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Top 3 PC sports games worth playing in 2020


If you are looking for a sports game for PC for entertainment. Take a look at the top 3 games in this article for sure you will not disappoint. Join Phong Vu to see information about the names worth playing this game.

Soccer game FIFA 21

FIFA 21 is definitely the name of the familiar sports game for gamers. Especially those who love football. Considered one of the bosses of the football game. FIFA is currently the most played in sports games.

With the 2021 version, many upgraded features, full player license. The game also has a unique multiplayer mode. It will definitely give players a true and beautiful football experience that is not less than the match on television.

In the latest 21 version, FIFA still does not disappoint players in terms of visuals. The players are simulated extremely accurately from appearance, to the ball reception phase, to take the ball or the typical kicking posture, the game also adds “street mode” to bring the newest and most new experiences. closer to the player. Like witnessing world stars in a more beautiful, technical environment.

Wrestling game WWE 2K20

WWE gives users who love wrestling excitement like watching a real match. Like the thrill of throwing KO on an opponent and winning the World Championship. This can be seen as a special world for gamers who are passionate about classic wrestling.


WWE 2K20 version has roster changes, more novel modes, stable online mode and easier to use. Unfortunately, 2K20 version is the last version of the series of games based on this exciting performing martial arts.

Basketball game NBA 2K21

NBA can be considered as the king sport game in the basketball game genre. It can be said that this is a combination of FIFA and PES but classified as basketball game. Beautiful game image, exact same image and full copyright. Combining that is the gameplay and also the polish phase, the screen shake dunk or the beautiful 3-point shot. NBA deserves to be considered a monument of basketball games in particular and sports games in general.

Through many updates, NBA 2K21 has fixed some early bugs. The game is gradually smoother and more stable, the mechanism will be a bit slow in the new version. But it feels more accurate.

The mode that is most interested in NBA sports games is the “career” mode. With extremely attractive information and storyline, gamers do not disappoint in this latest version.

The top 3 sports games above are truly the ones worth trying out. Hopefully the above information will help you find the right game and have the most comfortable entertainment moments.


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