1-way Panasonic air conditioner 12000btu suitable for large room space?

Top 3 Panasonic air conditioner 1-way 12000 BTU hottest in Phong Vu

Panasonic brand air conditioner is no stranger to every Vietnamese consumer today. Some customers when choosing to buy Panasonic 12000 BTU 1-way air conditioner often wondering which model to choose, reasonable price, comes with power saving features Inverter? Learn the top 5 regulating air conditioners Top 5 air conditioners regulate the panasonic 1-way 12000btu hottest in Phong Vu through the article below.

1-way Panasonic air conditioner 12000btu suitable for large room space?

1-way Panasonic air conditioner 12000 BTU suitable for a room area of ​​15 – 20m². Some cited by the manufacturer of the air conditioner to choose a suitable 600 BTU air conditioner to cool 1m² or 200 BTU to cool the room with a volume of 1m3.

Recipe calculator to choose the room suitable for the room to use:

  • Conditioning capacity according to room area (BTU) = (length x width wide) x 600.
  • Regulating power according to room volume (BTU) = (length x width x height) x 200.

Should I choose Panasonic 1-way 12000btu Inverter air conditioner?

Should I choose Panasonic 1-way 12000btu Inverter air conditioner?

Some consumers often wonder that when buying, do you buy inverter air conditioner? Using inverter line to save electricity or not? The price of Inverter air conditioner is usually higher than the air conditioner, so should it be selected?

According to the carrier 1-way Panasonic air conditioner 12000 BTU Inverter use Inverter inverter technology to reduce power consumption by changing the speed of the compressor according to the temperature change to minimize temperature fluctuation so you can enjoy the cool air comfortably. help reduce costs when using.

Advantages of Inverter technology of Panasonic air conditioner

  • Energy saving uses range from 30-60% of electricity compared to other non-Inverter models.
  • Always maintain a stable temperature: thanks to the ability to manually adjust the cooling capacity accordingly.
  • Quiet operation and noise reduction: with the possibility of friction being reduced to the maximum.

Top 3 air conditioners panasonic 1-way 12000 BTU hottest in Phong Vu

Reference: All Panasonic air conditioner models are available at Phong Vu

Panasonic Inverter 12000 BTU CU / CS-U12VKH-8 air conditioner

Nanoe-G dust filter technology brings fresh air

Panasonic Inverter CU / CS-U12VKH-8 uses the modern Nanone-G dust filter technology to purify dirt and bacteria that bring fresh air to your home space. The main function of Nanone-G is to remove dust, to neutralize molecules on the filter, to keep the airflow clean, to help maintain hygiene and to increase the life of the machine.


Silent mode for smooth operation

Quiet mode is set to help the air conditioner work smoothly with cool air, giving the right temperature. For those who have difficulty sleeping because of noise, or young children, this is the most suitable mode.

Powerful mode to cool quickly

With Powerfull air conditioner mode 1.5 HP CU / CS-U12VKH-8 is enhanced cooling capacity in short time. At the same time, the machine is also designed to have a wide air opening of 7.9 to increase the ability to create wind and cool quickly, so you don't take too much time to enjoy the cool and refreshing atmosphere.


-> See details of Panasonic 12000 BTU Inverter air conditioner CU / CS-U12VKH-8: Here.

Panasonic Inverter 12000 BTU CS-N12SKH-8 air conditioner

Elegant design creates accents for simplified use

Simple design with elegant and elegant white color is the highlight for the space used, suitable for home and office space. With a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU, the perfect choice for rooms with an area of ​​15-20 m2.

Protect the whole family's health with an extremely advanced night sleep mode

Air conditioner panaasonic brings good sleep to the whole family

For rooms of older people or children, an air conditioner with a sleep mode (night sleep mode) like Panasonic CU / CS-N12SKH-8 air conditioner will be a worthy choice. prompt. Thanks to this regime, family members will have a good night's sleep without worrying about colds.

Panasonic Inverter 12000 BTU CU / CS-PU12UKH-8 air conditioner

Self-diagnose the earliest notification for users

Panasonic air conditioner with self-diagnosis error function, when a problem occurs, generates an error on the air conditioner, helps to display the error on the remote screen. Users will easily be able to easily identify, diagnose and find the best way to fix it quickly and promptly.

Design of two large Big Flap islands

1-way Panasonic air conditioner 12000BTU with wide air swing design up to 79mm. help cool wind is blowing farther to help the room be cooler and more evenly.

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