Top 43 countries free list: a vibrato “Divine Comedy” brings fire to a parkour mobile game

On February 25, the first place on the iOS free list belongs to a super casual parkour mobile game called “High Heels!”.

This product launched by overseas publisher Zynga is not a fresh face. Before it was launched on the App Store in the country, it had won the first place in the free list in 43 regions overseas.

Since the national service version was launched on January 30, it has climbed from a position of about a thousand to the top of the free list; and from February 6, “High Heel Me is the Most Beautiful” has been resident on the head, and has not fallen out yet. Top eight on the list.

So far, it has successfully squeezed Ohayoo’s “Master of Emerald” from the top of the free list for the first time.

With the help of buying volume marketing, bursting and dominance are the norm in the ultra-leisure mobile game market. According to the monitoring data of third-party platforms, the recent advertising efforts of “High Follow Me The Most Beautiful” are not low.

But if you rewind the time to the Spring Festival gear, you will find that the volume of this product is relatively limited. Therefore, what makes people care about is how can a parkour mobile game stand out in the competitive node of various manufacturers?

Rare female subjects in parkour games

At first glance, “High Heel Me is the Most Beautiful” is like a mobile game of dress-up or simulation development. Compared with classic works such as “Temple Escape”, “Metro Parkour” and “Minions Run”, its name does not have a hint of racing.

But this female-oriented ultra-casual mobile game is actually parkour.

The above picture shows the game content of “High Heel I’m the Most Beautiful”. A slender female character, on the high-altitude T stage, stepped on high heels, twisted her waist and swayed her hips, all the way forward, with a graceful posture.

In terms of product form, there is no big difference between this game and a typical parkour game: the goal in the game is to complete the movement from point A to point B; the protagonist in the game moves by himself, and the player only needs to control the direction; the movement process In the game, the player needs to avoid obstacles or maintain balance.

The more intuitive feature of this game is that its parkour mechanism is different, specifically the introduction of “stacking arhats” or “walking on stilts”. In other words, during the game, players need to constantly pick up props in the path to increase their altitude to overcome obstacles, and this prop is super long high heels.

The high-heeled shoes in the game are also consumables. They cross the first-level obstacle and destroy a pair of high-heeled shoes.

When the stacked high heels are not high enough to overcome obstacles, the end of the game is that the protagonist “hit the wall and die.”

Fortunately, ultra-casual mobile games have never been difficult for players. The single game time of this mobile game is less than one minute, and players can easily pass a level. Continue to play, the game experience loops repeatedly, except for the arrangement and combination of the organs, there will be no more changes in the content of the level.

This parkour mobile game, which is neither nervous nor exciting, deviates to some extent from the core players’ cognition and expectations of such mobile games. But the outstanding performance of this work on the free list is related to its differentiated themes and expressions.

In recent years, the game industry has emphasized the excavation of female players, and the popularity of some products and related survey reports have also proved the size and payment potential of the female user group. Perhaps because of this, “High Heel I’m The Most Beautiful” finally chose to cut into the content that female users prefer in a category that originally emphasized action elements.

This is what distinguishes this game from most parkour games. For example, in the process of parkour, players will have splits in order to overcome obstacles. In some levels, some organs test the character’s flexibility. At the end of the catwalk on the catwalk, there was a circle of male spectators bowing down to the demeanor of the players, applauding and applauding. It is equivalent to saying that it has fulfilled the “star dream” of female players going to the fashion week show.

In fact, “High Heel Me is the Most Beautiful” has indeed attracted the attention of female users. In the Xiaohongshu community, this mobile game has gradually gained users’ love and spontaneous sharing based on the expression of women and qualified gameplay content.

Fortune Code is actually a hot song on Douyin

Counting today’s top free list in the App Store in the country, “High Heel Me is the Most Beautiful” has been downloaded first in 44 regions around the world. And this performance of this game, I think it is first due to the manufacturer’s capture of the market gap, which has produced a rare female-oriented work in parkour-type ultra-casual games.

It is worth mentioning that the subject of “high heels” is also quite popular in the video field. For example, on Youtube, some videos titled “Test on high heels stepping on something” can have more than 20 million views.

But the subject matter may not be the only key to victory in “High Heel Me The Most Beautiful”. At least for the national service version, it continues to occupy the top of the free chart, and it also has a credit for a popular song. As netizens commented, “It is strongly recommended that manufacturers replace BGM with “Sister is the Queen”.”

“Sister is the Queen” is a work sung by singer Wang Shasha. The lyrics mainly sing the independence and strength of women. On short video platforms such as Douyin, this song is very popular, and perhaps the most widely sung is this sentence:

The elder sister is the queen, confident and shining, come if you love, don’t be arrogant, put away your little flower intestines, sweet words or sweet words, to coax the little girl.

How did this Tik Tok hit “High Heel Me the Most Beautiful”? Things are not complicated. Some short video creators used the song “Sister Is the Queen” to match the background music to the game video of “High Heel I’m the Most Beautiful”. As a result, the music and the picture produced a chemical reaction, and the audience called out the magic.

In the original game of “High Heel Me The Most Beautiful”, its BGM is relatively ordinary and flat, with no emotion and rhythm. But the melody and lyrics of “Sister is the Queen” give the game a different look and feel. The song originally grabs the ears, and the game’s style and action are relatively magical. When the two are combined, the related videos are both funny and a little bit ghostly. The catwalks of the female characters in the game can even step on them.

Mr. Grape browsed the #高跟我最美# topic on the Douyin platform. The videos under this topic have a total of over 12.3 million views. Among them, a large number of short video soundtracks have chosen “Sister is the Queen”. And this kind of “viral” video has also swept through station B recently, and many UPs have contributed similar secondary creation videos, attracting more and more viewers.

The video is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the origin of the songs and games in it naturally arouses the curiosity of the audience. Even when people hear the song, they think of the game. When someone is playing the game, they brainstorm the melody and lyrics of “Sister is the Queen” all the way.

What’s interesting is that the video of “High Heel Me is the Most Beautiful” with original sound or other BGM has relatively low playback volume. In such under-popular videos, users with good things will leave such a barrage: “Unlocking the wealth password failed.”

This sentence points out: Useless to BGM, UP’s videos will not be popular. For the product “High Heel Me The Most Beautiful”, if there is no song “Sister is the Queen” and the players’ enthusiastic second creation, it may not be stable during the Spring Festival and the period after the festival. At the top of the free list.

The hottest parkour mobile game in recent times

In the Top 10 free list on February 25th, there are actually three parkour games on the list. In addition to the products highlighted in this article, the other two are “Jelly Man Run” and “Giant Chong Chong”. This proves to a certain extent the vitality and popularity of the parkour category. However, the difference between “High Heel Me The Most Beautiful” and the other two is that it chose to use alternative themes to show differentiation without introducing more integrated gameplay. In terms of results, its performance is the most outstanding.

Therefore, we can draw three observations based on the results of “High Heel I am the Most Beautiful”.

First of all, in the parkour category where products are crowded, it may be difficult for manufacturers to make novel gameplay in a short period of time, and finding a suitable subdivision theme will be the key to the success of the project.

Secondly, parkour games used to emphasize action and exciting racing experience, but in the era of pan-entertainment popularity and the rise of female users, this design tendency may not be universal enough. From the perspective of user acquisition, manufacturers’ designs for traditional categories may be more biased towards the demands of users who have never hesitated.

Furthermore, with the increasing cost of purchases, relying on short video platforms for content marketing and spontaneous creation and fission of users is the direction for manufacturers to obtain low-cost traffic.

Source: Game Grapes


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