Top 15 applications "variation" your voice on iPhone
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Top 15 applications “variation” your voice on iPhone

You are intending to impersonate others to troll your friends or just to see how your voice is “modified”, please look at the voice changing application on the following iPhone offline!

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Voice changer application on iPhone

  • # 1 Voice Changer Plus
  • # 2 Celebrity Voice Changer
  • # 3 Voice Changer +
  • # 4 Crazy Helium Booth
  • # 5 Voices 2
  • # 6 Voicemod
  • # 7 idiotify
  • # 8 Voice Swap
  • # 9 Call Voice Changer IntCall
  • # 10 Voice Changer App
  • # 11 PrankDial
  • # 12 Voicy Phone
  • # 13 Funcall
  • # 14 Call Voice changer Allogag
  • # 15 Smart Fake Call

#first Voice Changer Plus

One of the best and most popular voice changing apps on iOS. With this application, you can choose from dozens of funny voices and sound effects. Don’t just talk, try singing with Bad Melody or Bad Harmony. You can even play back your own voice and just record, speak and press the button again. To listen to the same recording in different voices, select a new voice and press the play button.

Voice Changer Plus application

#2 Celebrity Voice Changer

Celebrity Voice Changer allows you to change your voice into that of any celebrity, just speak into the mic. This is not a “cheap” voice effect, like other voice changing applications on the market. So do not miss this wonderful application.

Celebrity Voice Changer application

# 3 Voice Changer +

Another great voice changing app that you should own on iPhone. The application can combine more than 800 voices to change into the final voice. Control voice recording with custom effects.

Voice Changer application +

# 4 Crazy Helium Booth

The app works quite similar to its name, creating Insanely Hilarious videos or images with funny facial effects and sounds like facial deformities to have an alien-like head, fat face or square chin and can even mix different video effects into your own.

Crazy Helium Booth application

# 5 Voices 2

Just say something silly to an iPhone or record a friend’s voice. Then make it even more funny with a dozen different voices.

Voices 2 application

# 6 Voicemod

This is another popular voice changing application on iOS, topping the charts with 2.4 million downloads. This application allows direct voice modification. Now you can change your voice, make funny calls, play and create special moments with your friends and make them laugh!

Voicemod application

# 7 idiotify

Idiotify allows changing voice in real time with just one swipe. Say something and make your voice scary, like a robot or other funny voice. Idiotify applies the most advanced technology to make the voice of a fool. It will be very fun.

Idiotify application

#8 Voice Swap

Voice Swap has real-time effects that allow you to create different situations and present them in fun ways. You can change your voice to sound like someone else’s. Voice Swap contains over ten unique voice effects that you can choose to create funny videos for free.

Voice Swap application

# 9 Call Voice Changer IntCall

This is an application that can make phone calls with a voice soaring and hilarious or low and creepy with the touch of a button.

Call Voice Changer IntCall application

#ten Voice Changer App

With this application you can turn your voice into something else or even add external sounds if you want. This application even allows users to add multiple effects to a single voice.

Voice Changer App

# 11 PrankDial

PrankDial is one of the funniest apps in Apple’s app store with over 200 million hilarious calls being sent and relentlessly creating laughter around the globe. Users can make 3 free calls per day and can choose different tones.

PrankDial application

#twelfth Voicy Phone

The next voice changing application is Voicy Phone, which helps change the phone experience for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Control voice calls with custom effects. Now you can control the way sounds are created, there is no limit to the creativity and combinations possible with this app.

Voicy Phone application

# 13 Funcall

With this app, you can fool your friends by changing the voice during a real phone call like a soaring and funny voice or scary voice.

Funcall application

# 14 Call Voice changer Allogag

This is a great voice changer application. You can change your voice and call your friends with Voice Changer Allogag, and you can even change the noise in calls.

Call Voice changer Allogag application

# 15 Smart Fake Call

Basically, this is a fake call making application. However, you can choose your favorite recording for a fake call and can change the background for the voice.

Smart Fake Call application

These are the best voice changer apps for iPhone, download and install these iOS apps on your mobile and you can easily change your voice to any voice. Enjoy the fun these apps bring.


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