Top 5 current Pod System designs for vapers

Top 5 current Pod System designs for vapers

Pod system is one of the extremely effective traditional cigarette emulation devices. It is also one of the series that has captured a lot of sympathy from the user. When choosing pod system devices, you may need to consider many factors such as capacity, coil, battery, etc. as well as brand and reputation. To make it easier to choose. Today, The Smoke System will present you with today’s top Pod designs that you shouldn’t miss.

Lost Orion Q Pod System

The Lost Vape Orion Q is reputed to be the most reliable pod on the market. Lost Vape integrates an exclusive chipset that provides 17W output power. With other variants of Orion Pod Systems, this mod continues to be popular with fans for its quality, performance and affordability.

Lost Vape integrates an exclusive chipset that provides 17W output power

main function

  • Design breakthrough products and in line with the prevailing trends today
  • 950mAh internal rechargeable battery – 8-hour battery life
  • Fully recharges in less than 45 minutes
  • Easy Top Fill 2ml Pod replaceable with leak proof design
  • Airflow adjustment ring to enhance flavor and create large smoke

Lost Orion Plus Pod System

This Lost Orion Plus Pod System is an upgraded version of the best-selling pod system from Lost Vape. The device is an advanced pod system with a large lithium polymer battery inside, a replaceable coil design, a 5-level output system, and a high quality all-metal construction. There are five levels to choose from when vaping with Orion Plus, White, Red, Yellow and Purple. Different power levels heat the sprayer to different levels to suit each person’s vaping preferences.

Capacity is 2mL. This device is powered by a 950mAh rechargeable battery. Compatible with two different types of coils: 0.25ohm Orion Plus mesh coil and 0.5 ohm Orion Plus regular coil. main function

  • Provided by upgraded DNA Go Chip
  • 5 adjustable power levels
  • Allow user to automatically adjust output power
  • The refillable pod system is compatible with freebase and nicotine salts
  • 40W output power

SMOK Nord Pod System

The leading pod system design currently on the market

With replaceable coils in both sub ohm and high resistance options, it is possible to flexibly use eliquids based on standard salts or nicotine. Along with that, the battery is also more powerful than most ultra-mobile mods, this pod system balances performance and style that you shouldn’t overlook. main function

  • Smart battery life indicator
  • Use mesh coil coils to create lots of steam and bring satisfying flavors to the vapers.
  • The mouthpiece is improved for better performance
  • Compact design with 1100mAh output power
  • 38 different color variations

SMOK Novo 2 Pod System

Novo 2 is a lightweight device, built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery

The SMOK Novo 2 kit is a refillable AIO vape system with a 2ml e-liquid volume, compatible with both standard electronic liquids and nicotine salt liquids. Despite being a lightweight device, the built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery. Novo 2 uses up to three days for the average user. For those who tend to vape more often, the micro-USB port in the base of the device allows for quick and easy charging. main function

  • Maximum output power of 25W
  • 800mAh battery inside and rechargeable (200 Puffs per charge)
  • Redesigned air sensor switch & U-shaped inlet port
  • LED battery life indicator
  • 18 different color designs

SMOK RPM40 Pod System

The SMOK RPM40 is a special vape device that combines the advantages of both pod and mod devices. It is small in size but has a 1500mAh battery capacity and an adjustable 1W-40W power range. The IQ-R chip inside is a new chip, shortening the firing time to 0.001S and charging time to two hours. Besides, 0.4Ω RPM mesh coil is newly designed for the best taste and produces great smoke. main function

  • Unique cube design with extremely eye-catching and trendy materials
  • Large 1500mAh rechargeable battery integrated
  • Quick charge 2 batteries
  • Maximum output power of 40W
  • 0.96 inch screen with friendly user interface
  • Compatible with RPM and Nord coils
  • Impressive E-Liquid capacity of up to 4.3ml

It is small in size but has a 1500mAh battery capacity and an adjustable 1W-40W power range

Above are the top 5 Pod system designs today that you should not miss. Especially for those who have previously smoked traditional cigarettes. The integrated machine design with high capacity battery will help you get the best vaping experience. Creating large smoke clouds and very suitable for DL ​​smoking.

Anyone who needs can refer to The Smoke Club Website, Theo Vape Store You can be confident:

With more than 3 years in the Pod System business, The Smoke Club and the staff of The Smoke Club are confident that they have fully equipped themselves with the knowledge and experience of this product line, to advise. , guide and find you a Vape Pod System with your personality.


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