many more assistants released in Free Fire, but this penguin is still a very HOT choice thanks to his excellent skills. Specifically, Waggor’s skill called Glue Wall helps the player create a glue bomb every 100 seconds if the player then only has 2 glue bombs in his person. If you have more than 2, you can give it to your teammates so that Waggor continues to create glue bombs.

Top 5 most notable assistants in Free Fire June 2021/20

Glue Bomb is Free Fire’s famous defensive item that helps block bullets or hide, so having yourself a Glue Bomb machine like Mr.Waggor is really “worth the money”.


Rockie Raccoon has also been a high-quality assistant in Garena Free Fire since launch. Aside from his cute looks, Rockie’s skills are a trait that can’t be ignored. The Stay Chill skill of the assistant Rockie in Free Fire will reduce the cooldown of active skills by up to 15%, thereby helping these characters to use more skills. in a match.

Top 5 most notable assistants in Free Fire June 2021/20

Especially after Chrono’s Aura’s cooldown was increased to 170 seconds (at the end level), instead of just 40 seconds before OB27, Rockie is an indispensable assistant for everyone. play rank climbing with Chrono. In addition to other active skills such as DJ Alok or Xayne, Rockie also contributes significantly to reducing the cooldown.

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Monkey Fighter

This aggressive-looking assistant is a great friend to the experts who shoot grenades. Monkey Gladiator’s skills help increase the throwing range of glue bombs, grenades, stun grenades by 30% at the end level.

Top 5 most notable assistants in Free Fire June 2021/20

With a significantly increased range thanks to the help of the Monkey Gladiator, the player’s grenade throwing situations will be more unpredictable and dangerous than before. With the newly released Ice Grenade that deals damage over time after exploding combined with the extra range from Monkey Gladiator, Free Fire’s strategy promises to be even more interesting.

Detective Panda

With an instant recovery of 10 health after defeating an opponent, Detective Panda is a favorite with players climbing the rank of melee attack style.

Although the number of 10 health is not too large, what about in stressful combat situations, that amount of blood can also give you a flip-flop situation?

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Falco is an assistant that is used a lot in Garena Free Fire (except for death combat) thanks to its ability to accelerate the response of the character. Impressively designed with the majesty of the king of the sky, Falco possesses a skill that helps to increase the speed of surfing when parachuting up to 45%. Not only that, players can also increase landing speed up to 50% after removing the parachute (applicable to the whole team).

Top 5 most notable assistants in Free Fire June 2021/20

For players who like to fight early, Falco is the perfect assistant. Players can parachute down faster than opponents with other assistants to go find equipment, ready for early battles.

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