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 Top 5 best system rating software for PC

Top 5 best system rating software for PC

Every time you want to optimize or upgrade your system, you’ll be wondering how to compare power before and after on your PC system.. You will have to learn each parameter, compare it to each other, to find the strengths of the new PC system, and at the same time compare to the same system on the market. It is a very laborious and time-consuming job, so today, will introduce you to 5 powerful power measurement tools of the system that are quite accurate and used by many users.


5 Best system scoring tool

1. PC UserBenchmark

PC UserBenchMark

Download PC UserBenchmark

PC UserBenchmark will test your computer based on the entire system including CPU, GPU, RAM, Hard Drive, SSD, and peripheral devices. After testing, the software will give a rating score for your system. You can check out the old and new systems with PC UserBenchMark to see the difference. Not only that, PC UserBenchMark compares your results with other users around the world who have the same system composition as you. Without a doubt, this is one of the best BenchMark software available today!

2. 3Dmark / PCmark


Download PCMark Download 3DMark

Having a long history of development and formation (since 1997), the duo 3DMark and PCMark UL software company has long been famous for evaluating system performance. 3DMark is used to evaluate the power of 3D graphics and is mainly used for gaming computer systems. Meanwhile, PCMark focuses on overall evaluation of the entire system, giving an average score as well as of each computer component. This is a pair of software is very popular and used by IT circles, although you will have to pay a small amount to own great accuracy from them.

3. NovaBench


Download NovaBench

As a free software and without a commercial upgrade, NovaBench really did a good job; including statistics on the hardware in the computer, giving specific points plus the user interface is extremely neat and easy to use. The biggest minus point of NovaBench probably lies in the fact that this software cannot score graphics cards or 3D systems. This is understandable because anyway, this is a completely free software that!

4. SiSoftware Sandra Lite

SiSoftware Sandra Lite

Download Sisoft Sandra Lite

Sisoft Sandra Lite is a small freeware, but offers a full range of features. SiSoftware Sandra Lite will divide the system into small parts, through which users can manually evaluate each specific component such as CPU processing speed, hard drive speed, … even speed. network again. Not only that, SiSoftware Sandra Lite also has the ability to compare and give the score for the components closest to your system, making it easier to select and upgrade the system. SiSoftware Sandra Lite also has a paid upgrade called SiSoftware Sandra.

5. Auslogics Benchtown

Benchlogics Benchtown

Download Auslogics Benchtown

The last software that introduces to you is Benchlogics Benchtown. Although the interface is not too prominent, Auslogics Benchtown, however, scores the system and produces extremely detailed and accurate reports. The software also offers suggestions to help you optimize your PC. At the same time, with user data systems directly from Benchtown servers around the world, this software will compare and help you know whether your computer system is strong or weak.

Above are the best grading and evaluation systems. Along with BenchMark capabilities are very useful utilities that these software bring, certainly will not disappoint you.

Wish you find a BenchMark software suitable for you!

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