Top 3 best cheap hand-held paint sprayers today
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Top 3 best cheap hand-held paint sprayers today

In this article, Network Administrator will introduce you to 3 templates Paint gun The best and cheapest mini today!

Today not only young people but almost everyone tends to like to make some simple household items by themselves or decorate a few spaces in the family by themselves. Therefore, the machine tools have become an effective assistant to make or repair and decorate the spaces faster and more nicely than when done manually, which cannot be ignored. Portable paint sprayer.

Mini paint sprayers are preferred because this product has many different types of spraying, such as horizontal spraying, vertical spraying, fan-shaped spraying, etc. Small details or narrow slots require meticulous, fussy.

Let’s take a look at 3 good quality hand-held paint sprayers but the price is extremely “chestnut” to have good suggestions when you need to buy this product!

Top 3 best cheap hand-held paint spray guns

  • Maxpro handheld paint sprayer
  • Kachi portable paint sprayer
  • Haupon handheld paint sprayer

Maxpro MPSG80 / 800V spraying machine – VND 550,000 (including VAT)

Maxpro MPSG80 / 800V Airless Paint sprayer

Maxpro MPSG80 / 800V paint sprayer is a product of Maxpro brand which is very familiar to users of machine tools and tools because of its affordable price and durable quality.

Compact product, heavy only 2 kg, very convenient for holding in hand to manipulate spray paint on corrugated iron roofs, walls or tables, chairs, cabinets … Paint containers with a capacity 800 ml so users do not need to constantly change paint, saving significantly time to paint.

When you need to use, just perform a few simple operations, and quickly install the spray nozzle and paint container into the body of the camera to start painting. After that, just press the button and move this spray gun product really well in the desired direction.

Capacity of the machine is quite small, only 80W so it is very energy-saving, but still creates a force strong enough to spray 280 ml / minute and flexible spraying, which helps to paint fast, smooth, even, beautiful and more durable than manual painting. It does not make a loud noise when operating, so it does not cause discomfort for painters as well as those around them.

Portable spraying machine Kachi MK07 – Price 929,000 VND (including VAT)

Hand-held spraying machine Kachi MK07

Hand-painted sprayer Kachi MK07 is a mini-spraying machine of Kachi brand, Japan. The advantage of the machine is to apply High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP – High pressure low pressure wind technology) Outstanding in the field of modern spray paint.

With this product, you can rest assured to use both water-based and oil-based paints to achieve the effect of paint suitable for many different needs and cases.

The machine is heavy 1.2 kg so make sure you don’t get tired even if you hold it for a long time. Paint containers also have a large capacity to 700 ml so users don’t have to stop constantly to add paint.

This product has up to 2 sets of size conversion nozzles 1.8 mm and 2.6 mm for users to arbitrarily change to suit the type of paint, the area to be painted, the required thickness of the paint layer, the sharp sophistication of the part to be painted … Spray jet design is also diverse to meet the needs. different bridges such as round-pinged jet for small spokes or details that require meticulous and sharp; Vertical fan jet for the vertical spray direction and horizontal fan nozzle for the horizontal spray direction.

The way to use the device is also very simple, similar to when using other types of hand-held spray guns. In particular, the machine has quite a high capacity to 350W so strong spray force, ensure smooth, even and durable paint. Spray force can also be adjusted to suit each paint and surface to be painted.

Coming from Japanese brand, the device is guaranteed to be durable, can be used for a long time.

Haupon TM71 all-purpose sprayer – VND 940,000 (including VAT)

Haupon TM71 all purpose paint sprayer

Multi-purpose spraying machine Haupon TM71 comes from Taiwan’s Haupon brand, which is famous in the DIY world, commonly used in Europe, Japan, and South Korea …

The machine is also applicable High Volume Low Pressure technology Modern paint helps smooth, durable, even, beautiful and quickly finish painting time.

Using a turbine to create wind right on the body, the design of the Haupon TM71 hand-held spray gun is compact, can be moved flexibly and painless, tired hands. Paint containers with capacities up to 750 ml, helps to hold a large amount of paint, does not have to add new paint continuously, helps to paint a wide area evenly but saves time.

Spraying direction and spray design are as diverse as Kachi MK07 mini spraying machine products. Another advantage is that the 2 nozzle of machine size 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm just changed to suit each paint, the area to be painted, the surface and details of the paint are no less than Kachi MK07 products, and can paint small, delicate details in a more meticulous and sharper manner. yes.

Capacity of the product is also large, can be customized within 320 – 450W So fast, just smooth, both paint is suitable for many different areas and surfaces.

The machine is also extremely easy to use, just manipulate the nozzle, paint tank and then press and flexibly adjust the control buttons on the body to paint as desired.

Hopefully the above information will help you easily select the product of a hand-held spray gun to create beautiful items by hand and decorate your house in your own style.

To buy the best genuine spray paint models, quickly place your order online at the website Or call the hotline Hanoi – TP. HCM For advice and fastest purchase support!

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