Top 5 important criteria when choosing a reputable web design company

Top 5 important criteria when choosing a reputable web design company

Web design or app design, mobile application development, is a trend in the current information technology era. Especially since the outbreak of covid-19 so far. People realize the importance of the internet in doing business, developing brands, expanding markets, finding customers, …

To be able to develop on the internet, website design is the first thing that businesses need to do. In order to create a professional, luxurious, well-groomed face in front of its partners and customers. From there, it is possible to create a reputation as well as create opportunities for businesses to develop sustainably in the future.

So what criteria for businesses to choose for themselves a reputable and professional web design company. At the same time, you can also accompany businesses in maintaining and upgrading systems in the long term ?!

To be able to answer that question, let’s take a look at the top 5 important criteria when choosing reputable website design company Please!

Top 5 important criteria when choosing a reputable web design company

1. Search company on google

Businesses can look up keywords such as: “web design”, “professional web design”, … and see from 10 to 15 page suggestions from google. Usually, the pages on the top 20 of Google searches are not merely strong SEO systems. But their website design also received positive reviews from Google.

That means their website design is good, SEO standard, search engine friendly.

After finding units with web design services, businesses need to zoning the area. In order to eliminate units that are too far away, businesses incur more unnecessary costs. At the same time, the maintenance and upgrade of the system in the future will also face many difficulties.

2. Evaluate the content on the website

To know whether a website is optimal and good or not, we can also evaluate based on the website’s menu. A website with clear, easy-to-understand, easy-to-access menu categories is a good choice. Helping the website navigation of your business in the future becomes more professional.

Next, look at the interface repository with the partners that the company implements. This information will be extremely useful, when you decide to sign a contract with that company. Because the company has a variety of interface templates will give you more choices, as well as show off their web design level.

4. Determine the website platform needed to design

This is an important step, it is of great importance to your website system in the future. The cost of designing, maintaining, upgrading, and developing SEO will all depend on the website platform that your business chooses.

If your business is oriented to develop SEO, compete to top Google in the future, you should choose good SEO support platforms such as: WordPress, Joomla,…. Although they are open source, but there are diverse models of interface code, standard SEO system, compatible on many devices.

In terms of security, businesses need to hire professional website design services. They will know how to take full advantage of open source. Help your website not only standard SEO, but also ensure information safety.

5. Define service packages and design costs

This is one of the 5 issues that businesses need most concern. Because nowadays, there are quite a few web design companies with many service packages with team costs up to several tens of million dong. But the actual value of the website they bring in is only 1/3, even lower than the price earned.

This situation is not too unfamiliar in the field of web design today. Therefore, businesses need to be alert to juicy advice but at a terrorist cost.

Mypage - professional website design in the city.  Ho Chi Minh

Mypage – professional website design in the city. Ho Chi Minh

Professional website design company Mypage is one of the familiar names for the web design field in general, and wordpress website design in particular today.

Starting in 2010, when the Vietnamese website market still has not many outstanding. Websites were still monotonous, one color, one design form. Mypage has stepped in and started the journey of adapting, changing, and then leading the current design trend.

Mypage is proud to be one of the prestigious web design companies in Ho Chi Minh City. Voted in the top of the most reliable web design companies on large sites such as: toplist, expro, top10tphcm, …

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of SEO standard web design, with cheap prices, Mypage has accompanied 5000+ businesses across the country. Up to now, Mypage has given me a lot of experience.

Understand what a business needs, what is missing, how to optimize SEO for the website, increase page load speed, and build a brand for the business to stand out from its competitors.

5 Reasons for Mypage to become a companion of your business

1. Seasoned design experience

For more than 10 years operating in the field of web design, Mypage has designed and built a website system for more than 5000+ small and large businesses, with all different fields in society.

From branding landing pages, product introduction to sophisticated, complex, highly skilled websites, Mypage team remains solid to this day.

We have experience in designing sales websites, business websites, construction websites, agricultural websites, education websites, travel websites, restaurants, hotels, real estate websites, … Therefore, businesses can be completely assured of the quality of their website when coming to Mypage.

2. Diversified service package with reasonable cost

In order to be clear about the cost as well as to reach many different types of customers, Mypage has 4 packages of web design services for businesses and retailers as follows:

In addition, businesses may request additional features not included in the service package, Mypage is ready to listen, ready to respond and dedicated to consulting for businesses.

3. Rich interface warehouse, applying new technology

Over 10 years of website design, Mypage has accumulated more than 200+ web interface templates with many different topics and fields.

In addition, Mypage has a staff of young, dynamic, always receptive and learning new things. Therefore, the websites created by Mypage always apply new, advanced, not outdated and outdated technologies compared to the World.

4. Free domain, always standard SEO

No matter which service package customers choose at Mypage, the Mypage side always has incentives for you such as: free domain (domain name), websites are always designed with SEO standard, cheap price. Helping the website of the business to easily access data, when SEO is easier to top search on google.

5. Having good after-sales service from the contract signing to the next

Mypage always puts the trust of customers first. Because Mypage believes, a reputable web design company must be the one that receives the most positive feedback from their customers.

In order to receive such positive feedback, Mypage needs to accompany the website of the business. When the website of the business has errors, needs warranty or needs to be upgraded, even after the contract has ended, it has been handed over. Mypage will always follow up, support and help when businesses need it.

“When businesses need to speak up, Mypage will always be by your side!”

Website design Mypage – dedicated – dedicated – accompanying businesses on all roads.


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