Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics

Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics

For diabetics, it is very important to control blood sugar levels. But if you go to the hospital often, people will lose a lot of time and effort. Understanding the problem of patients, blood glucose meters have been studied and born. Medical equipment helps people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes easily control the condition. If you also want to own the disease, choose to buy yourself one of the 5 best blood glucose meters available today.

Benefits when using a glucometer

Benefits when using a glucometer

Benefits when using a glucometer

Blood glucose meters have been widely used in many hospital facilities and throughout the household. The product line is popular because it offers the following benefits to users:

1. Glucometer helps control blood sugar well

Blood glucose meters provide accurate readings of the amount of blood sugar inside a person’s blood. From here the patient can easily control the amount of blood sugar inside the body, to ensure the indicators are within the allowed limits. This is the leading factor for diabetic patients to avoid dangerous complications.

2. Glucose meter supports fast blood glucose measurement at home

Glucometer has a simple design and is easy to use. People can easily use their home glucose meter to find out their blood sugar readings at any time. You do not need to seek the help of a specialist, or swim to the medical facility. Accordingly, diabetics will not spend much time and effort in controlling blood sugar index.

3. Glucometer helps patients adjust their activities

Through the measurement of blood glucose, the patient will understand the disease they are suffering from. Based on this, people can change their eating habits, daily routines and even their exercise regimen. You can adjust, take care of and take care of yourself along with effective medical equipment to help with disease management.

4. Blood glucose meter provides peace of mind for the sick

Controlling the blood sugar level with a blood glucose meter helps the patient to have high peace of mind. Because now everyone always gives themselves the initiative to the disease that they are suffering from.

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Blood glucose meter classification

Blood glucose meter classification

Blood glucose meter classification

The market for supplying blood glucose meters is very diverse. Because the product line is manufactured with many different models and types. Based on the technical specifications, it is classified as a blood glucose meter as follows:

1. Sort the blood glucose meter with a test strip

  • Blood glucose meter test code is a product line installed mechanisms require automatic replacement test code. This machine is very difficult to use, so it is inconvenient for the elderly.

  • Blood glucose meter without test strips is equipped with an auto-fitting feature, so it’s easy to use. But in return, the product costs twice as much as a code-setting machine.

2. Sort the blood glucose meter according to the measurement parameters

  • Regular glycemic monitors are only used to measure Glucose.
  • A glucometer that combines blood pressure can measure both blood sugar and blood pressure readings.
  • A blood glucose meter, combined with a blood fat monitor, can give you both your blood sugar and blood fat (cholesterol) index.

  • Glucose 3 in 1 meter can measure both Glucose and Cholesterol and Uric Acid.

Criteria to buy a glucometer

Criteria to buy a glucometer

Criteria to buy a glucometer

In front of so many types of blood glucose meters available on the market, how do people find the best product line for themselves? In this case, I recommend buying a glucometer based on the following quality criteria:

1. Choose a glucometer with a variety of blood collection locations

Blood glucose meters often give accurate results when the user uses blood drawn from a finger. But now there are many product lines that support the ability to check the correct glycemic index at many different locations.

Medical devices that support a variety of blood collection sites on fingers, arms, biceps and thighs help patients avoid multiple injuries at a fixed location. This is the ideal choice for those who have regular blood tests with a glucometer.

2. Choose to have a glucometer with sensor technology

Blood glucose meters using sensor technology will produce fast calculation results in just 5 seconds. Smart technology also ensures a high level of accuracy in the process of measuring the glycemic index. That is why products equipped with sensor technology are always trusted by users.

3. Choose to buy multi-function blood sugar

Multi-function blood glucose meter brings high convenience for users. The smart device makes it easy to measure Glucose, Cholesterol, Uric Acid and blood pressure readings. The product line is like a comprehensive healthcare professional for all users.

4. Choose a blood glucose meter with a compact design

Glucose models with a compact design are often easy to pocket and carry. The compact size of the product line also helps medical equipment to ensure high durability. So I usually choose a blood glucose meter about half the size of my hand. The product is made from safe ABS plastic material with a compact anti-rust blood needle.

5. Choose a reputable blood glucose meter

Blood glucose meters from big brands like Safe Accu, Uright, Ogcare and Johnson & Johnson are manufactured using modern technology. Products often give more accurate results than low-cost models.

Moreover, reputable blood glucose meter manufacturing units often apply long-term warranty policies for the products. In the event of a malfunction, you will be maintained and repaired the glucose meter free of charge as a general rule. Therefore, I always consider the use of the famous brand’s blood glucose meter to be an extremely wise choice.

Some important notes when using a glucometer

Some important notes when using a glucometer

Some important notes when using a glucometer

Blood glucose meters give the most accurate results only when used according to the instructions. So, people need to note some important issues below, so as not to display wrong results:

  • A blood glucose meter should only be used for the sole purpose of checking the amount of blood sugar inside an adult. Absolutely do not use infant equipment under any circumstances.

  • Glucometer is only used to control blood sugar at a stable level and has no therapeutic effect. Everyone needs to rely on the glycemic index to adjust the living regime in the most reasonable way.

  • Blood glucose meters should not be used in areas where there is strong heat or electronic radiation. Because the radiation is too high, the device will not work correctly.

  • Carefully read the instructions for using a blood glucose test stick to avoid unnecessary mistakes. This way, you also ensure the highest accuracy during the use of rods.

  • People can draw blood to test the sugar in different places. But if you want the most accurate results, draw the blood at the position of your index finger.

  • Before using a glucometer, the patient should fast for 2 to 3 hours. Only so, the final result ensures 100% accuracy.

  • Store the blood glucose meter in a dry and room-temperature area. Never clean the glucometer with water to avoid damage.

Top 5 types of best blood glucose meters today

1. Uright blood glucose meter TD4265

Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics 1

Uright TD4265 blood glucose meter


Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics 12

Memory storage only 150 times.

Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics 12

The result is prone to bias if stored in a slightly elevated temperature and humidity background.

Uright TD4265 blood glucose meter is also German brand product line. But the blood glucose meter is manufactured and assembled in Taiwan. In terms of design, the glucometer has a solid design with a luxurious black exterior. The meter is compact, easy to hold, helping users to use it quickly anytime, anywhere.

I just bought my dad a Uright TD4265 blood glucose meter. Because the product is very suitable for the elderly when it is integrated with No Cording technology. Modern technology supports rapid blood glucose measurement without having to install code during use.

Another point that makes me satisfied in the product line is that the number of blood samples to be taken at each time is only about 0.5 microliter. I may have blood drawn at different places on my body like my hands, feet, thighs or fingers. Immediately after the amount of blood is removed, the device will quickly return results after only 5 seconds.

But I would like to remind you that the cheap blood glucose meter VND 270,000 / device has quite small storage memory. The device can only record about 150 results inside its memory. But in return, the Uright TD4265 blood glucose meter supports USB connection for storage expansion on the computer.

During use people also need to pay special attention to how the device is stored. Because of the fact that the Uright TD4265 blood glucose meter is very susceptible to deviations of results if stored in an environment with higher temperatures and humidity than usual.

2. Safe Accu blood glucose meter

Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics 15

Safe blood glucose meter


Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics 12

Storage memory of the device only reaches 200 times.

Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics 12

It takes longer than usual for the results to take up to 10 seconds.

Safe Accu blood glucose meter is a product line manufactured in the Federal Republic of Germany. Medical equipment made from high quality plastic material possesses a luxurious white outer shell. The design of the glucose meter is compact, fits the user in the hand, making it easy to carry it wherever you are.

Above the product is also equipped with LCD screen for the ability to display clear and sharp. The device is suitable for use by all types of users, including the elderly with poor eyes.

As far as I know the machine, Safe Accu blood glucose meter is integrated with an automatic stick to take away micro blood volume of only 0.6 microliter. You can choose from a variety of sites where your finger is drawn without feeling any pain.

Products for measuring blood sugar are in the range of 20 – 630mg / dL. Soon the results will be analyzed and returned to users with high accuracy up to 99%.

But the downside of the product is that the result time is usually longer than other models. You have to wait for 10 seconds instead of just 5 seconds as usual.

Moreover, the device’s storage memory is only 200 times. Safe Accu storage capacity is equal to ⅓ or ½ other high-end devices only. In return, the product cost is quite cheap when only 142,000 VND / machine.

3. Accu-Chek Instant mg ​​/ dL blood glucose meter

Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics 28

Blood glucose meter Accu-Chek Instant mg ​​/ dL


Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics 12

High selling price

Accu-Chek Instant mg ​​/ dL blood glucose meter is a German brand product line but made in the USA. The device set has a neat design with a white plastic outer shell. Above the backlit screen, sharp display specifications help users easily observe.

The point I appreciate in the product line is the use of a personal blood test pen, which is extremely convenient. Comes with a set of blood glucose levels that warn users when the sugar index is at a lower threshold. Or above safety threshold.

Especially as the product line integrates bluetooth technology, helping people easily connect devices with smartphones. The blood pressure monitor also has a USB port to access measurement data outside of a laptop.

With just a single button, you can activate the medical device to know the amount of blood sugar inside the body. The accuracy of the products is usually up to 99.9%.

But perhaps the price of high blood pressure monitor is the only obstacle that makes users hesitate when choosing to buy the product. Currently, you have to spend up to 1,199,000 VND to own an Accu-Chek Instant mg ​​/ dL blood glucose meter, including a blood test pen and test strip.

4. Ogcare blood pressure monitor

Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics 42

Ogcare blood pressure monitor


Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics 12

Ogcare blood glucose meters take blood more pain than other products.

Ogcare blood glucose meter is a medical device made in Italy. The product line from the famous brand in the Mediterranean region has quality that has been verified by hundreds of thousands of health professionals. It can be said that this is a super-compact blood glucose meter with lots of extremely modern features.

Regarding design, the Italian black glucose meter looks extremely luxurious. The product is equipped with 2 simple buttons that automatically receive the code of the rod, so it is easy to use. The LCD display set above the blood glucose meter features outstandingly calibrated specifications.

As with ordinary devices, the product only has a mechanism for measuring the glycemic index. Then the product line from Italy is equipped with a mode to compare the measurement results before eating and after eating. As a result, the final results are always almost absolute accuracy.

The best thing is that the blood glucose meter is also equipped with a modern biosensor. The product is able to return measurement results within 5 seconds. I no longer have to worry about the risk of infection when the device is equipped with a push button release the blood test strip with super-fast speed of only 0.1 seconds.

Although equipped with many smart features, but the price of Ogcare blood glucose meter is quite affordable. You only need to spend about 480,000 VND to own an Ogcare blood glucose meter capable of storing up to 300 times.

But I personally feel that the Italian blood glucose meter makes me feel quite painful during the blood draw. Perhaps this is the only cons that I can find in this product line.

5. Johnson & Johnson Onetouch Ultra 2 blood glucose meter

Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics 56

Blood glucose meter Johnson & Johnson Onetouch Ultra 2


Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics 12

Not automatically receive the code and the user must change the stick manually.

Top 5 most accurate blood glucose meters for diabetics 12

Difficult to use makes users spend a lot of time.

Blood glucose meter Johnson & Johnson Onetouch Ultra 2 is a product line manufactured by a famous US corporation. This is a medical device recommended by leading doctors to use at home.

First, the blood glucose meter impressed me by its plump design with a distinctive blue tone. The screen has a simple interface, clearly showing parameters of blood sugar measurement.

Medical devices are manufactured using modern European technology with high accuracy up to 99%. This has been proved by many clinical studies and is widely recognized by users.

As far as I know, the high accuracy of the sphygmomanometer comes from a set of 2-electrode test strips integrated with Glucose Oxidase enzyme system. If blood glucose levels appear, the Glucose Oxidase enzyme system will be activated and give the most accurate results.

Similar to other high-end products, the time it takes for the device to return results is extremely short in just 5 seconds. In particular, the memory storage of the blood glucose meter must be said to be super terrible when up to 500 times.

But I have to admit that the price of the product is quite high when listed to 1,199,000 VND / machine. The device did not automatically receive the code, so I had to manually change the stick after every try. It took me a lot of time and really caused many difficulties during use.

What kind of blood glucose meter should choose?

In the process of learning about the features of the models, I was quite impressed with the Uright TD4265 blood glucose meter. Indeed, the product line did not make me disappointed to bring many outstanding advantages as follows:

  • About design: Uright TD425 blood glucose meter has a compact but firm design. The product is made of high-class plastic material with luxurious black color and catches the eye.

  • About feature: Blood glucose meters with built-in No Cording technology do not need to install code The product also supports very small blood sampling at many different locations such as fingers, thighs, calves, so extremely easy to use, … Especially, the results shown after the measurement process are super fast in just 5 seconds. The device also supports a USB connection for people to store measurement results to the computer.

  • About price: The price of the glucometer only VND 270,000 is extremely preferential. Con số này chỉ bằng 1/5 so với các dòng máy cao cấp khác trên thị trường.

Top 5 máy đo đường huyết chính xác nhất dành cho bệnh nhân tiểu đường 1

Máy đo đường huyết Uright TD4265

Frequently Asked Questions

Máy đo đường huyết là thiết bị y khoa có thiết kế đặc biệt, giúp đo được hàm lượng đường tồn tại bên trong máu của người bệnh. Sản phẩm cho độ chính xác cao nhờ đầu que thử có bôi loại thuốc thử được đặc chế riêng. Nhưng về bản chất, máy đo đường huyết cũng vẫn chỉ là thiết bị kiểm tra sức khỏe hiển thị các thông số được cài đặt sẵn.

Bộ máy đo đường huyết hoàn chỉnh thường bao gồm các bộ phận như: Bút lấy máu, que thử đường và máy đọc kết quả. Trong đó bút lấy máu là dụng cụ có gắn kim chích, giúp người dùng dễ dàng lấy được lượng máu từ đầu ngón tay. Que thử chứa enzyme hỗ trợ máy đọc kết quả phân tích và hiển thị lượng đường huyết.

Que thử đường huyết có thời gian sử dụng dao động từ 15 tháng đến 18 tháng khi chưa mở nắp. Nếu mọi người đã khui mở hộp đựng que, thời gian sử dụng chỉ còn khoảng 3 tháng.

Nhiệt độ lưu trữ que thử lý tưởng nhất nằm trong khoảng 4 độ C đến 30 độ C. Mọi người cần lưu ý là không lưu giữ que thử tại những khu vực quá lạnh như tủ lạnh.

Để máy đo đường huyết cho kết quả chính xác nhất, mọi người nên sử dụng thiết bị trước khi ăn hoặc sau khi ăn khoảng 3 giờ.

Bạn chỉ nên dùng khăn mềm khô lau chùi nhẹ nhàng lớp vỏ bên ngoài của máy đo đường huyết. Tuyệt đối không sử dụng loại khăn quá ẩm ướt, khiến cho máy đo bị ẩm dẫn đến kết quả không chính xác.

Trên đây là tất cả các thông tin chi tiết được tôi tìm hiểu kỹ lưỡng về các loại máy đo đường huyết được sử dụng phổ biến hiện nay. Hy vọng rằng cùng với những thông tin bổ ích được đúc kết từ kinh nghiệm của bản thân, tôi sẽ giúp bạn tìm ra được chiếc máy đo tốt nhất cho mình.

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