Top 5 best office chairs to help "office people" comfortable working

Top 5 best office chairs to help "office people" comfortable working

Office chairs are one of the indispensable items in the office today. This product feels comfortable, good for health and reduces fatigue when sitting for too long. Since then they help increase work efficiency. However, not everyone can choose the right chair line. As an office worker who has experience in buying office chairs, I will share with you some good chair models today.

Why should we use office chairs?

Why should use office chairsWhy should use office chairs

Why should use office chairs

1. Increase work efficiency

People who work in the office often have to sit at the computer for too long to avoid the feeling of soreness. Choosing an appropriate office chair will help you more comfortable and focused on work. Since then, the performance of the work is also increased.

2. Limit your risk of getting wrist syndrome

When working at the office, you must be constant operating fingers and hands because of constant typing and hovering. If the chair is not up to the standard height, the posture is in the wrong position, you are more likely to suffer from wrist syndrome, which will make your hands feel sore and painful. At this time, using the office chair model will limit this risk.

3. Improve sitting posture and reduce work fatigue

Sitting in the wrong position when working will cause you to suffer from bone and joint diseases such as back pain, shoulder aches, knees … making your body always drowsy and aching. When using the office chair model, fatigue and soreness can be reduced. At the same time, the product will also limit the uncomfortable and frustrating feeling when sitting for a long time in the office.

4. Brings an elegant, elegant space

The use of office chairs will make your office more luxurious and elegant. Since then, creating the ideal space, increasing inspiration to help the work process effectively.

Revealing the experience of buying office chairs

Revealing the experience of buying office chairs Revealing the experience of buying office chairs

Revealing the experience of buying office chairs

1. Choose a suitable line of office chairs

Basically, office chairs are divided into rotatable and non-swivel types. If you want to use chairs with flexibility, you should choose the office swivel chair model. This product not only has the flexibility such as rotating multiple angles, adjusting the height, but also has convenient moving wheels.

If your office requires serious, then choose the L-shaped chair leg design. However, a small note you need to know that this chair model can not change the height or move flexibly as the swivel chair model.

2. Choose a chair that matches your work characteristics

Depending on the area and work position, you can choose for yourself the right chair. For leaders, the head you should choose director swivel chair model. This model is equipped with convenient wheels showing the elegance and class thanks to high quality leather.

For common office areas, you should choose chairs with flexible design and softness to create the most comfortable for employees during work.

3. Choose the appropriate chair back style

  • High back seats: This type of chair is designed to support the entire back and can be reclined to rest. This chair is usually designed for director & # 039; s chair and private room.

  • Mezzanine back seats: This is a medium-sized chair suitable for the staff office area and suitable for serious work environment.

  • Low back seats: This chair has a low back design with small size. The chair model is suitable for crowded offices and ensures fulcrum for efficient working people. However, I do not recommend buying this type of chair because it is quite sore back and not very safe.

4. Choose a chair with soft material

  • Felt fabric material Often used for swivel chair models. This fabric is quite durable and helps users to have the most stable sitting posture. However, if used for a long time will cause a sense of secret. Therefore, you should choose them for meeting rooms rather than offices.

  • Mesh material: This net fabric sample provides a long-lasting airy atmosphere that will suit the office. Or small-scale companies because of the price of moderate products. But, the durability and diversity are not as high as the felt fabric chair.

  • Material s imili: This is an industrial leather used to make director swivel chairs. The product brings elegance to the workspace, so it is quite suitable for private offices. However, because it is industrial leather, it gives a secret feeling.

  • Genuine leather material: This chair is expensive but has outstanding durability, ventilation, creating maximum comfort for users. To match, the chair design is also very delicate, creating a serious and luxurious workspace. Therefore, they will be suitable for leaders, directors.

5. Choose a chair with an elegant design

Choose chairs with an elegant designChoose chairs with an elegant design

Choose chairs with an elegant design

When investigation an office chair, you should choose the elegant design. The colors must be harmoniously coordinated but still shows the professionalism to help users awake and work more effectively.

For director swivel chairs you should prefer black, gray or brown chairs to create a luxurious class. For office workers, you should use brighter tones such as blue, red, … to emphasize and increase concentration when working.

6. Choosing seats according to economic conditions

Currently, there are many different types of office chairs on the market so there are differences in prices. In general, the price of products is also divided into 3 price segments as follows:

  • Price segment from 800,000 – 1,000,000 VND : This is a cheap product segment. These products can only serve the needs of a single seat user. Will even cause soreness after long-term use.

  • Price segment from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 VND: These are products in the mid-range price segment. Most of these products meet the needs and do not cause fatigue. In my opinion, this is the price segment that you should refer.

  • Price segment over VND 3,000,000: The prices of this product line are usually high-end chair lines equipped with more advanced features. So, more suitable for the leaders.

7. Selecting a reputable chair brand

Choosing to buy office furniture, you also need to choose chairs from reputable brands to be committed and quality assurance. At the same time the products are rugged and safe.

8. Select the address to supply and distribute genuine seats

When buying office chairs, you should choose genuine suppliers. This will ensure that you can get a quality chair. Here, you will receive the best warranty policy.

Top 5 office chairs are the most popular today

1. IBIE IB517 Office Chair

IBIE IB517 Office Chair IBIE IB517 Office Chair

IBIE IB517 Office Chair


Top 5 types of best office chairs to help people "office" comfortable working 9

Top 5 types of best office chairs to help people "office" comfortable working 9Armrest is a bit low

Top 5 types of best office chairs to help people "office" comfortable working 9

Top 5 types of best office chairs to help people "office" comfortable working 9The mesh at the corner of the chair shows signs of fraying after a period of use

Another product of the next IBIE brand that I want to introduce to you is IBIE IB517 Office Chair – Black. From the outside, they are quite similar to the BG G1-3 chair model but a bit larger, focused 55 x 48 x 102 cm. The foot of the seat is also different and feels more luxurious and flexible than the BG G1-3 model.

The chair has a smart structure, quite firm and safe structure to use. Similar to the BG G1-3 chair, the product also has a mesh fabric seat frame that can withstand good strength, reducing heat buildup when used for a long time. Therefore, you will not have a sense of urgency when sitting for too long. However, the mesh fabric in the corner of the chair quickly became frayed after a period of use. To fix it, I think it is necessary to cover the seat.

The moderately curved back of the chair supports the entire spine, so that my back pain has been greatly reduced. Regarding the foot of the chair, the product is quite similar to the brother IBIE OC505BA. However, it is made of durable chrome-plated steel. This is exactly what I value in this chair compared to the above product lines. At the same time, the seat can be easily moved and rotated thanks to 5 wheels under the support bar. You can also adjust the height accordingly because of the pneumatic piston.

I have seen many people consider the armrest to be a bit low, but in my opinion, they are quite good, fitting the arm. In general, this is the sample chair that you should refer.

2. BG G1-3 Office Chair

Office Chair BG G1-3Office Chair BG G1-3

Office Chair BG G1-3

The first product that I want to mention to you is the Modern Design Office Chair BG G1-3 with brand origin from Thailand. Basically, I appreciate this chair by the classic design with a relatively small size of 44 x 48 x 88 cm and weighs about 4kg.

Not only you but also the office people are comfortable using this chair model. The back is a mesh fabric so ventilation and elasticity are good, although they are not very comfortable. As for the seat cushions made from foam cushions, so when sitting relatively soft. The headrest is bent so I feel the neck is no longer tired like other conventional chair models.

According to my understanding, the chair has a reinforced ergonomic structure that provides stability. Combined with high quality plastic for a firm seat frame, supports a maximum weight of up to 120kg. The foot of the chair is equipped with non-slip rubber to ensure safety while reducing friction, scratching the floor.

However, I still do not really like the seat legs. After a short time, I see that they start to appear rust, the outer layer is peeled off a lot. But overall, they do not affect the quality of the seats. The next minus point of the product is the inability to adjust the height. Therefore, you need to choose a desk that is proportional to the size of this chair model.

There are some friends after using that after using the chair for a while, you feel the foot of the chair is not stable, when sitting will emit creak. I haven & # 039; t encountered this problem myself, but this is one thing to keep in mind, bro!

3. IBIE OC505BA Office Chair With Armrest

Office Chair With Arms IBIE OC505BAOffice Chair With Arms IBIE OC505BA

Office Chair With Arms IBIE OC505BA

From the outside & # 039; s perspective, I find IBIE OC505BA office chairs (made in Vietnam) quite solid and beautifully designed. The seat surface is relatively wide, so when sitting, I feel quite comfortable. Many people in their bodies highly appreciate the ability to support the spine thanks to the back cushion so no fatigue is present.

The seat frame is made of sturdy plastic that can withstand high weight. As for the thick foam mattress, it makes me feel comfortable, so I sit in the office for a long time. However, I myself feel quite secretive when sitting on the chair because the cushion is quite thick. But overall with this price, the seat quality is quite good.

Compared to the BG G1-3 model, the IBIE OC505BA chair is superior because of the armrests and wheels made of sturdy molded plastic that allow for easier movement. The next plus point that I spend on the seat is that raising and lowering the height is very easy thanks to the modern clutch and imported high-grade pneumatic piston.

Because the height adjustment bars are quite small, their durability is not really high. At the same time, the back of the chair will also be easily deformed if the impact is too strong. Therefore, when using you should be a little more careful!

4. Deli 87084 Office Chair

Office Chair Deli 87084Office Chair Deli 87084

Office Chair Deli 87084


Top 5 types of best office chairs to help people "office" comfortable working 9

Top 5 types of best office chairs to help people "office" comfortable working 9The product has a relatively heavy weight of 18kg, making it difficult to carry on the floor

Top 5 types of best office chairs to help people "office" comfortable working 9

Top 5 types of best office chairs to help people "office" comfortable working 9Size 70 × 107 cm suitable for offices with large space

The model chair for the 3rd office that I want to mention to you is the Deli 87084 office chair. This chair is designed with a slender shape but the size and weight are quite large, specifically 70 × 107 cm and weighs 18kg. Therefore, those who work in large spaces should choose this chair model.

Different from the 3 above models, I appreciate the Deli 87084 thanks to the head adjustment design. This part extends the head 27cm with a curved design so it reduces the pressure on the neck vertebra, overcomes back pain when sitting for long working hours.

I really like this product in the wide backrest made from wear-resistant mesh with high elasticity so sitting all day is not secret. At lunch break, I can lean back and rest quite honored.

The seat cushion is also very smooth because it is made from original D28 sponge. When I bought a birthday gift for my boss, a friend advised me to choose this chair model. Fortunately, my boss is quite interested in this product, especially impressed with the ability to adjust the increase and decrease by double adjustment.

5. KOAS High-class Office Chair – ACH1000 Series

KOAS High-end Office Chair - ACH1000 SeriesKOAS High-end Office Chair - ACH1000 Series

KOAS High-end Office Chair – ACH1000 Series


Top 5 types of best office chairs to help people "office" comfortable working 9

Top 5 types of best office chairs to help people "office" comfortable working 9The product has a very high price

KOAS High-end Office Chair – ACH 1000 Series is a product of KOAS brand. This is a brand of furniture production from Korea.

This model has a very high price so I still can not own. However, I was able to try a friend & # 039; s chair. I feel that the chair is very smooth, their size is 600 * 620 * 1000 ~ 1070mm so suitable for private spaces.

The entire chair is made of artificial leather so when you sit, you feel the chair has good elasticity. Not only does it cause secrets, but it is also very quiet. As for the handrails, the quality is quite good, they are made from high quality ABS plastic and attached to the back to suit everyone & # 039; s condition.

I am quite impressed with the reclining function of this chair model. Thanks to that, users can work and relax a lot more comfortable. The chair can also lift and lower height well, meeting many different desk models.

Sturdy footrest, with high flexibility allows users to change many positions. However, the price of chairs is very high, so it is suitable for people with financial ability.

What kind of office chair should I choose?

Above are the top 5 chair samples that many people appreciate. However, according to me, IBIE IB517 Office Chair – Black will meet the needs of office workers with the following reasons:

  • About design: IBIE IB517 Chair – Black is designed luxuriously and modernly thanks to the dimensions of 55 x 48 x 102 cm.

  • About feature: The back of the chair is designed with a curve that supports the entire spine to avoid back pain when leaning. In addition, the seat is adjustable in height to suit the user thanks to the pneumatic piston

  • About material: High quality mesh fabric seat cover has good bearing capacity. At the same time, reduce heat accumulation when used for long periods. Seat cushions are made of breathable fabric-covered foam mattress with concave design, creating a comfortable feeling while sitting. The seat is made of durable chrome-plated steel.

IBIE IB517 Office Chair IBIE IB517 Office Chair

IBIE IB517 Office Chair

Frequently Asked Questions

Office chair is a chair model designed specifically for people working in the workplace. They also have a structure that suits the user & # 039; s work condition and nature. In general, the types of office chairs have the same design: the seat cushion, the back, the wheels and the height adjustment. There are a number of seats that are equipped with other functions, such as a combination of wheel and airflow.

Choosing an appropriate office chair will give you more comfortable use during work. With the top 5 models of office chairs, I think the IBIE IB517 Office Chair – Black is the most suitable. From quality to price are very reasonable. Hopefully with this article, you will soon find yourself a suitable chair model!

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