Top 5 best and best selling electric beaters today
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Top 5 best and best selling electric beaters today

In this article, Network Administrator will introduce you to 5 models of best and best-selling egg whisks from famous brands such as Bosch, Panasonic … to unleash your creativity and make your own. Awesome cake!

For those who are passionate about baking, an egg whisk will be an indispensable companion to perform the whisk, mixing flour, whisk, helping to create a perfect, delicious and beautiful cake. eye. In addition, this kitchen appliance can help to foam milk for coffee, or make a delicious, fat, smooth mashed potato on the days you want to change your taste to European.

Don’t miss out on 5 of the hottest and quality handheld egg whisk products on the market today if you need to buy this all-in-one device!

Top 5 best and best selling electric beaters today

  • Hand whisk Tiross
  • Panasonic hand whisk
  • Panasonic desktop egg whisk
  • Zelmer desktop egg whisk
  • Bosch table whisk

Egg whisk Tiross TS5400

Egg whisk Tiross TS5400

The Tiross TS5400 egg whisk is a product of the brand Tiross Polish, made in China and guaranteed for 6 months.

Products under the line Hand whisk So extremely lightweight design. The machine is designed with 5 mixing speeds to suit each type of liquid food such as fresh milk, coffee; salad dressing; and mix batter or fast food mixtures.

The kit comes with 2 mixing rods and 2 kneading rods, made of high quality stainless steel so it doesn’t rust and has high durability.

The machine has a capacity 300W, suitable for home use. This power level also ensures that the device does not shake and does not make a loud noise when operating.

Reference price: 569,000 – 665,000 VND

Egg whisk Panasonic MK-GH1WRA

Egg whisk Panasonic MK-GH1WRA

Panasonic MK-GH1WRA egg whisk comes from the brand Panasonic Made in China, made in China and warranted for 12 months.

Also belongs to the product line Hand whisk, the design of the device is extremely compact. Machine is equipped with 2 mixing rods, 2 stainless steel kneading rods capable of flexible operation in 5 speed levels suitable for different kneading requirements.

The machine has a small capacity only 200W, should work smoothly but still ensure to meet the needs of mixing dough to make cakes of cakes or simple cakes, very suitable and economical when just making cakes in small quantities.

Reference price: 699,000 – 890,000 VND

Panasonic egg whisk MK-GB1WRA

Panasonic egg whisk MK-GB1WRA

The Panasonic egg whisk MK-GB1WRA is another product from the brand Panasonic, also made in China and warranted for 12 months.

This is considered one Affordable products in the line of desktop beaters. The machine has a capacity 200W, not too high but suitable at family size. The mixing heads are made of stainless steel so it is very durable and ensures the food is always safe during processing.

With 5 mixing speeds, users can flexibly change to suit different types of mixes need mixing.

The handle part of the machine can also be easily disassembled to install mixing heads or to conduct cleaning.

Reference price: 979,000 – 1,450,000 VND

Multifunctional mixer Zelmer ZHM1206S

Multifunctional mixer Zelmer ZHM1206S

Zelmer ZHM1206S multifunction mixer from brand Zelmer of Poland, manufactured in Poland and 24 months warranty.

Products under the line Desktop whisk should ensure the user hands-free throughout the operation, just prepare the food and press the operation mode button.

The machine has a capacity 400W should work extremely strong, make sure to beat every batter mixture, smooth, smooth, no lumps so you can make all kinds of attractive cakes for family and friends to enjoy. The machine also has a low noise level, so users will feel the process of cooking the kitchen is comfortable and relaxed.

With 2 mixing sticks, 2 kneading sticks, 1 porridge mill and have 5 mixing speeds, the machine ensures it is suitable for all food mixing needs.

Reference price: 1,790,000 – 2,060,000 VND

Bosch MUM4600 mixer and whisk

Bosch MUM4600 mixer and whisk

Bosch MUM4600 mixer and whisk come from brand Bosch German, manufactured in Slovenia and 24 months warranty.

Products under the line Desktop whisk should have a very solid, solid design, with anti-slip, vibration reduction.

The capacity of the machine is 550W, yes 4 mixing speeds, make sure to knead the dough fine and smooth, even with the toughest batter mixes, giving you the freedom to create, create delicious cakes even with the toughest recipes. A plus point of the machine is very smooth operation, almost no noise should not cause discomfort to housewives.

Each machine can mix the maximum flour mixture up to 2 kg, so you can delight in making large batches for your family, relatives and friends!

The mixing sticks, kneading, beating flour, eggs … are all made of stainless steel and are stored on a neat, clean rack. In addition, you can equip other types of mixing heads and turn this whisk into a versatile blender to make more dishes!

It has a plastic body design, white color, very youthful and modern look, bringing convenience to the family kitchen.

Reference price: 3,400,000 – 3,999,000 VND

Hopefully 5 products with good price and good quality will be the suggestions for you when you need to buy egg whisk to satisfy your passion for making delicious and beautiful cakes!

If you want to buy the kind of genuine, quality beaters on the cheapest price, you can visit the website To order online or contact the hotline number Hanoi – TP. HCM For direct advice and fastest purchase support!

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