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TOP 5 highlights of Samsung Galaxy A80: rotating slider camera, infinity overflow screen

I borrowed you to modulate the Samsung Galaxy A80 for a few days to share with everyone 5 highlights of the latest product of the newly introduced Galaxy A in Vietnam.

The camera slides a cluster for both front and back

One of the most prominent features of the Galaxy A80 is the sliding and rotating camera cluster. Samsung offers a unique design that is completely different from previous designs that bring new experiences. I click the camera interface and select the front camera feature, the camera cluster automatically slides up and turns to me. I feel this design is beautiful and eye-catching that I have never seen in the real life of such a phone.

The design of the camera cluster can be rotated forward, making selfie more quality. Not only include the main camera cluster, the A80 also has super wide-angle camera that makes selfie group or wide scenes when traveling become easier, overcome the limitations of ordinary cameras that only see people without see the background behind.

3D TOF sensor helps to record videos to remove fonts

I see the feature of capturing fonts that are familiar on many phones. So I found that the Galaxy A80 gave me the ability to shoot movies with real-time fonts removal, which I rarely see other product lines with such features.


Rotation camera cluster of Galaxy A80 is integrated with ToF camera (Time of Flight) which is responsible for measuring depth of field. So I can easily record video with effect of real-time font removal with effects shown right on the camera interface. And also thanks to that is the rear camera cluster so I can use the features for the position of the front camera.

100% full screen infinity, voice speaker below the screen

Thanks to the rotating camera cluster, the screen of the Galaxy A80 was able to design infinity overflow border almost covering 100% of the front. The screen edge of the screen is well designed and beautiful, especially the top edge with the designed speakerphone hidden under the screen.


Experience the slim screen on the Galaxy A80 is also very comfortable. The slightly curved edges design creates a feeling of clawlessness. The edge below the screen is thin but Samsung's default keyboard interface is designed to move up in accordance with user keystrokes.

25W fast charger, convenient for traveling, traveling

Samsung favored the Galaxy A80 with fast charging technology with a capacity of up to 25W that could bring a real battery level of over 50% after just 30 minutes of charging. This feature I find very convenient, then I just need to visit a certain cafe within a few minutes to regain power for the phone. This feature I found very useful when traveling.

The world's first Snapdragon 730G chip

This year's Galaxy A80 or A70 is favored by Qualcomm's hardware platform. The A80 has a SoC Snapdragon 730G (or 7150) with 2 2.2Ghz + 6 cores of 1.7GHz, optimizing the power consumption compared to the Snapdragon 710 version. Actually, I care more about the internal memory of the device. 128 GB capacity will make it possible for me to take photos and videos comfortably during my travels without fear of running out of space.


To summarize, I found Galaxy A80 has the highlights such as the ability to take wide-angle selfies, take photos and record videos to remove fonts … with this version of angel gold color, the device will be suitable for women who like to travel, Or like taking selfie photos.

Rubi Lee

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