Top 5 best standing fans you should shop for your family
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Top 5 best standing fans you should shop for your family

Do not need to spend tens of millions to buy air-conditioners at home, you still get a cool space with a fan standing only a few hundred thousand dong. The product line is easy to move from one location to another bringing high convenience for users. However, before the diversity of standing fans on the market, people need to know how to choose for themselves a quality product line. Let me help you find a good standing fan with the top 5 products rated as best today.

Why should you use vertical fans?

Why should use vertical fans

Why should use vertical fans

Compared to when using other cooling devices at home, the stand fan gives users more outstanding benefits. In particular, the reasons that make the product an ideal choice are:

1. Stand fan for flexible mobility

If the wall fans are fixed in a dead position, then the standing fans easily move between different areas. You can use standing fans for your bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen. Or place the stand fan at any position you want, as long as it's on a flat surface.

2. The vertical fan provides quick cooling of air

Inside the design of the vertical fans, there's always a wide wingspan system and a powerful set of power. The perfect combination gives the product the ability to create strong winds to quickly cool down and cool the inner room.

3. The vertical fan is easy to clean and maintain

Normally the vertical fans will be made up of many different parts such as the rotor, fan cage, body and base of the fan, … The assembly details on the vertical fan are quite simple and you can easily remove Install to clean the fan for 5 minutes.

4. Stand fan is easy to use and customize

Above the vertical fan body is always equipped with a simple system of buttons that are easy to activate with a single press. Comes with a rotating button that supports adjusting the height of the fan body according to the user's wishes. You can customize the vertical fan when needed without spending too much time and effort.

5. Fan stand beautiful aesthetics

Currently, the vertical fan models are manufactured with many different designs and colors. In general, the product line ensures aesthetic beauty for users with a neat, sophisticated design and possesses fashionable colors such as white, silver blue, black, … The appearance of the side fan in the room makes the space become more modern and much more aesthetic.

6. Stand fans are very cheap

Each brand of vertical fans will be listed different prices for users to choose according to their needs and individual pocket money. But usually the price of standing fans only ranges from a few hundred thousand dong to about 2,000,000 VND. Compared to high-end coolers, the price of vertical fans is only equal to ⅓ or ¼.

Classification of vertical fans

Classification of vertical fans

Classification of vertical fans

With the desire to meet the needs of customers, manufacturers of vertical fans have launched many product lines with different designs. As far as I know, people currently classify standing fans as product lines as follows:

1. High standing fan

High standing fans are fans manufactured with an average height of 80cm or more. Thanks to its superior height and convenient height adjustment, the product is suitable for use in many different areas inside the house.

2. Low standing fans

Low standing fans are fans with an average height of 80cm or less. The product has a compact design suitable for use inside bedrooms and desks.

3. Industrial standing fans

Industrial standing fans are large sized fans and the height exceeds 100cm. Inside the product is equipped with a powerful capacity capable of rapid cooling. Industrial vertical fans are often used in cafes, cafes and even production areas.

Experience buying vertical fans

Experience buying vertical fans

Experience buying vertical fans

As we have seen there are many different types of vertical fans you can choose for your home. But to find a quality product line that meets high demand, you need to buy standing fans based on the golden experiences I've summarized below:

1. Choose to buy vertical fans according to the purpose of use

The first important note that you need to know when choosing a vertical fan is to determine the exact purpose of your fan. If you want to choose a cheap fan without too many smart features, use the normal cooling fan. But if you need a product line that can cool and humidify your business, use a mist spray fan. Or air-conditioning fan.

2. Choose to buy a vertical fan according to the area of ​​use

Each fan has a different design will be suitable for use in areas that own the corresponding area. In my own experience, the fans stand low. Or a compact, easy-to-table form that will fit into rooms under 10 square meters.

In case you need to use a standing fan for large spaces of 15m2 or more, you choose the type of standing fan. The product is equipped with a large capacity set capable of rapid cooling and flexible AC.

3. Choose to buy standing fans of reputable brands

Vertical fans manufactured from reputable brands are usually more durable than low-cost products. Because the materials used to make stand fans are high-end products. Products undergo standard production process with modern technology for superior quality. That's why I recommend using only vertical fans from big brands like Panasonic, Senko, Toshiba and Mitsubishi, etc.

4. Choose a vertical fan with a long-term warranty

Electric fans are also one of the most frequently encountered products. To save maximum repair costs, choose the fans with long-term warranty and at least 12 months or more.

Important notes when using a stand fan

Important notes when using a stand fan

Important notes when using a stand fan

Although the vertical fan provides many benefits to users, the product still causes some unintended harm if you use it the wrong way. In addition, the use of fans not in accordance with the instructions also makes the device quickly damaged. Therefore, people should note some important issues when using a vertical fan:

  • Place the fan in a flat position and avoid overly rough areas, causing the fan to fall easily and cause damage.

  • Do not place the fan at the top of the wind during hot weather. Because this fan will suck the heat and blow inward, making the space hotter.

  • The fan should be placed at the bottom at the bottom and avoid the head completely. Because if you put the fan standing at the beginning, the blood circulation will be unbalanced. This makes you often have headaches, dizziness and even stress, fatigue.

  • Do not let the fan blow directly on the person but should only put the fan in a far position. Only so do people not catch a cold when using standing fans for a long time.

  • Absolutely not use a fan when the body is producing too much sweat. Because the wind will blow into the dilated hair follicles, causing the process of sweating to stop. At the same time, the sudden contraction of blood vessels will lead to extremely dangerous cases of stroke.

  • Customize the fan at a moderate temperature so your body still has the ability to escape. Absolutely do not adjust the fan speed so high that the pores are closed and sweat cannot be released. Tips for using the fan correctly help you not feel tired and exhausted.

Top 5 types of best standing fans you should shop now

1. Mitsubishi vertical fan LV16-RV CY-GY – Dark gray

Top 5 best standing fans you should shop for family 1

Vertical fan Mitsubishi LV16-RV CY-GY – Dark gray


Top 5 best standing fans you should shop for family 13

The outstanding height of the fan body makes the cooling capacity in low area limited.

Mitsubishi LV16-RV CY-GY vertical fan comes from Japanese brand, but is made in Thailand. Fan size is within 121 x 43.6 x 40cm. In which the diameter of each rotor reaches about 40 cm. Products ensure both use efficiency, and ensure decorative effect when owning a luxurious design with dark gray tones.

Inside the fan of Mitsubishi will have 3 different wind modes for you to choose: light breeze, natural wind and strong wind. The wind speed can be easily adjusted by the remote controller. Comes with a light system that controls the operation functions, helping the product operate flexibly.

I can customize the flexible timer off mode for up to 4 hours. Depending on the location of use is in the living room, bedroom or office, I can also adjust the height of the fan.

Compared with Panasonic fan type, the product receives more points than the wheel system time for easy movement. The engine is neat, smooth, ensuring high quietness. In case the device is overloaded, the safe power-off mode will be activated immediately. This makes me quite reassuring and extremely satisfied with the product line.

Another reason for me to choose the Mitsubishi LV16-RV CY-GY vertical fan is the reasonable price when only 1,699,000 VND / unit. But the downside of the product line is that the fan body design is too high, making the cooling capacity in low-range areas limited. The power of the 48W machine I rated is at a mid-range level and is not as powerful as the Senko fan.

2. Panasonic F-308NH standing fan – Pink

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Stand fan Panasonic F-308NH – Pink


Top 5 best standing fans you should shop for family 13

The outstanding height is not suitable for use in low altitude areas.

Top 5 best standing fans you should shop for family 13

There is no scroll wheel.

Panasonic vertical fans are product lines from the famous Japanese brand. The product is manufactured with a remarkable size of 91 x 105cm. In which the fan diameter reaches 30cm, it is able to cool quickly when combined with a powerful capacity set.

The feminine pink product with a beautiful design makes me extremely popular. But the point that made me appreciate the product is the sleep timer feature of up to 4 hours. The fan is easily adjusted by remote control. As long as I sit in my seat, I can control the fan as I need without moving too far.

Above the fan body is 3 handy wind speeds that help users to use according to individual needs. The product is also equipped with a natural wind feature, providing outstanding comfort like being outdoors. In particular, the Panasonic standing fan also has a motor protection mode, which helps the device to avoid many damage during operation.

The product is equipped with an additional power saving mode, which saves on electricity usage costs. However, this is a very expensive fan when listed up to VND 2,499,000 / unit.

The superior height product is not suitable for use in low-level areas such as beds or on desks. There is no trolley system at the bottom of the fan, although the fan weight is quite heavy.

3. Electric standing fan Senko LTS1636

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Vertical fan Senko LTS1636

The Senko LTS1636 vertical fan is a series of electric fans with common cooling features manufactured in Vietnam. Product dimensions after packing are 47.5 x 19.5 x 45cm. This is a medium-sized fan line that can easily be customized between 86cm and 96cm.

But perhaps the most valuable point in the product is the 7-blade propeller system with a length of up to 39cm. The number of blades double helps the electric fan provide 88.6m3 / min of strong wind flow. Products have 3 different wind levels for users to choose.

I feel quite comfortable using Senko's electric fans, because the powerful 65W motor does not make a loud noise when operating. I feel more satisfied when the product price is super cheap. Just spent 389,000 VND, you already own genuine electric fan Senko.

However, the drawback of Senko fans is that there is no automatic timer. In terms of durability, the product line cannot be compared to the fans from Panasonic brand. Especially when the rotor system is quite thin and prone to breakage in the event of a light fall.

4. Toshiba vertical fan F-LSD10 (W) VN

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Stand fan Toshiba F-LSD10 (W) VN


Top 5 best standing fans you should shop for family 13

The fan power set is only 30W.

Top 5 best standing fans you should shop for family 13

Propeller rotation speed is moderate and not too strong.

Toshiba vertical fans are also one of the product lines from Japan. Fan weight about 7kg is produced with dimensions of 45.5 x 133 x 40cm. In which the rotor size up to 40cm long for the ability to create strong airflow.

The special thing inside the white-colored Toshiba fan is that it has up to 26 levels of adjustable speed. Wind mode is equipped inside the product is also extremely diverse. I can adjust the normal wind mode, natural wind. Or use sleep mode and quiet wind to your own liking.

The series also conquered me by many convenient features such as remote fan control and automatic timer mode. The fan speed is clearly displayed above the body so I can control the operation of the device well. Compared to other product lines, the Toshiba fan saves me a lot of energy thanks to the modern power-saving inverter technology.

Despite its many smart features, Toshiba fans are reasonably priced. Currently the product line is priced at only 1,498,000 VND / unit.

But I also need to say that the biggest drawback in the product line is the power output is only 30w. Therefore, the speed of rotation is usually only moderate and not as strong as other high-end products

5. Lifan vertical fan D-18CX-N

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Stand fan Lifan D-18CX-N

Lifan stand fans are produced domestically for use in many households and cafes. Or eating out. The product possesses outstanding dimensions of up to 59 x 59 x 145cm, but weighs only 5kg. The product family owns luxurious black color, making the space more sophisticated.

I appreciate the 45cm-long rotor system for its ability to generate 83.4m3 / min of high airflow. Comes with 3 different speed adjustments for everyone to easily use on demand. Behind the fan box is also a button that activates the automatic rotation mode. The product has the ability to operate flexibly to support air circulation quickly.

In terms of price, Lifan stand fan D-18CX-N is really very cheap. The product line that is being listed is priced at only 559,000 VND / unit. But to be honest, the rotor design is quite thin and has only 3 blades. This makes the cooling capacity is limited. In addition, the propeller and fan base are made from cheap plastic material, so it is easy to break. The product makes a loud noise when operating.

What type of vertical fan should be chosen?

After experimenting with various products on the market, I felt most satisfied with the Mitsubishi LV16-RV CY-GY fan. Because standing fans fully meet the criteria that I set out as:

  • About design: The Mitsubishi stand fan has a luxurious dark gray finish. The product has a compact size of only 121 x 43.6 x 40cm. Especially the bottom of the fan has a wheel system to help users move easily.

  • About feature: Products are equipped with 3 different wind modes are normal wind, light wind and natural wind. Comes with that height is easily customizable. I can quickly control the fan with the remote control without having to go near the fan. The product ensures high safety when equipped with automatic power-off when overloaded.

  • About price: The price of affordable product when listed is only VND 1,699,000 / unit.
Top 5 best standing fans you should shop for family 1

Vertical fan Mitsubishi LV16-RV CY-GY – Dark gray

Frequently Asked Questions

A vertical fan is a well-balanced design of fans that can easily be used on flat surfaces such as floors. The special structure of the product helps the vertical fan create a horizontal airflow. Fan speed, fan height are equipped with different levels and are easy to customize with the system of buttons above the body. Even some types of vertical fans are also equipped with misting and automatic adjustment.

For the highest cooling efficiency, select the highest speed button and then gradually reduce it to medium and low speed. Adjusting the fan speed from high to low reduces both cooling efficiency, energy saving and no harm to health.

Fans should be placed in well-ventilated areas near doors or windows and 1 meter from the wall. Because this position will help the product to suck cool air outside to blow into the house.

The most appropriate time to manage standing activities is every 6 months. But if you use it often, the cleaning time may be shorter.

It is possible that the fan motor emits noise due to a lack of lubricant. So please remove the test machine and put inside 2, 3 drops of oil to make the engine run more smoothly.

The use of fans continuously throughout the night makes it easy for users to catch a cold. At the same time make the device quickly damaged due to overload operation. The best way is that you should turn off the fan after 4 hours of continuous recording.

So I have provided readers with detailed information about the top 5 best standing fans today. Hopefully, the above objective reviews will help you find the product line that suits your needs.

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