Top 5 Chinese photo editing apps like Huang you (Butter Camera)

Top 5 Chinese photo editing apps like Huang you (Butter Camera)

Chinese photo editing apps like Huang You (Butter Camera) are designed and packed with photo editing tools and filters, helping users to create TikTok “trend-catching” photos and videos.

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Known by other names like Butter Camera (黄油 相机) or Plog, Huang You is the hottest Chinese photo editing app right now. However, the downside of this application is that the interface is mainly Chinese, so it is a bit difficult to use.

Chinese English editing software

Download Chinese photo editing App like Huang You

If you are looking for photo editing apps like Huang You, here ElectrodealPro will suggest some alternatives.

Article Contents:
I. Top Chinese photo editing App.
5. MakeupPlus (many beauty bloggers use).
4. Pitu (creating historical image).
3. Xingtu (god photography).
2. Camera360 (millions of users).
1. Meitu (the perfect selfie app, recommended).
II. Which application should be used.

I. Top 5 Chinese photo editing apps like Huang you (Butter Camera)

5. MakeupPlus photo editing software (many beauty bloggers use)

Developed by Meitu Inc and integrated with features that bring users to experience a variety of makeup styles from various famous artists, MakeupPlus is the name chosen by many beauty bloggers today. In addition, this is also the ideal alternative name for Huang You.

Chinese English editing software

Some outstanding features of the application:
– Uses augmented reality (AR) technology that accurately detects facial features and applies the right makeup style.
– Try lipstick products from famous brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Lime Crime, GLAMGLOW, Stila, Clarins, …, even by ordering through the app.
– Various hairstyles.
– Various skin beauty and photo editing tools.
– Makeup tutorials available for beginners.

Download MakeupPlus here.

=> Link download MakeupPlus for Android

=> Link to download MakeupPlus for iPhone

4. Pitu archaeological image software

Pitu is one of those Antique photo collage application It was once in the market and was developed by internet giant Tencent. Like other Chinese photo editing apps like Huang you (Butter Camera), Pitu also comes with a collection of beauty filters and virtual makeup options. AR technology helps to accurately recognize and apply filters, makeup options.

Download the blue Chinese editorial editor app

Pitu’s outstanding features:
– Beauty filters, stretching legs, slim face, natural makeup in real time.
– Simple photo editing manipulation.
– Beauty Cam mode with dozens of interesting filters, stickers, backgrounds.

Download Pitu here.

=> Link download Pitu for Android

=> Link download Pitu for iPhone

3. Chinese Xingtu photo editing application

Basically Xingtu is Chinese photo editing app like Huang you (Butter Camera) but packed with features to remove background and collage, change the color of the subject, smart makeup feature with rich filters, “divine” body beauty features like scissors Long legs, slim waist, ….

Chinese main app xingtu

Salient features of the application:
– Edit “divine” body, stretch legs, slim waist, ….
– Face editing feature, support for 10 face trim effects plus other makeup tools.
– Blur, conceal face.
Diverse filter system and use “free”.
Basic photo editing tools like brightness, saturation, sharpness, contrast, … like on Huang You.

Download Xingtu here.

=> Link download Xingtu for Android

=> Link download Xingtu to iPhone

2. Camera360 (millions of users)

Camera360 is one of the most famous “notorious” selfies and photo editing applications today, with a huge “user base”, more than 800 million users.

Use Chinese English on your phone

Just like Huang You, Camera360 provides a variety of effects and filters to give users a great experience. In particular, the application also supports the option of sharing photos directly to social networking platforms. It can be said that Camera360 “turns” taking pictures on a simple smartphone into a powerful social networking experience.

Salient features of the application:
– High quality filter warehouse with more than 300 filters with all different styles from retro, black and white, HDR, lomo, ….
– Natural makeup with more than 30 different filters.
– Insert cute sticker.
– Support recording short video, about 10 – 60 seconds long, insert music, filter

Download Camera360 here.

=> Link download Camera360 for Android

=> Link download Camera360 for iPhone

1. Chinese photo editing app Meitu

Meitu is no longer a strange name for fans who love to use Chinese photo editing applications. Meitu is one of the ideal Huang you (Butter Camera) alternatives, suitable for those who are looking for a Chinese photo editing application but supports many different languages ​​and is easy to use.

Chinese English key player on your phone

Take a look at some outstanding features of the application:
– Supports many different languages, in addition to Chinese.
– Background eraser feature to remove, blur unwanted objects on photos.
– Edit or merge photos into existing frames.
– Beauty effects and remove facial blemishes.
– Beauty body feature: stretching legs, ….

Download Meitu here.

=> Link download Meitu for Android

=> Link download Meitu for iPhone

II. What photo editing app does best replace Huang you (Butter Camera)?

Among the Chinese photo editing apps mentioned above, Meitu is the most appreciated.

Basically the photo editing apps are packed with filters and effects repositories as well as photo editing tools suitable for different uses and for different users. However, if you are looking for a photo editing app like Huang you (Butter Camera) that is easier to use, the all-in-one photo editing app Meitu is the best choice for you.
Are you using Huang you (Butter Camera) or any of the Chinese photo editing apps above? Don’t forget to share your opinion with ElectrodealPro.


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