Top 5 best sanitary napkins with super absorbent for “strawberry break” day

Top 5 best sanitary napkins with super absorbent for “strawberry break” day

As women, surely we are no strangers to the sanitary napkins used on red lights. The product line has quick absorbency, helping Eva women to be confident and dynamic even in their menstrual cycle. But did the ladies know how to find high quality, super absorbent tampons in front of so many toxic fake products? If you are still wondering with too many options, let me help you find the best product line today.

Benefits when using tampons

Benefits when using tampons

Benefits when using tampons

Compared to tampons or menstrual cups, the use of tampons is still considered the safest and more convenient choice. In fact, tampons with compact design bring the following outstanding benefits for Eva:

1. Super absorbent tampon

As we all know, every day the red light in the vaginal area of ​​women will release a large amount of menstrual blood. At this point, sanitary pads with specially designed super absorbent will suck all the blood inside and not to fall out. The outstanding absorbency of the product line helps women no longer feel headaches on red light days.

2. Tampons protect user health

Tampons are made from porous cotton material that has undergone a thorough inspection of quality and safety. Single-use products minimize vaginal infections during menstruation. Therefore, the use of tampons is considered as a health protection solution for all women.

3. Tampons help women comfortable movement

Before tampons appeared, women often felt very uncomfortable when the menstrual cycle approached. People do not dare to exercise vigorously and even go out to play, because they are afraid of bleeding may spread at any time.

But since the introduction of tampons, Eva can freely exercise throughout the day without having to worry about overflow. Products to help women become more confident despite the red light.

4. Tampons save cleaning time

The sanitary pads have a simple design and are easy to use. You just need to remove the outer cover and paste it into the underwear inside. After that, you can wear the usual chip pants so that the product will absorb the vaginal blood quickly. The whole process of using tampons only lasts for 60 seconds, helping people save a lot of time.

Classification of sanitary napkins

Classification of sanitary napkins

Classification of sanitary napkins

Tampons are now widely available at supermarkets or convenience stores. The product line has a wide variety of styles, sizes and types of sanitary napkins. Based on the design and features of sanitary napkins, products are classified as follows:

1. Sort sanitary napkin according to design

  • Pads sanitary pads: Pads sanitary pads also known as Pads. Products made from cotton, silk and mesh with a rectangle about 10 to 23 cm long. Currently, sanitary pads used by women are extremely popular.

  • Pants-style sanitary pads: Pants-style sanitary pads have the same design as underwear. But the product will be equipped with an extra layer of blood absorbing material inside and the system of special compartment against spill. The product line is used by women at night in the menstrual cycle. Or used in cases of childbirth, abortion and vaginal surgery.

2. Classify condoms by features

  • Day-time sanitary pad: This is a sanitary pad with the length from 20 to 24cm. The product has an ultra-thin, ultra-light design that is often used during the day to make women feel comfortable working.

  • Night sanitary napkins: The product has an ultra-long design of up to 32cm for superior spill-resistant ability during sleep. So sanitary napkins are especially suitable for use at night.

  • Daily sanitary pads: These are used to absorb vaginal mucus. Products with a compact design with a length between 14 and 16cm are recommended by reproductive health experts every day.

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Experience choosing sanitary napkins

Experience choosing sanitary napkins

Experience choosing sanitary napkins

Although tampons have been used extremely widely, but the fact shows that not everyone knows how to choose the right product line. That is why there are still many women feel uncomfortable when using tampons on the day of menstruation.

With the desire to help Eva find the best sanitary napkin, I have thoroughly researched and summarized the golden experiences when choosing to buy sanitary napkins as follows:

1. Buy sanitary napkins according to demand

Depending on the amount of blood secreted during the day, the demand for women’s tampons also varies. It is best to choose a daytime sanitary napkin to use in the morning, lunch and afternoon. The product has a compact design that helps you comfortable movement while still sucking blood.

But when night comes, the flow of menstrual flow is very easy while people are sleeping. Therefore, you should use night-length sanitary napkins with outstanding length, to avoid getting dirty into the mattress.

2. Choose to buy moderate-sized sanitary pads

An important issue that I would like to emphasize for women is to pay attention to the size of the tampons in the selection process. Never get the wrong idea that the higher the thickness of the sanitary pad is, the faster it will absorb. The larger the size of tampon, the more comfortable to use because there is no worry of overflow.

In fact, if you use tampons too large size, only bring discomfort when moving and working. Therefore the best option is still using sanitary napkins of medium thickness and length.

3. Choose sanitary napkins without a strong fragrance

Tampons with a strong scent often contain a lot of bad aromas for the vaginal environment. The product easily leads to allergies, itching and discomfort for users. In order not to encounter the above problems, you should buy sanitary pads with gentle fragrance, natural or even late.

4. Buy reputable brand sanitary pads

The sanitary pads on the market are manufactured with many different brands. In particular, the absorbency of tampons from big brands is usually 5 times better than cheap sanitary pads. The product line undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure absolute safety. Therefore, you should only use tampons of famous brands such as Kotex, Diana and Whisper Skinlove, …

Some important notes when using tampons

Some important notes when using tampons

Some important notes when using tampons

The way to use tampons is usually quite simple when you just need to remove the tampons and stick them on your underwear. But in order for the product to be both effective and safe, people need to pay attention to the following important issues:

  • Use tampons according to the instructions printed on the package. Make sure you place the sanitary pad in the right direction, in the right direction and in the right way.

  • After about 3 to 4 hours of using the tampon, you should change the tampon to ensure vaginal ventilation. Doing this both helps menstrual bleeding from spilling out, while minimizing the accumulation of bacteria.

  • Store tampons in cool areas and avoid damp places such as toilets. Because sanitary napkins made from cotton fibers are capable of absorbing very quickly. The product is susceptible to degeneration, if it is frequently present inside wet environments.

  • Before changing the tampons, everyone should wash their hands so that bacteria do not have the opportunity to contact the product and attack the vagina.

  • Use only sanitary pads with a valid term. Absolutely not because of savings, but also use sanitary napkins that are out of date. Because the overdue product line does not give high absorbency and can be harmful to user health.

Top 5 types of super absorbent sanitary pads for red lights

1. Skinlove ultra-thin daytime sanitary napkin 24cm

Top 5 best sanitary pads with super absorbent for

Skinlove Ultra thin daytime sanitary napkin 24cm


Top 5 best sanitary pads with super absorbent for the

High selling price

Whisper Skinlove tampons are tampons from the famous American brand. The sanitary pad is designed with a length of 24 cm and is equipped with an anti-overflow groove system. The product smashes away the worry of dirty blood when women have to go out and exercise regularly.

Unlike the sanitary pads currently available on the market, Whisper Skinlove gives superior absorbency thanks to thousands of super absorbent Magic Gel particles. Compared to Dianna sanitary pads, Whisper tampons give 3 times better absorbency.

The most special thing is the extremely soft sanitary pad surface. When I touch it with my hand, I always feel soothing. In addition, the product line is also equipped with two wings to help me easily fix the tape when lining the inside of the underwear. Despite a lot of exercise, Whisper sanitary pads still have not been moved.

This is also one of the safest sanitary pads for user health. Because the product does not contain fragrance and toxic substances. However, the biggest drawback of Whisper Skinlove sanitary pads is the higher selling price than usual. You have to spend about VND 15,000 to buy a 5 day sanitary napkin package instead of 8 pieces.

2. Diana Sensi Night sanitary pad 29cm (Pack of 4 pieces)

Top 5 best sanitary pads with super absorbent for the

Diana Sensi Night sanitary pad 29cm (Pack of 4 pieces)


Top 5 best sanitary pads with super absorbent for the

The mesh on the tampons is quite thin, so it is easy to tear if the bleeding is too much.

Diana Sensi Night sanitary napkin is a sanitary napkin made in Vietnam. The product possesses outstanding size up to 29cm. I usually use Diana tampons at night for deep sleep. The sanitary napkin design fits nicely into my body, allowing me to easily turn around any position without worrying.

I have never had a secretive or uncomfortable feeling when using Diana Sensi Night sanitary pads. Because in the middle of the night tampon is the double core absorbent system manufactured by modern technology, which is resistant to both sides and back overflow.

The product line is made from Japanese microfiber technology with components including non-woven fabric, pulp, thousands of super absorbent particles and even PE lining. The perfect combination of materials creates a sanitary pad with a super-smooth and super-smooth surface. The absorbency of Diana Sensi Night sanitary napkin 29cm is rated 3 times higher than other tapes on the market.

At present, the price of Diana Sensi Night sanitary pad 29cm is quite cheap when only 13,000 VND / pack of 4 pieces. But I want to remind you that the grid system above Diana sanitary pads is quite thin. Therefore, the mesh layer is often torn when the blood is released.

3. Kotex Pro sanitary pads, ultra thin without wings 23cm

Top 5 best sanitary pads with super absorbent for the

23cm thin Kotex Pro sanitary pads without wings


Top 5 best sanitary pads with super absorbent for the

Contains many fragrances that can irritate sensitive girls.

Top 5 best sanitary pads with super absorbent for the

Wingless sanitary pads have limited ability to fix when moving.

Ultra-thin Kotex Pro sanitary pads are also a product line manufactured in Vietnam under the ProActive Guards exclusive overflow technology. 23cm long sanitary napkins are equipped with anti-overflow groove system on both sides of the edge. As a result, the product absorbs the amount of menstrual blood flowing out to the maximum.

I appreciate the super-fast absorbency system above the Kotex Pro sanitary pad. The product line gives me the feeling of being dry and dry all the time, though the flow of menstrual bleeding in the first few days is not small.

The point that I love about the product line is the ultra-thin design, not handy wings. I can easily wear tampons within seconds without being entangled like a double-winged design. In particular, the pure lavender fragrance on the sanitary pad gives me a very pleasant feeling.

In terms of price, 8-piece Kotex Pro sanitary pads sold for VND 17,000 are quite affordable. But the product uses many fragrances that are easy to irritate those who have sensitive vaginal areas. Moreover, sanitary pads have a wingless design that limits the ability to fix the patch.

4. Laurier Fresh & Free sanitary napkin at night 30cm

Top 5 best sanitary pads with super absorbent for the

Laurier Fresh & Free sanitary napkin at night 30cm


Top 5 best sanitary pads with super absorbent for the

The sanitary pad design is slightly horizontal, so sometimes it feels entangled.

Top 5 best sanitary pads with super absorbent for the

Contains fragrance so it is not suitable for sensitive skin.

Laurier Fresh & Free tampons at night are products from Japanese brand. Tampons are manufactured with a 30cm length to prevent back overflow to give Eva good sleep.

The product line is made up of thousands of ultra-thin artificial fibers, giving me a soothing and unforgiving feeling. Combined with modern ventilation membrane, Laurier sanitary pads give a very dry feel.

Compared to conventional sanitary napkins, Laurier Fresh & Free sanitary pads have multi-dimensional absorbent core, capable of penetrating 2 times faster. Although I had to wear sanitary napkins all night, I did not feel any secret or discomfort. Instead, it feels light and comfortable all night long.

The product line has a fresh mint fragrance, gives you a sense of coolness and costs chestnut for only 33,000 VND / pack of 8 30cm pieces. But there are some users who complain that the width of the product is a bit too big. Sometimes sanitary pads make people feel entangled. In addition, the product uses fragrance, so not suitable for anyone with sensitive skin.

5. Doctor Care herbal tampon daily

Top 5 best sanitary pads with super absorbent for the

Doctor Care herbal tampons daily


Top 5 best sanitary pads with super absorbent for the

Contains many herbal essential oils that can easily irritate sensitive individuals

Top 5 best sanitary pads with super absorbent for the

The strong scent of herbs makes many women not interested.

Doctor Care herbal tampons are originally from Taiwan. The product is manufactured in packaging specifications of 20 pieces / pack with an average length of 16cm / piece.

As far as I know, the ingredients contained in daily Doctor Care sanitary pads are Anion Static, non-woven fabrics, anti-spill PE films and Poly paper materials imported from Japan. The most unique thing is that inside the tampon also contains peppermint oil, lettuce oil, Aloe essential oil and camphor. Tampons have a high ability to disinfect and disinfect, helping women minimize inflammation.

The worth point in the product line is also composed of 7 layers with independent formulas, without going through the knitting process. Combined with that is the ultra-permeable SAP box steel plate for high permeability. Inside the sanitary pad is also equipped with a Dual Core core, helping women to feel dry and comfortable all day.

It can be said that this is the most popular type of sanitary napkin among the sanitary napkins. Because a package of Doctor Care herbal sanitary pads 20 pieces currently only cost 26,000 VND. However, I note to you that the product contains many herbs with high antiseptic properties. Tampons are easily irritated or irritated by hypersensitive individuals. In addition, the aroma of herbs of the product is quite intense, so many women feel not so fond of it.

What type of sanitary napkin should choose?

When looking to buy sanitary napkins to use for myself, I still preferred the product line capable of fast permeability. The sanitary pad must have a thin and light design to give me the most comfortable feeling. And then I was completely conquered by the product line from the brand Whisper Skinlove. Inside each American sanitary pad has many outstanding advantages as follows:

  • About design: Day-time Whisper Skinlove sanitary pads are produced with outstanding lengths up to 24cm. Combined with a slot system for effective anti-overflow effect.

  • About feature: Super absorbent sanitary pads when equipped with thousands of smart Magic Gel particles. Products are not moved during the user campaign thanks to the two convenient wings attached. This is also a line of sanitary pads that are super thin and lightweight, helping you always feel comfortable.

  • About safety: Whisper Skinlove sanitary pads do not contain fragrance, so very safe for health.

  • About price: Although the selling price of Whisper Skinlove sanitary pads is listed higher than Kotex and Diana, the difference of several thousand dong is insignificant. Just spend 15,000 VND, you will have instant package of 5-piece ultra-thin sanitary pads from the US.

Top 5 best sanitary pads with super absorbent for

Skinlove Ultra thin daytime sanitary napkin 24cm

Frequently Asked Questions

English sanitary napkin called Sanitary Napkin. This is essentially a highly absorbent pads, used by women during the menstrual cycle. The product is also commonly used after vaginal surgeries or births, abortions. Regardless of the case, the tampons effectively absorb the blood flowing from the vagina.

Changing your tampons regularly will help keep your blood from spilling out. Moreover, this practice also helps women avoid vaginal inflammation caused by accumulated menstrual blood.

Using tampons regularly leads to cancer only when people choose to buy the wrong type of sanitary napkins. Riêng các dòng sản phẩm đã trải qua quá trình kiểm tra kỹ lưỡng như Kotex, Dianna và Laurier không gây ra bất kỳ tác hại gì đối với sức khỏe người dùng.

Băng vệ sinh có cánh cho khả năng cố định miếng dán tốt hơn băng vệ sinh không cánh. Nhưng băng vệ sinh không cánh lại giúp cho người dùng không có cảm giác vướng víu. Nếu như bạn thường xuyên ra ngoài hoạt động trong những ngày hành kinh, hãy lựa chọn loại băng vệ sinh có cánh. Nhưng nếu như vào những ngày đèn đỏ bạn hiếm khi ra ngoài, hãy lựa chọn dòng sản phẩm không cánh.

Để tránh mua nhầm băng vệ sinh Whisper Skinlove giả, mọi người hãy tìm đến các địa chỉ uy tín để tìm mua sản phẩm. Điển hình như hệ thống các siêu thị lớn hoặc các sàn thương mại điện tử uy tín tại Việt Nam.

Thực chất hạt SAM có bên trong băng vệ sinh không hề gây hại đến sức khỏe người dùng. Vật liệu hạt SAM chỉ mang đến hiệu quả thấm hút nhanh chóng cho các loại băng vệ sinh có thiết kế mỏng.

Mong rằng cùng với các thông tin đánh giá chi tiết về top 5 loại băng vệ sinh tốt nhất hiện nay, tôi sẽ giúp chị em lựa chọn được dòng sản phẩm lý tưởng nhất cho mình. Nếu như bạn đang tìm kiếm dòng sản phẩm siêu mỏng, siêu thấm và siêu an toàn, hãy tìm mua ngay băng vệ sinh Whisper Skinlove đến từ thương hiệu danh tiếng.

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