Top 10 super difficult games to challenge players’ limits (P.2)

Playing games outside for fun, for entertainment, also needs a little challenge to make it interesting. And thanks to this, difficult (or super difficult) games will easily become more prominent, attracting many gamers who want to challenge themselves. However, there are some games that go … a bit too much, causing gamers to lose sleep and eat just to try to break the island and conquer the seemingly “impossible” levels. So much so that some games (or levels) just mention the name and feel bored.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 super difficult games to challenge the limits of players.


This is the game that Hidetaka Miyazaki paused his Dark Souls project to do. It’s brutally like Dark Souls, but in a new style. The game is set in a fantasy world with Gothic style and Victorian architecture. You will play as a hunter who specializes in chasing evil bosses and slashing anything that gets in his way.

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But that’s just to say, but in fact, if you’re new to the game, you’ll also eat onions. Even the weakest monsters in the game can rip you to blood if you’re not careful with them. The bosses are designed to look both bad and evil and brutally difficult, one mistake is to die on the spot. Bloodborne is considered one of the best games of all time, and of course the difficulty of the game is also among the top of all time.

Ninja Gaiden

When Ninja Gaiden came to Xbox in 2004, it set a new standard for hack-and-slash action games. More specifically about the difficulty because it is incredibly difficult, so hard that it is obsessive for those who have played it.

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In this game, winning or losing depends a lot on your skills, even small monsters can cut you to pieces if you play without thinking. And of course Boss is even more difficult to chew. To increase the level of “weirdness” for this already difficult top game, the guys who make games on Team Ninja don’t even give easy mode anymore.


As a 2D shooting game in the scrolling style of the screen, it can be affirmed that Contra is an icon in the hearts of gamers in the 8x era with its unique difficult gameplay. And the way this game punishes gamers severely if they lose. Specifically, Contra has a “one shot dead” system, or in other words, if you accidentally hit an enemy or get hit by even 1 bullet, you’ll be gone. Moreover, this is also one of the most difficult games because there are very few places where you can hide to avoid bullets, and you only have a maximum of 3 lives to correct the wrong move before having to start over. everything from the beginning.

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Also a 2D game in the scrolling genre, however, Battletoads was revealed by critics in advance about its top difficulty before it even came out. The player will have a total of 6 HP and you can recover HP by eating the flies. At this point, many of you will probably wonder that I have up to 6 HP, unlike Contra with only 1, where is it difficult. In fact, the difficulty of Battletoads is not in the element of easy death, but in the fact that you cannot save the game (more specifically, the game does not have a save mode). It is also because of this that creates more pressure for gamers as the difficulty of the game increases later on.

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Ghost ‘N Goblins

Another 2D scrolling style game for you here. In Ghost ‘N Goblins, you play as a knight named Sir Arthur on a mission to rescue Princess Prin-Prin. And to do that you will have to overcome countless different types of zombies and monsters. It sounds like a romantic, fairy tale until you realize that just taking 2 hits will make your character die and you have to start the whole screen again. It’s not over, there’s more!

After you defeat the final boss and clear the game, you will have to play the game again with a higher difficulty to be able to confront the real final boss of the game. This is enough for you to see that Ghost ‘N Goblins belongs to the top of the games that like to make it difficult for players.

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