Top 5 best HDMI cables to help you connect any device

Top 5 best HDMI cables to help you connect any device

HDMI cable is a connection device that is being used by many people today. Not only meet the entertainment needs, the product is also very useful at work. So let me suggest to you how to choose a satisfactory HDMI cable product!

Why use an HDMI cable?

Why use an HDMI cable?

Why use an HDMI cable?

1. Simple transmission and connection of audio data

When using an HDMI cable, you do not need to use any support equipment or technical conversion programs. Thus, HDMI helps reduce manipulations, tools, increase convenience.

2. Bandwidth support, for beautiful sharp images

The cable’s bandwidth-assisted function makes it possible to experience crisp, quality video images that run up to 1080p or more on widescreen displays. As a result, each image will become more vivid and realistic when I use these cable products.

3. Support 3D function

I like to use HDMI cables because it is not only used for 2D devices, but also supports very well when presenting 3D on large screens. Thanks to that, I can fully enjoy and relax when watching real life-like movies on the big screen just through this connected product.

4. Support backhaul sound

In addition to the 3D function, HDMI cable products also support audio backhaul, which helps the sound quality when emitting the speaker is perfect and not distorted compared to the original. This is a function that almost any HDMI cable has and they make me feel quite satisfied.

Experience choosing the appropriate HDMI cable

Experience choosing the appropriate HDMI cable

Experience choosing the appropriate HDMI cable

1. Choose based on length

HDMI cables are designed with different lengths to help buyers easily choose. Accordingly, you should choose products with the length that fits the distance between the connectors that you are intending to use. The appropriate length will make it easier for you to connect data and image data between devices. Reasonable length also helps to ensure better transmission signal.

2. Selection based on brand

Each brand produces its own HDMI cable products. When looking to buy products, you should choose reputable brands that have a position in the market to make sure you buy the right quality product and enjoy the best deals when buying the product.

3. Choose according to your needs

Standard HDMI cable

This is the cable for the most basic user needs with a maximum resolution of only 1080i and a frequency of 60Hz suitable for households.

High-speed HDMI cable

High-speed HDMI cable is standard 1.4 type, allowing users to connect data and obtain 1080p and 3D-quality images, with Deep Color function suitable for those who require a screen resolution. high or with gamers, …

Standard HDMI cable

Function equivalent to standard HDMI 1.4 but equipped with an Ethernet connection suitable for families using LAN wired network

Enthernet high speed HDMI cable

The high-speed HDMI cable is suitable for 4K Ultra Full HD TV equipment and even wired LAN devices.

HDMI Automotive cable

This is a commonly used cable between the source device and the transmitter in the car, giving you an enjoyable relaxing experience while driving.

4. Choose based on conversion needs

Choose based on conversion needs

Choose based on conversion needs

With both ends of the cable are HDMI ports, it can be used directly to transfer the image data shown on the projection device. However, you can also choose the type of conversion cap 1 HDMI, the other end is VGA, … Thanks to this type of cap, you can connect to projection devices without HDMI or vice versa easily. easy.

5. Selection based on material

Cable products with rubber or PVC sheath have very good protection and impact resistance. Thus, when buying these cables, you can be assured of their “longevity” of use.

6. Selection based on economic conditions

The price of HDMI cables is very popular with many different segments. With the need for simple use, just a moderate amount of money, you can also buy a quality product. However, with more functional cables and connectors, the price will also be higher.

How to use the most standard HDMI cable

How to use the most standard HDMI cable

How to use the most standard HDMI cable

To use the most standard HDMI cable, you need to check if your connected device such as computer, laptop or TV has HDMI port available. In case the device is not available, you will have to use an adapter (or HDMI cable with 2 different heads), VGA – HDMI or mini HDMI – HDMI to use the cable.

Next, connect the HDMI cable to the device’s connection port. Depending on the connected device is a computer or a television, the connection port will also be located in different locations.

After connecting, the selected image will be displayed on the source device screen. At this point, you only need to select on “Properties – Display”. Click to select the second screen, you need to click on the lower corner to expand the entire screen from the source device to the device is a TV or projection screen. Finally, just a little push of the window onto the TV, you can enjoy the best quality footage on the main screen.

Top 5 types of HDMI cables are the most selected

1. HDMI Cable Full HD 4K 3D WINET

Top 5 best HDMI cables to help you connect any device 1

HDMI Cable Full HD 4K 3D WINET


Top 5 best HDMI cables to help you connect any device 9

Long wires should be quite bulky in connecting devices

HDMI Cable Full HD 4K 3D WINET is a fairly common HDMI cable that I believe many people are using it. What I like most about these cables is that they are very long, able to connect projection devices to each other over a large range.

At the same time, with a sturdy and soft rubber cover, I can safely use the product in different environmental conditions without worrying about data transmission. Although there is a simple design with distinctive black color, I like the minimalist design.

Another plus of the HDMI Full HD 4K 3D WINET cable is the relatively fast image and audio transmission speed with a 1080p full HD video resolution. Thanks to that, the slideshow images make me feel more lively and real.

But what I’m sorry about this HDMI cable product is that they do not have diversity. The monotony of the connector makes it impossible to use with many different devices. This makes me quite confused when choosing to buy this product. However, if the demand for use is not too much, I think this is a pretty worthy product to own.

2. Belkin HDMI to HDMI Cable F3Y021qe5M 5M

Top 5 best HDMI cables to help you connect all 11

Belkin F3Y021qe5M 5M HDMI to HDMI Cable


Top 5 best HDMI cables to help you connect any device 9

Long cord (5m) should be quite bulky in connecting equipment

Belkin F3Y021qe5M 5M HDMI to HDMI Cable is a connected device that I quite like because of its diverse features. The most impressive thing about this HDMI cable is its high resolution up to 4K and support for different types of TVs from 2D to 3D. Thanks to this, just this device, I can fully enjoy an entertainment space with image quality, incubation slideshows are of high quality.

The Belkin F3Y021qe5M 5M HDMI to HDMI cable has a gold-plated design on the connector to prevent them from rusting even in the environment. Simultaneously with this design, the quality of signal transmission between devices also makes me more secure when there is no interference or scratching the image when presenting.

Another point that I quite like with this product is that they are covered with durable and sturdy rubber covers. However, one thing that makes me wonder when buying this device is the relatively high price.

3. HDMI Cable Connect Iphone, Ipad With TV HOCO UA4

Top 5 best HDMI cables to help you connect any device 22

HDMI Cable Connect Iphone, Ipad To TV HOCO UA4

With me HDMI cable Connect Iphone, Ipad With this HOCO UA4 TV, I quite like the design style. The combination of black connector and red wire brings a simple but full of modern beauty.

In particular, the device has a variety of connectors, can be used for TVs, phones, laptops or ipads, … I can easily convert the image and sound data from the phone to the projection device. without the need to use other supporting applications, especially personal hotspots.

Besides, with a resolution that must be full HD and audio frequency up to 192KHz, I can feel the full nuance of every image and sound when being shown. However, sometimes the transmission line is not stable, it is out for unknown reasons.

Despite the good transmission ability, I don’t really appreciate the compatibility of this cable. HDMI Cable Connect Iphone, Ipad With TV HOCO UA4 only support with iPad devices or phones running iOS operating systems from the 5th generation onwards. Therefore, for users of Android phones, this connection cannot be used.

4. PHILIPS SWL6121B HDMI 2.0 Cable

Top 5 best HDMI cables to help you connect any device 34



Top 5 best HDMI cables to help you connect any device 9

The length of the cord is too short (1.5m) so it limits the range of connection

HDMI 2.0 PHILIPS SWL6121B cable is a product that I think is quite prominent among a lot of HDMI cables on the market today. The only and biggest minus of the product is probably the length of only 1.5m only, causing restrictions in connection range.

The feature that I value most in this product is the pretty good image quality. On projection devices, the high resolution of up to 2160P UltraHD makes every motion picture clear and sharp. In particular, for someone who likes to watch 3D movies like me, this is probably the HDMI cable that can meet that demand. Besides watching 3D movies, I can also experience ethernet with the same HDMI cable.

Another thing that makes me like the HDMI 2.0 PHILIPS SWL6121B cable is that they have a very thick and sturdy PVC outer shell. Especially, with the gold-plated design at the connector, I do not need to worry about the product being rusted or corroded when placed in the external environment.

5. HDMI 2.0 cable supports 3D, 4K 1.5m long UGREEN HD118 40409

Top 5 best HDMI cables to help you connect any device 43

HDMI 2.0 cable supports 3D, 4K 1.5m long UGREEN HD118 40409


Top 5 best HDMI cables to help you connect any device 6

High speed image data transmission, sound

Top 5 best HDMI cables to help you connect any device 6

Varied wire length

HDMI 2.0 cable supports 3D, 4K 1.5m long UGREEN HD118 40409 is another product that I would recommend to you. Is a standard cable product with Ethernet 2.0 HDMI that you can use for 4K Ultra Full HD TV.

About the first senses, I was quite impressed with the simple, robust design of the product. The connector of the product is gilded against rust, the part is woven with soft but very strong fabric.

Besides, the speed of image transmission, high 10Gb / s audio and Dolby True HD audio support feature helps me have a better experience when using the product. However, the durability and stability of the product is quite controversial. You and I use it together but ours are choppy, sometimes the sound is lost; My friend is not like that. This is also what you should consider if choosing this product.

Which type of HDMI cable should I choose?

Above are the top 5 products of HDMI cable Full HD 4K 3D WINET which are popular on the market today. Although each product has its own advantages and features, I personally appreciate the HDMI Full HD 4K 3D WINET.

  • About design: The product has a simple design, modern and easy to use. The long wire size allows us to use them within 5m without affecting the transmission. Although long wires will make the product quite bulky when tidied up, but this is not a big problem.

  • Structure: HDMI Full HD 4K 3D WINET has two connectors with source and gold-plated transmitters that resist rust or corrosion. These are connectors that are commonly used in many devices today from computers to televisions, projection screens, …

  • About use: It helps images, full HD 1080p @ 60Hz, 4K videos be transferred directly from one device to another easily without affecting the image or sound quality.

Top 5 best HDMI cables to help you connect any device 1

HDMI Cable Full HD 4K 3D WINET

Frequently Asked Questions

The HDMI cable, called High Definition Multimedia Interface, is a device that allows high-resolution audio and video transmission from a transmitter to a widescreen display. Thanks to this HDMI cable, when projecting images from phones, iPads, laptops … on large screens such as televisions, projectors still ensure the sharpness of images and sound without blur, noise or cracked.

Basically, if the cable connectors are slightly rusted, they still have the function of darkening, normal signal transmission. However, once the connector has turned yellow, black and has corrosive nodules, you cannot use the product because it may interfere with the line or damage other devices when used.

  • Use cables must be true to the standard voltage level
  • Check and make sure that the metal connector is well connected, not distorted or exposed to ensure safe use.
  • Check the value of resistance based on the length, cross section of the wire, thereby estimating the safe range within the allowed limit of voltage.
  • Recorder devices should be grounded to ensure safety when using cables connected to other devices.

In case you do not use anymore, you should wrap the cable neatly and store it in the cupboard, to avoid leaving the cord outside. This can cause the wire to corrode at the connector as well as scratch, tear the outer protective casing, causing danger in subsequent use.

Usually, the higher the price, the better the quality of the cable. However, that does not mean that all expensive products are suitable for the device you are using. Not necessarily an expensive product, there are many types of cables with a mid-range price, but they provide a good quality and usability for all types of connected devices.

Many cables with connectors will usually allow you to use them with many different devices. However, this is not necessary if you only need to connect and transmit basic signals. Therefore, determine your need to use more or less friends before choosing to buy the product.

To find reputable and quality products, you can consult information from the official websites. Or to find out and have a more objective view of cables, you should read reviews from users in groups or on reputable review websites.

HDMI cable is an indispensable product in connecting, transmitting image and sound signals today. And with the top 5 HDMI cables mentioned above, I think that the HDMI cable Full HD 4K 3D WINET is the product that can meet the most common needs of today’s users.

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