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Top 3+ best memo & password manager 2021

Top 2021 best password manager & memo application. Are you wondering if you want to choose a software to help manage all your passwords? The answer is here.

Every year, there are many studies that publish weak passwords like “123456” or “password” are still used a lot, even worse, users use one password for many accounts. So you should use a virtual assistant to help you remember and manage passwords for all your online accounts, more specifically this virtual assistant is a password management software.

So which is the best password management software? Please see the reviews, sharing objectively from

Top 2021 best password manager & memo app

LastPass Password Manager is one of the most experienced free password managers out there. In addition to unlimited password memo function, managed with one master password, Lastpass also helps you create secure passwords, auto-fill, and easily share passwords with anyone (see or not allowed to see them). password), even Lastpass can automatically change the password if the website or service is reported to be hacked.

LastPass password management interface

In terms of security, LastPass uses AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256, your data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level, which is kept confidential even with LastPass. Also note that your master password and encryption and decryption key will not be sent to the Lastpass server, and LassPast will not have access to this information. In addition, LastPass also provides 2FA 2FA security, a fingerprint sensor to help your account and data be more secure.

LastPass is free, with no limit to the number of saved passwords, but you will have to pay (about $ 2 / month) if you want to use it on many different devices. The downside of LastPass is that it doesn’t change bulk passwords.

LastPass supports most popular browsers, devices and operating systems, with support for Vietnamese (not yet completed). You can download and view the instructions here.

Similar to LastPass, Dashlane Provide common features such as: password storage with a master password, 2FA support, fingerprint sensor. Dashlan also supports most popular browsers and devices and operating systems.

Dashlane’s outstanding feature is its simple, beautiful interface that alerts you if one of the websites you host gets hacked, mass password changes, and online order storage.

Dashlane password manager & memo software

The downside of Dashlane is: only allows storing up to 50 passwords with a free account, logging in on a single device. If you want to use more than these limits you need to pay, about $ 3.33 / month.

1Password is rated as one of the best password memo software, but there is no free version, the lowest fee is $ 2.99.

1Password memory and password management software

1Password stands out with a simple interface, easy to use, easy to personalize, and change multiple passwords at the same time. In addition, the Travel Mode feature helps to “store” your passwords much more secure every time you travel long distance or travel. There are other features similar to LastPass and Dashlane such as: unlimited password storage with a master password, 2FA support, fingerprint sensor. 1Password also supports most popular browsers and devices and operating systems.

Password reminder tool of web browsers: Only use for storing unimportant passwords

Most of the popular web browsers today such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari … all provide password storage feature that syncs with your browser login account. While convenient, the features are just as basic: memorization and autofill.

It is extremely important to note that anyone using your computer can log into the web pages you have saved. So for important passwords you should not store this way.

FireFox Browser Password Memo and Manager

Writer’s Choice – Best Password Manager App?

  • Best free password manager: LastPass
  • Best paid password manager: 1Password

Wish you choose a good password memo!

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