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Top 3 best apps to help you stay focused at work

To work effectively, focus is the key to achieving high results. Phong Vu has used many different focused applications and these are the best 3 Apps!


Theoretically, the Forest app has a very innocent and cute sounding name. The Vietnamese translation is simply “Forest”. Although the image is a bit obscure, this app is very good to help you focus.

Plant trees and concentrate.

This app is available on App Store and Google Play. You will simply empty the tree when focusing for about 10 – 25 minutes (depending on your choice). Each time you concentrate the tree you grow will grow.

And more importantly, when you use the Premium version (for about $ 1), you will be able to grow real trees in real life in poor countries like Africa. By Forest is an application established by NGOs in Asia.

Focus Keeper – Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro has long been a famous method of concentration from the Japanese. Every 25 minutes you will have a 10-minute mind break. Then, you continue to repeat until the end of working hours. This method is rated work efficiency to more than 30% of normal.

Ung dung-tap-trung-lam-viec-phong-vu-2
Statistics make it easy to improve your work.

Focus Keeper is currently available both on Android and iOS. And pre-programmed so you can work for a long time then rest, ensure work efficiency.

For every 25 minutes you complete you will be rewarded with 5 minutes rest. At that time, you can surf facebook, scroll Instagram, check messages, etc. Then, start working effectively for 25 minutes with Focus Keeper Apps.


This is a special application, including in the Chrome Plugin. Motion is different from the above applications because it interferes with reminding you to focus when you are on a distracting website.

Even on Chrome, you will have one focused application working.

When the reminder window pops up, you can also turn it off or ask for more time to repeat it later. Whenever you stay on any page for too long, Motion will remind you immediately!

This is a great app for those who are distracted by entertainment sites or social networks in general. With Motion, you will still be able to focus, but when you lose time somewhere else the work immediately Motion will be the one pulling you back to the position you need.

Motion will also provide you with a chart of the time you have been distracted. From there you will easily improve in the future.

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