Top 10 super difficult games to challenge the player’s limit

Playing games outside for fun, for entertainment, also needs a little challenge to make it interesting. And thanks to this, difficult (or super difficult) games will easily become more prominent, attracting many gamers who want to challenge themselves. However, there are some games that go … a bit too much, causing gamers to lose sleep and eat just to try to break the island and conquer the seemingly “impossible” levels. So much so that some games (or levels) just mention the name and feel bored.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 super difficult games to challenge the limits of players.

Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels

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Following the success of Super Mario Bros, which resonated in the gaming community, The Lost Levels also follows the same formula as in Super Mario Bros. in terms of concept and screen design. But what makes this part different from the previous part is that this is one of the top hardest games guys.

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The game screens have a very complicated design, so one mile wrong is a mile away. In addition, the game also has some more items such as poisonous mushrooms, eyes closed and eyes open to hit the “game over” right away.

F-Zero: GX

F-Zero is one of the most popular racing game series on the Nintendo system. The game is set in the 24th century, players will be able to pilot a spaceship to compete with other formidable opponents. The key to this game is the extremely dangerous racetracks with a lot of obstacles and mines, ignoring one shot is considered “finished movie”.

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In particular, F-Zero: GX is ranked among the top most difficult games by players because the track in this part is extremely zigzag, the spaceship is soaring, so if you want to complete the race, you need to remember the road and drive. The ship is really smooth. If you want to get to the finish line first and unlock all the tracks, you should be prepared that it will take a lot of time and effort.

Super Meat Boy

Difficult games often come with you will lose your life many times, especially for Super Meat Boy, you “die like a dam” is always the other way. This is not only one of the top difficult games, but it is also commented by many people as one of the games where the main character dies and comes back to life tens of thousands of times. Although this is only a 2D scene game, you will be burned, stabbed in the stomach, squashed, and crushed into a hundred pieces over and over again.

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Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

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Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! is a fighting game that looks quite normal, but no one would think that it is one of the top super difficult games, guys. It looks easy and simple, but the opponent is extremely smart, launching random attacks that make it very difficult for you to predict what the opponent is about to launch next.

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This means that solo with lower-ranking opponents is enough to make you scratch and scab, let alone confront the famous Mike Tyson. Of course, if you can hold out until you confront Tyson, it must be said that this is the final boss of all bosses. Tyson will attack the player so hard that you don’t have time to breathe. If you can “go home” to this game, you won’t want to solo with Mike Tyson for the second time.

Dark Souls series

Dark Souls series is one of the difficult “onion baskets” in the top difficult games for many years. It depicts a world on the verge of decline, dark, desolate and harsh but strangely fascinating. Along with that, the brutal difficulty of the Dark Souls series also contributed a lot to the popularity of this series.

As for how difficult it is, let me tell you a little bit to make it easier to imagine. It was when I first played Dark Souls III, just entered the game and took a few steps, I was killed by a monster at the beginning of the game that lost half of my blood, after cutting that child took a few more steps. That’s it, the monster wanted to be as strong as the player, and the boss didn’t need to be said. You die a few dozen or even a hundred times just to kill a boss is a normal thing in this series. Only the most consistent, best gamers can enjoy this series.

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