Top 5 good strategy games for PC 2021 (Updating)

If you are looking for a good strategy game for PC, but do not know which game to choose because the ads are too attractive for many games now make you overwhelmed, articles about strategy games for PC familiar ”will help you know which PC games are worth playing in this genre.


The game Red Alert 2

game for pc

Out 2 or Alarm Red are also impressive names that this game owns. Certainly many Vietnamese gamers are familiar with this name, especially for the first generation 8x and 9x generation guys / girls. If you play this game, please call your seniors right away so you can ask for some tips to quickly win the game. This is one of the great strategy games for PC you cannot ignore ..

In 2000, the latest version of the strategy game good for PC – Red Alert 2 was born, creating a very strong wave. Communism and Bourgeois are two opposing factions in the game, the main context of the game is the confrontation of these two factions. Each faction will have its own strengths and weaknesses, which will help you practice your thinking, come up with the most accurate strategy to defeat your opponent.

This good strategy game for pc possesses many unique features and upgraded levels of gameplay that make players feel satisfied. So, you will be able to experience this game completely comfortably if you really want to become a good player.

The title Civilization

game for pc

Civilization is one of the good strategy games for PC that you should not miss, you will transform into a powerful empire to go to fight, this is also one of the popular strategy games at that time. hours. The plot of the game will take you back to ancient times, through 7 parts of the game to reach the end for the winner.

You will get the feeling of dominating when in the game, you can send soldiers to fight and enjoy the value of power that you possess. For this good strategy game for pc, you will enjoy the stunning graphics that make the player more impressed and motivated to play such games. Play now and don’t miss this game.

The game Warcraft

game for pc

Another good strategy game for your pc here, game Warcraft is a game worth playing, if anyone misses it, it will be a pity, This is a game with a familiar, crowded strategy. Island players enjoy. This makes the game attractive. In this game, you will be playing the role of a general and holding important tasks, surely during the game, you will also collect many items to support you along with many upgrades you become. more beneficial.

For those who are new to this game for the first time, are impressed by the storyline that the game brings, so you should try to become a super good player to get the chance to top the table. More than that, the sound or animation in the game will make you unable to hold back and utter praise for this game.

Game Starcraft

game for pc

Starcraft seems to be one of the good strategy games for the pc that keeps a steady performance on the ranking of the best strategy games of all time. Starcraft left an indelible impression in the gaming community. Starcraft still has a strong foothold so far as there are many other strategy games dominating the market.

With so many unique gameplay, Starcraft offers a different and new experience, especially the variety of strategies created. Therefore, in order to coordinate the soldiers to win better, players need to come up with more specific and attractive strategies to be able to overwhelm the opponent.

Currently, Starcraft has 2 versions:

  • Starcraft 1998
  • Starcraft II 2010

Endless Series

game for pc

Endless has made a very strong impression and is classified as one of the good strategy games for PC, the gaming community around the world is extremely “crazy” of this game. With 4X turn-based gameplay, this is a strategy game that brings players new and attractive. It can be understood as: Explore, Expand, Exploit and Destroy.

The very eye-catching graphic design is the first impression that the game brings. In particular, the version of Endless Space takes place in space. Players will take the role of invading other areas and expanding the area for their army.

There are currently several versions such as:

  • Endless Space launched in 2012
  • Endless Legend launched in 2014
  • Endless Space 2 launched in 2017


The above article has helped people know some good strategy games for PC, hopefully after this article, everyone will find themselves a game you like the best and if there are any other comments or questions related. Do not forget to leave your comments in the section below.



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