TOP 12 free offline games worth the experience for PC!

TOP 12 free offline games worth the experience for PC!

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Speaking of the single-player offline game, but also free, maybe many of you will think of games for phones. That's right, because when playing games on smartphones, applications will be allowed to run ads, and so, whether the game is free, single player, no micro-transactions, the manufacturer still earn more or less money.

But Free offline game but for PC … this is a "strange", because the manufacturer cannot make a profit directly, but can it only make a sound. Due to lack of motivation for manufacturers so list of Free offline game on the PC is usually not plentiful.

But, despite the scarcity, this game genre still has famous names with full value. And then, would like to introduce 10 titles Free offline game Noteworthy for your reference, as well as how you can help the developer if available!


Iron Snout is a fast-paced survival game, puts you in the role of a discharge roller pig fighting with evil wolves. Speed, lovely characters and vibrant colors are the main highlight of the game, making it Iron Snout Although simple, but extremely entertaining.

If you want to support developer SnoutUp, the game has DLC package to change the appearance of the character with low price like VND 30,000. In addition, SnoutUp also has a growing project named Bacon May Die Extremely potential.


The Holy Priest producer wants to create a simple, light-hearted game that you don't need an attack button to play and can be experienced by every gamer. Leave it ARPG Eternal Senia It is the crystallization of this desire. Good music, emotional storyline, a friendly playing mechanism and a price of 0 dong … the game always welcomes role-playing lovers.

Unfortunately Eternal Senia There is no DLC yet, and the manufacturer has no other products on Steam. However, it seems Eternal Senia 2 in the process of development, so hopefully soon, Eternal Senia will no longer suffer "lonely life".


Derived from a small game project implemented by students, Neon Beats is a horizontal screen scene game, bringing gamers into the world of glowing neon lights on an exciting music scene.

The game has not much content, only consists of 4 stages, but each table contains a colorful soundtrack, different challenges and secrets. Quality over quantity, right?

Finally, positive reviews from players have motivated developers to try to develop this game in the future.


Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt is an adventure action game with pixel graphics. The game follows Remedy, a new schoolgirl from Saturnian medical school, in her journey to the region of Hurtland to use strength and healing for everyone.

If you are impressed with this game and want to support the producer, you can experience more Princess Remedy 2: In A Heap of Trouble with the price of "loving" VND 70,000.


A visual novel game that is gentle, lively, inspiring, suitable for playing with family, friends and relatives … (don't do that)

After experiencing the game is definitely not this horror game and want to support the producer, you can buy DLC package Doki Doki Literature Club Fan Pack, synthesize a number of things like music, wallpapers and photo books from Doki Doki Literature Club!.


Floating Point is a simple entertainment game that requires you to use the hook to rotate yourself smoothly through randomly generated spaces. The only goal is to collect points, and to do that well, you need to avoid touching anything.

If you are interested Floating PointAlso, remember to look at some of the other producer's Suspicious Developments products.


A meteorite is heading towards the earth, and you only have 60 seconds before being "wiped out" with humanity. Would you like to give away something meaningful for life, or do something "dark" to regret … Experience that feeling in Meteor 60 Seconds! ok

If you want to help producers avocavo, you can go to the page of the game and contribute to them.


As the name suggests, Coloring Pixels is a coloring game. Each pixel has a number, corresponding to a specific color, and you need to color them exactly to get the perfect picture. In general, although the gameplay is not too creative, this is a great product if you want to "kill time".

The original game is completely free and has up to 60 levels. In addition, the manufacturer also offers various extremely cheap DLC packages that contain other games.


The first series of Rusty Lake producers, Cube Escape Let players investigate and explore different murder cases. Many games in this series can be played for free if you go to their home page.

Cube Escape: Paradox is the 10th product of this series, and the first product is not completely free. You can play the first chapter of the game for free, however, with the following chapters, you will have to pay.


Trick & Treat is an unexpected Halloween night adventure for witch Charlotte and maid Amelia. The fun "for candy or teasing" brought two people to an abandoned mansion, where Amelia had to overcome puzzles, discover bizarre spaces to find her master and unlock her secret. of the house.

The game is bundled with the DLC package with a very "soft" photo book for those who want to help the developer.

Free offline game


What Never Was is a puzzle and puzzle game. The game tells the story of Sarah, who had to clean up her grandfather's attic after he died. But she soon realized that not everything about the attic was as simple as I thought.

The game was produced by Acke Hallgren, a game designer who has contributed to numerous AAA names Rage 2 good The Division.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 is an immersive role-playing game, filled with funny, witty and entertaining elements. With up to 10 hours of content, this is definitely one Free offline game full of surprises.

And if you are interested in this product, you can check it out Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and Epic Battle Fantasy 5!

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