Top 5 best hand-held mowers for your garden

Top 5 best hand-held mowers for your garden

A hand-held lawn mower is a quick and simple way to clean your garden. I really like gardening, so I am quite picky about lawn mowers. So let me suggest to you some of the most popular handheld lawn mowers today.

Why use a hand-held mower

Why use a hand-held mower

Why use a hand-held mower

1. Save time

Hand-held mowers save a lot of time compared to manual labor. The operation of the lawn mowers is through the motor, so their cutting cycle takes place very quickly with great cutting force. The same amount of work is done, but when using the lawn mower, the completion time is about 4 to 5 times faster than for a normal worker.

2. Cost savings

Using a lawn mower in large areas such as parks, amusement parks, and urban landscapes can save a great deal of money from labor tools to hiring trimmers and sanitation workers.

3. Increase productivity, reduce manpower

The productivity of a hand-held mower can be equal to the labor of 2 to 3 people. Therefore, when using the lawn mower, the productivity is not only improved but the number of workers can also be reduced to save money and easily coordinate to other jobs.

4. Cropping many types of grass

When using the machine, I can clean many different types of grass from soft grass, vines grass or hemp grass, old grasses are often difficult to trim when using scissors or flying. Although there are a few lines of lawn mowers that are not very diverse, they are generally more effective than conventional grass-cutting labor.

5. Environmental protection

The conventional grass pruning method will sometimes resort to some herbicides. This is very harmful to the environment. However, with the quick, simple removal of the grass, the use of lawn mowers will limit the use of toxic herbicides and better environmental protection. .

6. Bring beauty to the landscape

Lawns pruned with a hand-held mower will be more regular and beautiful than manual manicures. Therefore, using a lawn mower in the amusement parks and gardens of the city will help the scenery look more beautiful.

7. High mobility

The hand-held mowers are relatively compact in size, smooth in engines and easy to move within the trimming range.

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Reveal the experience of choosing a suitable portable lawn mower

Reveal the experience of choosing a suitable portable lawn mower

Reveal the experience of choosing a suitable portable lawn mower

1. Choose the right lawn mower

Electric hand-held mower

Electric hand-held mowers are often used in households because of their compact, simple design. This machine saves the cost of buying raw materials but only trims soft grass. In addition, the device also has limited use because of the need for an attached power outlet. To fix this, you can choose the type of battery powered machine.

Hand-operated gasoline mowers

Petrol powered hand mowers are usually more flexible. The oil-powered machine can also trim and clear vines, hemp or bushes better. Because they are more versatile than electric machines, gasoline engines are also more expensive and fuel-efficient.

2. Weight of machine

Weight machine is a factor I quite interested in buying hand-held mowers because it directly affects the health of users. The handset is too heavy can cause users to be tired, painful when used for a long time, leading to productivity is affected.

Therefore, when looking to buy, I usually choose the model with a moderate weight, with a shoulder strap to easily adjust and keep the machine more stable when using.

3. Machine capacity

If you need a simple pruning lawn, you only need to buy hand-held mowers with a relative power of about 350W. However, if there is a higher need to use to “handle” clumps of shrubs, grasses, then you should choose the machine with a higher capacity. Thus, the cutting force will also be stronger so you can mow the lawn easily.

4. Materials

Because lawn mowers are often exposed to gravel or other obstructions, you should choose products made from high-grade alloy or plastic, which are resistant to rust, oxidation as well as can resist force. good. This is a very important factor to help you use the lawn mower for a longer time.

5. Spare parts, attached equipment

When choosing to buy a lawn mower, you should prioritize the versatile machine. It is a machine that can replace cutting heads, ensuring many functions to meet the needs of use. On the other hand, when used for a long time, the blade is worn out and blunt, you can easily change to another blade to make it easier to trim the grass.

6. Design of control axis

You should buy a machine that has a control shaft attached to the motor with a vibration reduction device. Thanks to this device, the device will run smoother and smoother on startup, helping you not feel tired even though holding the hand for hours.

7. Emission management mechanism

To protect the common environment, I often choose the line of mowers installed with emission management mechanism during the engine operation. Accordingly, the toxic emissions will be treated to the maximum before being discharged into the environment.

8. Trademarks

When buying a hand-held mower, you should buy products from reputable brands, have a position in the market to ensure product quality and enjoy the best warranty.

9. Economic conditions

Depending on your financial ability, you can buy the right kind of machine for your function, price.

  • Machines of under 1 million: Usually a small electric lawn mower, only for mowing soft grass in residential garden spaces.

  • Machines of over 1 million: Can change the cutting edge, pruning a variety of different grass and suitable for many different pruning places.

Instructions for using a safe lawn mower

Instructions for using a safe lawn mower

Instructions for using a safe lawn mower

1. Use an electric lawn mower

When using an electric lawn mower, you only need to plug the plug into the wall socket. When you need to move the machine away, you can use an extension cord to make it easier to move.

2. Use a fuel-powered mower

With hand-operated fuel mowers, depending on the type of machine you have different mixing ratio of gasoline – oil. Accordingly, you red fuel – mixed oil ratio into the tank and then start, let the engine on the spot for about 1 minute to heat the engine and then start using.

Top 5 most popular hand-held mowers

1. The Oshima lawn mower 411 Silver

Top 5 best hand-held mowers for your garden 1

Oshima 411 Silver Mower


Top 5 best hand-held mowers for your garden 11

Because of its large capacity, it is quite fuel consuming

The Oshima 411 silver lawn mower is another product I would recommend. One thing I like quite well when using this product is the mechanism that uses a floating diaphragm to adjust the flow to help the gasoline go down evenly, the machine works more stable.

Besides, compared to the Honda GX35 series, the Oshima 411 has a larger capacity so the performance is also higher. Not only that, the weight of the device is even lighter.

Especially, with the dustproof cap design for the fuel tank, I no longer have to worry about grasses and branches falling into the tank, affecting the engine when using the machine.

As for the Oshima 411 shield, I have nothing to complain about. Because it is made of high-grade iron, it is almost undamaged, even though I use grass to cut grass.

I quite like the strap part designed in the Oshima hand-held mower because it makes it easier to fix the machine. At the same time, choosing the shoulder support will help the device become lighter, so I can comfortably use the device without numbness or tired hands despite holding continuously for many hours.

2. Honda GX35 lawn mower

Top 5 best hand-mowers for your garden 13

Lawn mower Honda GX35


Top 5 best hand-held mowers for your garden 6

The machine consumes less gasoline after running smoothly thanks to the standard fuel consumption of 265G / horsepower

Top 5 best hand-held mowers for your garden 6

The sharp blade is suitable for cutting with many types of grass in different terrains

Honda GX35 hand-held mower is the first product I want to introduce to you. This is a product that I appreciate both in terms of aesthetics and its uses.

During use, I often accidentally bumped the device, but the body was not distorted. Even when I set up the machine in the yard for a long time, it did not rust or the engine was affected. So I appreciate the material that makes the body.

Even if I hold the device continuously for a long time, I don’t feel tired or numb. Thanks to the built-in trigger below the grip position, I can also easily press while using the device.

The sharp blade of grass, high rotation speed and relatively quiet generator help me to use it easily and leisurely. However, adjusting the throttle of the machine is relatively complicated and time consuming.

3. Total TG103251 lawn mower

Top 5 best hand-held mowers for your garden 23

Mower Total TG103251

Total electric lawn mower is a product that I think is quite suitable for households with simple lawn mowing needs. The design of the device is relatively simple with the screen and the blade quite sharp. Especially, the device is quite slim with a sturdy handle so I can move and bring it with me quite easily.

However, because of its affordable price and only serving simple trimming needs, the product does not have too many specific features. The Total Lawn Mower is good for cutting soft grass in the garden or ornamental leaves. This is also a very unfortunate minus point because I can not use the machine to cut vines or hemp grass.

The use of electric machines is also a limitation of the product. Although I can save a lot of money on buying fuel, it limits the scope of work. To be able to mow the lawn, I always have to prepare a long power cord so it can be easily moved for relatively short wires. At the same time because the speed of the machine is relatively weak, the time to clean the grass is also quite long and have to move the machine several times.

4. Black Hand-Held Cutter & Decker GL300

Top 5 best hand-held mowers for your garden 36

Hand Held Black & Decker GL300

Hand lawn mower Black & Decker GL300 is a product I like quite about both design and function.

One thing I like about this product is that they are made from durable alloys that have good bearing and heat resistance. I used to carelessly drop a few times when using but the outer shell is not distorted or cracked, the engine is still running very stable. In particular, although I use the machine in places where there is quite a lot of rock and soil, the barrier of the product is not abraded.

Although there are only basic grass cutting features, I am satisfied with the speed, sharpness and precision when using this product. Compared to the total electric lawn mower Total 350W, I rate this product higher.

Thanks to the rubber handle when holding, the high friction will help me grip the machine more firmly. Besides, because the engine is relatively quiet, I do not feel tired or numb when using for many hours.

5. INGCO GT3501 electric hand-held mower. 350W

Top 5 best hand-held mowers for your garden 49

INGCO GT3501 electric hand-held lawn mower 350W

My first feeling about the INGCO GT3501 electric hand-held mower is the striking, dynamic yellow color with a simple but eye-catching design. Like other electrical products, the device can only be used directly when the power switch is turned on. However, because the power cord is quite short, I often have to use an extension socket when using this product.

The lawn diameter of the product is only 25cm, so if you have a large garden, using this product will be quite laborious. Because my yard is not too big, I can still use INGCO GT3501 lawn mowers. However, the mowing feature of the product is quite simple and the pruning fee cannot be used for stubborn, difficult-to-cut grass.

Should choose any type of portable lawn mower?

Above are the top 5 handheld lawn mowers, which are being selected a lot in the market. Each lawn mower has its own unique and useful features, but in my opinion the Oshima 411 silver lawn mower is the most valuable product.

  • About design: The Oshima 411 lawn mower has a relatively compact design for the engine and cutter head. The product is made of alloy material with high-quality plastic so it is resistant to rust, good impact force. At the same time, the harmonious combination between red and black gives the product a modern, dynamic beauty. Besides, the switch design right next to the handle also makes it easier to control the machine when used.

  • About capacity: The machine runs with a large capacity of up to 1.45KW, so the cutting force of the machine is relatively strong, ensuring high productivity.

  • About function: The Oshima 411 silver lawn mower can handle a wide range of grasses from soft grass to bushes. In particular, they can easily change different types of blades to meet the pruning needs and fit the construction site.

Top 5 best hand-held mowers for your garden 1

Oshima 411 Silver Mower

Frequently Asked Questions

A hand-held mower is a motor-driven product that uses gasoline or electricity, and has sharp blades or twisted wires that make it easy to tidy up your garden in a short amount of time without much effort. strength. Today, the line of lawn mowers is increasingly improved with more advanced features, meeting the needs of users.

Wear protective clothing

When using a lawn mower, I usually wear protective clothing or long pants and boots to avoid the lawn mower to shoot gravel or grass in the leg. If I cut the grass for a long time, I would wear glasses and a hat to protect my eyes from damage.

Remove obstructions

To avoid an accident, I often clean and dispose of rubbish or garden obstacles such as large boulders, plastic, cardboard, etc.

Select the working range

Selecting a workspace will help you find products with the right features and capacity.

Machine used 1 year

For one-year mowers using gasoline and oil, High Octane gasoline should be used to make the machine easy to explode and operate more smoothly.

Machine used 1-2 years

With the machine has been used for 2 years, you should spend time checking hygiene as well as changing the spark plug when necessary to ensure the engine of the machine works normally.

Machine used 2-3 years

To help the machine not to explode and use well, you should check the PVC plastic hose with gasoline products. After removing the test components, you need to reinstall them exactly the same.

When you are using but the machine is frozen, stalling in the middle of the process, it may run out of gasoline and oil if you are using a fuel-powered mower. To fix it, you should fill up the fuel, turn on the machine for about 1 minute to allow the fuel to flow evenly to the parts and then continue to work.

Lawn mowers using fuel if left idle for a long time can lead to oil drying, which stops them from operating when it is started. If you are knowledgeable about machines, you can directly lubricate the product, however, to be sure, you can take it to the repair shop for machinery.

  • For electric lawn mowers, it is necessary to use the right electrical norms to ensure safety. An extra power cord should be prepared when using the product so as not to limit the scope of pruning.
  • Check fuel before use to ensure normal operation. Avoid the situation when the machine is in use, the fuel runs out. This is very harmful to the engine of the machine.
  • When using the machine should wear protective gear to ensure safety, avoid kicking stones and gravels at people

After use, you should take the time to clean the debris outside the dirt to help mowers keep the new and beautiful appearance. With old lawn mowers, spark plugs are often easily degraded, so be sure to check and buy replacement parts if necessary so as not to affect the productivity of the machine.

Hand-held mowers are one of the indispensable products to help you mow lawns efficiently and quickly. And with the top 5 hand-held mowers, I think the Oshima 411 silver lawn mower is the product that can meet all the needs of everyone.

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