Top 5 best makeup brushes to help improve the makeup effect
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Top 5 best makeup brushes to help improve the makeup effect

Instead of using your hands or a sponge, experts still recommend using a makeup brush in most stages. Using a makeup brush will help create sharp lines for the face and much more. Let’s find out more right away.

Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes

1. Classification by material

Makeup brushes are usually made from natural or artificial brush bristles. Distinguish these two types of brushes like?

  • Natural bristles: This brush often uses the fur of animals such as horses, goats, squirrels or mink to make brush. Because the processing time is quite complicated, the price is usually higher than that of a brush made from artificial hair. But in return, it has the ability to adhere to high makeup products, help color on the skin faster and easier thanks to the structure of the stratum corneum. Therefore it is often used as a chalk brush, eyeshadow brush or blush brush.

  • Artificial bristles: This brush is cheaper, made from artificial silk, mainly nylon. Therefore, the brush surface is usually very smooth, so the ability to adhere to makeup is low. But in return it can be washed and quickly dried again for repeated use. Artificial bristles are often used with foundation, lipstick, eye contour gel or concealer.

Naturally colored bristles have unevenly sized hairs and colors. The smell of palm is also stronger. Artificial bristles have uniform hair size and color and are odorless

2. Classification by use

Classification makeup brushes according to the use of more than 10 different basic types. Each type corresponds to a particular makeup product. And of course the structure must also be different for the most convenient use.

  • Foundation brush – Foundation brush: This brush is for use with traditional foundation or liquid foundation. Usually, the base canopy brush will have round brush, flat, short hair and be tight, not loose like chalk brush. At a glance, it will look like a small spoon. Thanks to this brush, the foundation will be able to quickly penetrate the skin, creating a finer smooth foundation than you use your hands or sponge to spread the cream.

  • Brush brush – Power brush: This is the must-have type of every girl if you want to wear makeup. The foundation can also be reluctant to use your hands to spread the cream, but the powder can’t be applied, right? The chalk brush is one of the largest with a long but soft brush that can easily take chalk and cover it with skin.

  • Concealer brush – Concealer brush: It is like a mini canopy palm. The small size makes it easier to spread concealer around the eyes, nose wings and small acne spots without fear of being smudged out.

  • Blush brush – Blush brush: If you can’t afford it, you can use a chalk brush instead of a blush brush. But for the best face, use a blush brush individually. Its size is a bit smaller than a chalk brush. The soft, round brush tip is slightly beveled, making chalking on the cheeks simpler and more regular.

  • Eyeshadow brush – Eyeshadow brush: Unlike the facial skin, the eye area is a bit fragile and very sensitive. Therefore, you need to choose a small, soft, flattened brush so that you can get eyeshadow and apply it. This design also allows you to use brushes to mix multiple pastels together, creating a unique makeup effect.

  • Lace brush for eyebrows and eyelashes: The head design of this brush is similar to the mascara sharpener. This brush is usually used after applying the eyebrow, using this brush to put the eyebrows in the fold and gradually fade the lead color to the tail.

  • Lip brush – Lip brush: You may not use a brush to apply lipstick, but you can still have beautiful lips. But if you want lip color to look beautiful when mixing in multiple colors, avoiding nhem and sharper lips, then lipstick brushes are indispensable. A sharp or slightly square brush will help to shape the lips more easily

  • Fan brush – Fan brush: As the name implies, this brush is shaped like a fan. It is often used to create chalk (both highlight and shading). The brush structure with thin brush threads supports the makeup of a “like no” style.

  • Eye blending brush – Eye blending brush: This is a small, long brush and the head is beveled. It helps to spread eye color more beautifully, especially when used to create smoke effects or mix multiple eye colors together.

  • Pencil brush: The small, very soft grass is used to accentuate small areas like the corners of the eyes
  • Contour brush – Contour brush: If you are looking to create a diagonal brush on the face, then the brush will be helpful with the natural brush design. Do not choose a brush with too much nylon that will stain the face.

  • Brush strokes – Precision brush: This is the “divine” brush that can help correct strokes in areas like the lips of the eyebrows.

The criteria for choosing the best makeup brush

The criteria for choosing the best makeup brush

The criteria for choosing the best makeup brush

How to choose the best and most suitable makeup brushes? Here are the criteria you need to consider when buying makeup brushes.

1. Choose a smooth, soft, non-shedding brush head

The skin on the face is quite thin and very sensitive, especially the eye area. So choose a soft, smooth brush so as not to hurt your skin. In addition, a soft brush will also help get the chalk and spread the chalk easier.

When choosing a brush, you can test the brush by gently flicking your brush. If you see brush hair falling off, it is not a quality brush. It would be uncomfortable if the makeup is brushed on the face, right?

2. Choose the brush without smell

Naturally, bristles will smell a little. This is okay. But if the artificial fur has an odor, it should not be chosen, especially the smell of chemicals because it can cause irritation.

3. Choose the right brush for the purpose

There are many different types of brushes and each will be suitable for different uses. So before you buy, see what you want to buy a brush for.

4. Choose a solid brush body

A brush with a body will definitely help you can easily control the brush you want. In addition, you can also use a palm tree with a longer lifespan. You should choose the brush body made of metal or high-grade plastic is the best fit.

Top 5 makeup brushes worth using today

1. Blush Minigood Golden DMCTB063

Top 5 best makeup brushes to help improve the effect of makeup 1

Minigood Golden DMCTB063 blush


Top 5 best makeup brushes to help improve the makeup effect 9

The shell is easily deformed if dropped

Thanks to this brush, I have a different view on makeup tools made in China. It is not possible to equate all products originating from China.

I often use the Minigood Golden DMCTB063 brush to brush blushes by the soft brush hair, when blushing orgasm is always great. In addition, sometimes I have to go far, not convenient to bring many brushes I also use this child to brush chalk and create blocks.

Thanks to the rounded bevel design, I can control the amount of chalk removed and spread evenly on my face easily.

2. Brush long round lips Vacosi L01

Top 5 best makeup brushes to improve makeup effect 11

Brush long round lips Vacosi L01


Top 5 best makeup brushes to help improve the makeup effect 9

The lid is easy to fall off

Top 5 best makeup brushes to help improve the makeup effect 9

The bristles are quite hard

With a price of only about 25,000 VND, this is the lip brush that brings me the most surprises. I didn’t think such a cheap brush could help me draw such beautiful lips. Moreover, it is a product of Korean origin again.

The brush is made from synthetic fibers, with a lid on top to help protect the brush. This brush can help brush the lips, draw lip contours. When using the brush, I see lipstick sticking on the lips longer than when applying lipstick directly on the lips and looks sharper lips.

3. Docolor 12 Pieces Galaxy Stars Makeup Brush Set

Top 5 best makeup brushes to help improve the makeup effect of 22

Docolor 12 Pieces Galaxy Stars Makeup Brush Set


Top 5 best makeup brushes to help improve the makeup effect 9

The price is a bit high

Compared to buying individual brushes, I prefer to buy the entire set of brushes. Especially sets of brushes with up to 12 palm trees like this. 12 palm trees with 12 different uses but all are made from soft and densit high synthetic fur. Although it is an artificial brush, the ability to stick makeup is quite good.

The brush set includes: Power brush, Flat Foundation brush, Flat Contour brush, Blush brush, Tapered brush, Large Eyeshadow brush, Eyeshadow brush, Eyeshadow Definer brush, Blending brush, Concealer brush, Angle Eyebrow brush, Fan brush.

The sturdy handle makes it easy to hold or move the brush. The color painted shell in the Galaxy Stars is very impressive. It may feel like you are lost in the fantasy of the night sky.

4. Ducare 8 makeup brushes, Professional Cosmetics brushes

Top 5 best makeup brushes to help improve the makeup effect of 32

Ducare 8 makeup brushes, Professional Cosmetics brushes


Top 5 best makeup brushes to help improve the makeup effect 9

The first time use will feel a little hard

Ducare has over 30 years of experience in the production of makeup tools. This brand is also highly competitive in the market when there are many makeup brushes for users to choose.

The brush is made from synthetic fur however I find it quite slender and easy to use. Although at first I used some brushes I felt a bit hard, but after a few times of use, there is no longer that feeling. Cream, chalk or eyeliner are evenly dispersed by the special brushes in this set.

The body of each palm is white and prints Ducare on it, simple but sophisticated. The cleaning is also very easy. If the body is dirty, I can only wipe it off with a soft cotton towel.

According to information from the brand, each palm is strictly controlled, going through 80 steps in the process of production and trial. That’s enough to see the quality of the Ducare brushes.

5. Professional makeup brush set with 24 items

Top 5 best makeup brushes to help improve the makeup effect 41

Professional makeup brush set with 24 dishes


Top 5 best makeup brushes to help improve the makeup effect 9

The durability is not high.

I was introduced to this set of friends by a friend. Because the price is too cheap, so decided to buy on trial. This brush set has 24 palm trees with different sizes and uses.

All brushes are made of high quality plastic. The part between the brush head and handle is made of aluminum. It looks quite luxurious, but if it is accidentally hit, it is easy to be distorted, not as beautiful as the original.

Perhaps to avoid this situation, the manufacturer has designed an extra high-end leather bag to hold the palm. This leather bag both helps to protect the brush and makes it easier to carry the entire brush set.

The brush is straight, soft to the touch and easy to use. However, the life expectancy of this set is not very high. I used a few times, after cleaning like any other brush set, I saw the brush hairs started to break off.

Which product should be the best?

To me, every brush / set is good because each brush / set has different uses and advantages. However, the brush that I “love” the most and I think is the best quality is the rosebush Minigood Golden DMCTB063.

As mentioned above, this brush can be used for a variety of ways. The brush tip’s structure is evenly round, whether it is in the form of a block or with a chalk brush, the blush can also “accomplish an outstanding task”. Plus it has a compact design so I can take it with me everywhere I go. Just this brush is enough for my basic makeup. The times when traveling or working away from me are very afraid to bring the whole set of brushes with you, very smart.

This palm tree is protected by good hygiene because it has a top cover, even though the bark is a bit weak, but with a price of less than 150K, this is a worthy palm to use.

Top 5 best makeup brushes to help improve the effect of makeup 1

Minigood Golden DMCTB063 blush

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to makeup products, makeup kits also have an extremely important role in creating beautiful makeup. There are genuine cosmetics but sketchy tools are not necessarily optimal results. There are even products that require the help of a special makeup brush to apply.

Makeup brushes help to ensure hygiene for the skin while helping makeup cosmetics can promote its true use. Thanks to that you can also have beautiful makeup as you like.

Although a brush can be used to makeup many different ways. But do not use only 1 or 2 brushes to makeup the entire face. So it will not be possible to promote the true use of makeup cosmetics. Not to mention it also makes the makeup not as desired anymore.

If you don’t clean your makeup brushes, you will probably have skin conditions such as pimples or worse dermatitis or pore inflammation. Because when the brush touches on the skin will also contact with makeup cosmetics, sebum and even dirt. You should clean the brush at least once a week to ensure it is always clean. Cleaning the brush will also help your palm to have a “longer life”.

It is better to clean with a specialized cleaning solution. If it is not convenient, you can use shampoo to clean the brush. First wet the brush, then gently rub the brush with shampoo (do not soak with soap), then rinse with cold water to clean is complete the washing process. Finally, bring the palm tree to the sun. But be careful not to expose yourself to direct sunlight as it may cause brittle palms. Once finished, smooth the brush back to its original shape and store in a cool, dry place.

Depending on the type. However, for palm trees such as chalk brush, blush brush or highlight brush, use dry brushes to spread chalk. If you use a damp brush, it will make the chalk in the box more easily damaged and it will be more difficult to spread on the face.

Not all makeup products need a brush. For example, a liquid foundation, using a sponge or hand would be more effective than using a brush. But if you want to use chalk, blush, eyeshadow, lip contour … then brush is compulsory if you want to have a beautiful makeup.

In this article, I have gathered some information that is hopefully useful on makeup brushes. Many people still think with or without makeup brushes. But try using makeup brushes to see, there will be surprisingly different. The price of each brush is not too expensive, so do not hesitate to try it now.

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