Top 10 things gamers hate the most

There are many things gamers don’t hate when it is mentioned, such as: buffalo, network lag, irresponsible publisher or hacker and cheater. Here are the top 10 things that most gamers are very annoyed with.

Gamers hate buffalo children

There is nothing worse than playing games with buffalo ingredients. These are the people who always think that they are the best (except pro players because they can win the world and prove themselves the best!). No one wants to play with those who talk a lot, blame their teammates and blame the team. If you encounter components like this then the best option is to mute him and enjoy the game otherwise this guy might ruin your day of gaming.

Gamers who hate being forced to pause matches

If you want to know if this is a ‘real’ player, then try asking them to pause in the middle of the match. Can you imagine whether you are fighting a rank or a raid boss (boss hunting) but being told by your parents or wrong is very easy to be inhibited. Therefore, the safest option is to do all the housework or homework and above all, turn off the phone to avoid friends and bears hanging out (and then break up by the bear because he loves to play!) .

Gamers hate Lag

Lag. Then combined with a weak computer, only water was on our knees. This can be considered the thing gamers hate the most. When our character stutters and the frame rate is only about 10-25 fps, we almost just want to turn off the camera to sleep to forget the sadness. The best solution for this problem could only be to save money from a more stable computer network and transmission line.

The lie from the developer

Do you remember No Man Sky back at E3? Apart from the ‘promises’ from the developer, this game leaves no mark on anything. This has caused gamers to hate game makers. Because they are dishonest when they release an incomplete product, full of errors. Trust is always important in any business, deceiving the gaming community can lead to the downfall of a game development company, as well as a reason to order a game before its release date. eye.

Hacker and Cheater

Hacker and Cheater is always a headache for high-esports online games. It is simply that gamers hate these people because they do not play by the rules and ruin the game experience of others. Forms of hacking like aim bot or tool and third party software intervening in the game are often debated in the gaming community. Users of these software are considered unskilled. This is why true gamers are always against hackers or cheaters.

The second boss

As a person who loves offline games, the writer quite understands about this issue. The explanation is simple, easy to understand how you feel when you have just used up all the health, mana, buffs of all kinds to kill the boss and suddenly realized that it was just the first boss or still. called the boss keep the door. It was ‘indescribable’, especially the second boss was even stronger than the first. Any gamer doesn’t hate this problem, right? (Except for the hardcore people). The solution to this problem is to do a side quest, defend a lot of items before entering the boss and make sure to save the game before hitting the boss. As for the Dark Soul genre, it is best to delete the game if you are not a hardcore gamer of this series.


These are the people who like to hide in a discreet place waiting for the unlucky prey to pass. There would be nothing worth mentioning if this does not appear in the game. But in the game, the camperes bring annoyance to other gamers. They are willing to spend half a lifetime holding a gun, hiding a place waiting for you to pass and putting one in the head. The simple solution is to raise your level to bring him down. If you don’t have it, then vote him or kick him or if that doesn’t work, it’s best to find another match for fun instead of continuing to be frustrating.

PC vs Console

The PC vs Console battle is always a throbbing problem, many people like PC because they think that PC will last longer and can exploit all of the game’s graphics. Many people like Console because of the price as well as owning many exclusive games. If you are a real game lover, it doesn’t matter whether it is PC or Console, it doesn’t matter if you have money, then both systems are good for it. The only reason for this meaningless war is out of narcissism.

Lazy gamers

What do you think when I have to do everything while my teammates do nothing but wait and pick up the rare items dropped from the boss. This is a group of lazy gamers and makes the job of hunting much more difficult. This may be the genre of gamers that are hated the most and make teammates hate every time they join, do nothing.

So what’s the thing you hate the most in the game? Please share in the comments at the end of the post!

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