Top 3 refrigerators with large freezers suitable for storing food on Tet

Top 3 refrigerators with large freezers suitable for storing food on Tet

Family is crowded, food for Tet is much. How to choose a refrigerator to store large amounts of food? With Phong Vu refer now!

Modern design, delicate colors

Electrolux Inverter refrigerators have a very modern and sophisticated design. With a 4-door refrigerator design, it will bring luxury beauty to your home. With matte black tones, this refrigerator easily blends into most interior spaces in the house.


Braided next to that, pcs 617 liter refrigerator This is also the ideal choice for families with 5 or more members.

Inverter technology saves electricity

As an Inverter refrigerator. Electrolux EHE6879A-B provides extremely quiet, durable, stable performance all the time. It also helps you save on monthly electricity bills thanks to good energy optimization.

Fresh Taste deodorizing system

Electrolux refrigerator is equipped with the Fresh Taste deodorizing system that can remove bacteria and unpleasant odors. As a result, food is not only delicious, full of flavor. But it also helps you no longer obsess about unpleasant odors caused by food as before.

FreshShield for fresh and delicious vegetables

FreshShield vegetable compartment will effectively control moisture to keep food fresh and delicious. Good moisturizing especially green vegetables. The fruit will keep its color as new, not wither or spoil the green vegetables. Keep the correct nutrient content as originally.

The FlexStor shelf system is flexible and has good bearing capacity

FlexStor flexible shelf system gives users many convenience. You can easily move the shelves to fit each type of food and drink with different sizes.

You can rest assured, comfortably store your food. There will be no more fear of affecting the refrigerator because the glass trays have great bearing capacity. Safe and durable over time.

Luxurious and sophisticated design

The 617 liter Samsung Inverter refrigerator RS64R53012C / SV is a premium side by side refrigerator from Samsung. Subtle harmonious lines combined with striking black and luxurious mirror-like fridge design make your kitchen space more impressive.

Increase food storage space thanks to SpaceMax technology

Samsung Inverter 617 liter RS64R53012C / SV refrigerator owns SpaceMax technology with super thin border. To expand the super-large storage space without increasing the external size or consuming more energy.

Comfortable food storage capacity up to 617 liters

You will comfortably store food when the capacity of this refrigerator is up to 617 liters. So this refrigerator is quite suitable for families with more than 5 members.

The activated carbon filter effectively deodorizes, leaving fresh space for food

Equipped with activated carbon filter. This Samsung Inverter refrigerator is capable of effectively removing all odors inside the refrigerator. Bring in a fresh atmosphere, for food to be fresh, delicious and delicious.

French 4-door refrigerator with NanoeX antibacterial and soft freezer:

  • The exclusive NanoeX antibacterial technology reduces the amount of insecticide water up to 2.8 times. Inactivates 99.99% of bacteria.
  • Double Prime Fresh + double soft freezer + standard -3 ° C.

Fast freezing technology maintains flavor and freshness

The freshness and flavor of food are rinsed. When food is rapidly frozen in temperatures between 1 and -5 degrees C. Leaching nutrients are prevented because ice crystals forming in the food are maintained in very small sizes.

User-friendly and large capacity

The upper tray is easier to access thanks to the compressor technology mounted on the top to create space for the freezer compartment

The freezer is neat and easy to use

With separate compartments of different sizes. So you can organize your food neatly and can find and lick everything quickly. Food is stored separately to avoid odor.

Above are 3 refrigerators with super huge storage freezers. You can refer to when you need to reserve food for Tet. Do not forget to visit Phong Vu website to refer to good refrigerator samples!

Khoa Nguyen

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