Top 5 handheld camcorders for you with the best videos today
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Top 5 handheld camcorders for you with the best videos today

Handheld camcorders are quite compact devices used to record images and videos. However, for beginners, not everyone knows how to choose the right model. I am someone who has experience in using and buying the machine, I will share with you what kind of product is the best.

Why use a handheld camcorder?

Why use a handheld camcorderWhy use a handheld camcorder

Why use a handheld camcorder?

1. High mobility

Hand-held camcorders are usually small in size and extremely light in weight and equipped with a strap for user convenience. You can use it anywhere, any time.

2. Optimal savings

Often specialized cameras will range from a few dozen to a few hundred million. Therefore, not everyone can own this product. In contrast, camcorder handles only a few hundred to a few million. In my opinion, this is a reasonable price, suitable for many users.

3. Convenient to use

Most of the specialized camcorders are large in size as well as cumbersome cables. In contrast, hand-held camcorders are much more compact and convenient. In addition, thanks to the flexible design you can place them everywhere to capture the best images.

4. Good sound quality

If you use the camera to record video, the sound quality will not be good. This will greatly affect the movie quality. Using a handheld camcorder will help you overcome this problem.

Share your experiences of buying suitable handheld camcorders

Experience buying suitable handheld camcordersExperience buying suitable handheld camcorders

Experience buying suitable handheld camcorders

1. Priority models with compact, eye-catching design

When buying a handheld camcorder, you should choose products with a small size to facilitate carrying on the go. If you are a traveler, you should not choose the model with bulky designs. In my opinion, the machine weighing less than 350 gr would be quite appropriate.

2. Check the optical image stabilization of the device

Most handheld camcorders today are equipped with one of two anti-vibration capabilities. It is optical and digital stabilization. You should choose the optical vibration feature to get the sharpest, most vivid and stable videos. Of course, because of that, optical stabilizers will have a higher price.

3. Select the machine with quality image sensor

Today & # 039; s camcorders are equipped with two types of image sensors, CMOS and CCD. However, in my opinion, CMOS will be equipped with advanced improvements, faster recording speed, sharper images and less energy than CCD.

4. Check the machine warm bar system

It is necessary to check the sound quality before purchasing the device. See if your device is equipped with conditions for filtering wind, reducing noise or preventing noise? Although these products will cost more, the video quality is also very good.

5. Prioritize high-resolution models

Good video quality does not depend on the resolution of the device. Therefore, if possible, you should choose a machine with 4K resolution at a rate of about 60 frames per second. This figure will bring out superior images, 4 times Full HD.

6. Choose a camcorder that has many features

Choice of camcorders with many featuresChoice of camcorders with many features

Choice of camcorders with many features

The series equipped with many features will support you during filming. Here are some features that you should choose:

  • Brightness: You should choose devices capable of recording in low light or unstable light conditions

  • Autofocus ability: Models with this feature will automatically focus when the camera is moving at high speed. From there brings the sharpest images.

  • Water resistant: If you often have to use your camcorder outdoors or in areas where water is available, choose a camera that is waterproof. This will prevent your recording from being interrupted or compromised.

7. Select models with stable battery capacity

In the process of buying a camcorder. You should prioritize models with stable capacity. If you often use the camera to record videos, it is advisable to choose machines that operate over 3 hours.

Currently, the current series of camcorders are using AA batteries or rechargeable batteries. I personally assess the type of battery that will use your battery to meet your needs.

8. Choosing a machine according to economic conditions

Currently on the market there are many different models so the price is also different. In general, the products are also divided into 3 main segments:

  • Price range from 1,000,000 to below 5,000,000 VND: These are products in the cheap segment. These models are often used for simple shooting needs and feature few features.

  • Price range from 5,000,000 to under 1,000,000 VND: These are products in the mid-range segment. These cameras are equipped with many outstanding features and meet the needs of users.

  • Price segment over VND 10,000,000: These products all belong to the high-price segment used for professional cameramen.

9. Prioritize famous camcorder brands

To get a quality camcorder, you should prioritize the brands with clear brand and origin. Therefore, you can consult experienced people to get yourself the best choice.

10. Select the address to provide genuine products

Choosing an address to provide genuine camera will determine the quality and price of the camera. Therefore, you compare the units together and refer to customer reviews to get the most objective assessment.

In addition, do not forget to find out the warranty policy of the product. Avoid machine malfunction without being exchanged and repaired for free.

Top 5 best handheld camcorders today

1. Gopro Hero 7 Camera

Top 5 handheld camcorders for you with the best videos today 1Top 5 handheld camcorders for you with the best videos today 1

Gopro Hero 7 Camera

One of the most appreciated models is the Gopro Hero 7 (Black) Camera from the Gopro brand. On the outside, the device is somewhat more luxurious and bigger than the Sony CX405 Camcorder but a bit lighter, forth 6.2 x 3.2 x 4.5 cm, weighing 117g.

This product is not just a normal camcorder but also a camcorder. In one trip, his friend was attached to the motorbike handlebar. Despite going quite quickly the video that the recorder can still be very clear, not blurry.

This proves the ability to focus and stabilize the machine very well thanks to the Hyper Smooth feature. I can take a look at some other outstanding features of this machine such as: noise filter, good brightness adjustment even in low or overexposed environments, voice adjustment …. However, I see many people complain that the device gets hot during use even though I don & # 039; t see this situation ..

The outstanding feature of the Sony CX405 is that it is water resistant at a depth of less than 10m, so I was quite comfortable to record videos while going to the beach. For those of you who like Livestream like me, you should choose this type of device because it has unique connectivity.

I really like the camera & # 039; s shooting feature, the images are clear, but the water is very realistic. However, the device is often unstable when it & # 039; s almost out of battery. At this point, the device is often frozen, so you need to bring a spare battery to avoid interruption when recording.

I see there are some machines that have not been tested carefully or have stripes on the screen and missing a sticker, so you should be aware. A small note for you that this model is often counterfeited quite a lot, so when you buy, you need to pay special attention.

2. Sony CX 405 Camcorder

Top 5 handheld camcorders that give you the best videos available today 14Top 5 handheld camcorders that give you the best videos available today 14

Sony CX 405 Camcorder

My first impression of the Sony CX 405 Camcorder is an elegant and compact design with a size of 4 × 59.5 × 128 mm, weighs 215g so it is easy to carry on the go. However, the device is quite small, the outer shell is plastic so when holding it is not very sure. The 2.7-inch screen of the device is quite good, although I see the image shown above is not sharp.

In return, the ability to zoom images up to 30 times and 1080p resolution. I think the image is quite good, the configuration is not broken but the ability to focus quickly. The device is not resistant to water and dust, so I rarely use to shoot movies in the river.

Because I just started shooting, I have not picked the right camera angle, so I often make backlit errors. However, thanks to the Exmor R CMOS sensor, the movies are also acceptable, slightly corrected. I am quite satisfied with the device at 1240mAh battery, only one charge that I can use within 8 hours.

The image processor of the device is capable of fast transmission. But the video quality is not really outstanding, in my opinion, those who need a simple device should choose. The device does not have a pause feature during recording, so I spent a lot of time editing.

I saw some of you responded that some computers had poorly used multi terminal ports. I have not encountered this problem myself, but these things should be paid attention to you!

3. Canon Vixia HF W10 Waterproof Camera Camcorder full HD

Top 5 handheld camcorders for you the best videos today 30Top 5 handheld camcorders for you the best videos today 30

Canon Vixia HF W10 Waterproof Camcorder full HD camcorder

Referring to Canon brand, surely you are quite familiar, in previous reviews I have reviewed this brand in product lines such as mini cameras, mini projectors, … in addition, camcorders are also is a quite attractive product line of Canon.

Visually, the Canon Vixia HF W10 Waterproof Camcorder full HD has a simple design like other handheld camcorders with dimensions of 6.1 x 5.8 x 12.7 cm.

What I appreciate about this model is its good water resistance. I haven & # 039; t tried it myself, but my friend used it to record images when he was diving. The video recorded is really sharp thanks to the 1920x1080p resolution. Regarding functions, I find this girl quite good, full of features such as anti-shake, self-filtering noise …

Products equipped with 8GB memory card port allows users to store a lot of information, but the memory card does not come with the machine. Therefore, you need to retrofit the device to save video.

Although I shot the video backlit, it didn & # 039; t affect the video quality very much. The battery capacity of the device is quite good, I started filming from early morning until almost afternoon, but there was no sign of running out of battery. I was impressed with the camera mode of the device which is compatible with mobile batteries up to 5200mAh.

I refer to some reviews, there are some products that cannot connect to the phone. Therefore, you should check the product before buying. The price of the product is quite high, so it is more suitable for professional videographers.

4. Panasonic Digital Camcorder HC-VX980GK-K 4K

Top 5 handheld camcorders for you the best videos today 42Top 5 handheld camcorders for you the best videos today 42

Panasonic Digital Camcorder HC-VX980GK-K 4K

In addition to the product line of refrigeration – household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, rice cookers, … the camcorder is also one of the product lines that this giant brand develops.

Basically, the Panasonic HC-VX980GK-K 4K digital camcorder has a similar appearance to the Sony CX405 camcorder series. The first plus point for this model is its effective anti-vibration. I have used the device to return to the fair image, despite a lot of collisions, but the video is still clear.

Talking about the ability to take pictures of my device is quite good, although not very sharp, but also a bit superior to the phone. The resolution of the device is also quite high, along with 3MOS Pro feature to help the camera capture every moment. GPS location capabilities of the product help you get more information about the location of the recording.

It & # 039; s water resistant is average, but you should also avoid using it in a humid environment. In my opinion, the device is more suitable for family use or vlog recording is also quite good.

5. Elitek Full HD 1080P Handheld Camcorder

Top 5 handheld camcorders for you the best videos today 52Top 5 handheld camcorders for you the best videos today 52

Camcorder Elitek Full HD 1080P

The final product that I would like to introduce to you is the Elitek Full HD 1080P Handheld Camcorder. In terms of external appearance, the device is quite sturdy with a size of 12 × 6.1 × 5.3 cm.

About the function, I only use it thanks to a friend. Overall machine resolution is quite stable 1080p, the image obtained sharp, vivid. Talking about the ability to filter audio, the machine almost does not have so you spend quite a bit of time to filter the sound.

I appreciate the LED lights of the machine, this lighting system has an effect within 1m of you videos shot closer to more vivid. It has good zoom capability, vivid and harmonious colors.

It has 8GB memory card integrated so you can remain store video. However, the product does not come with a memory card, so you need to retrofit it. Regarding the quality of video, I do not appreciate it because of its anti-shake and focus features. As for water resistance, the Elitek Full HD 1080P Handheld Camcorder is not available. But for this price, I do not ask too high.

Should choose the best handheld camcorder

Above are the top 5 most popular handheld camcorders today. However, I still appreciate the Gopro Hero 7 (Black) model with the following reasons:

  • About design: Gopro Hero 7 Camera (Black) has a compact design with dimensions of 6.2 x 3.2 x 4.5 cm, weighing 117g. Therefore, users are easier to carry on the go.

  • About feature: The product is equipped with many features to use. Including vibration-proofing, audio filtering, focusing capabilities … All bring the most vivid and realistic videos.

  • About water resistance: The device has good water resistance so users can safely use it in a watery environment.

  • About the ability to take photos: Capable of capturing 12MP images at up to 30 frames per second for the best images.

Top 5 handheld camcorders for you with the best videos today 1Top 5 handheld camcorders for you with the best videos today 1

Gopro Hero 7 Camera

Frequently Asked Questions

Hand-held camcorders are small series of cameras that are used to continuously capture a sequence of images into movies. This model has faster resolution and optical zoom and is more sensitive than the camera. In addition, the sound quality is also more realistic and vivid.

When cleaning, use specialized cleaning tools to clean your lens. During this process, you should not use a cloth because small particles increase the risk of scratching the lens. The best way is to use a microfiber towel to clean the lens.

First, use a soft broom to clean the lens. Then, gently wipe the glass surface vertically and horizontally. Finally, attach the filter to the tube when the lens is cleaned.

  • During movie recording, you should not abuse the screen zoom feature too much. This will easily cause the video you and the recording to fall
  • Choose the right recording angle, avoid too bright or too dark light accompl the movie quality
  • Always change the shooting angle to make the footage more vivid
  • Not only take pictures at eye-level, but also often change the height to avoid boredom
  • Do not just shoot short segments
  • Do not leave the camcorder in a dry, clean and ventilated place
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of the machine should be performed to ensure quality
  • Do not subject the device to excessive shock
  • Do not let sharp objects touch the machine & # 039; s lens
  • Do not blow into the lens to clean the device

C: 04: XX

This character error occurs when the supplied battery is not an InfoLITHIUM battery, so you need to use one for this device. In addition, you should also connect the DC socket to the DC IN port of the machine.

X: 13: XX

Discs incompatible with the camcorder may cause this condition. Therefore, you need to select the compatible Disk table. Or it could be because the disc is dirty, so wipe it off with a clean cloth!

C: 21: XX

The main cause of this situation is steam condensation. You need to remove the tape and let the machine rest for 1 hour and then reinstall the tape.

C: 22: XX

The way to solve this problem is to clean your head with a magnetic wipe.

X: 31: XX

When this happens, you should remove the tape and reinsert it and start rebooting. However, this should not be done when steam condensation occurs.

X: 32: XX

At this point, please remove the disc and re-attach or can remove the power and then connect the computer from the beginning. For Mini DV tapes. You proceed to change the bandage and select RESET to operate again.

Character errors E

In this case, you need to contact the service center for repairs and repairs. At this time, please inform that unit of 5 codes starting from offline!

Camcorder handle can combine with gimbal. This device can help you secure your camcorder and reduce vibrations significantly. At the same time, giving you more angles, more impressive rotation. However, you need to carefully check the specifications of the gimbal to see if it is compatible with the device.

Hand-held camcorders are becoming more and more popular. Of the 5 camera products, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But in my opinion, the Gopro Hero 7 (Black) Camera will meet the needs of everyone. From brand to feature are very quality.

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