Top 10 super buffalo bosses make gamers pain longer

Often the boss battle will be extremely spectacularly designed with the difficulty being pushed up and the duration is just enough for gamers to feel challenged but not discouraged.

However, sometimes there are bosses who want to “onion” the patience of the player because it is too tough and strong, making the game last until “natural autumn”. Here are the top 10 super buffalo bosses that make gamers’ pain even longer.

Mael Radec – Killzone 2

There must be a reason that the last boss in Killzone 2 will be bored by the gamers up to the neck. First, to reach Radec, you need to spend a lot of time cleaning up a series of Helghast corps at Visari Palace. Also, the last wave of attacks they also bring heavy weapons to play with gamers.

Even when playing in normal mode (Normal), this screen is still extremely “difficult to swallow”. If you dare to play in the hard mode (Hard), sometimes it takes several hours to meet the final boss.

Not to mention Radec, in addition to the “buffalo” blood, it also has the ability to speed up and stealth. Even standing from a distance attacking with a machine gun. Firing an eternal bullet, he will switch to … melee knife draw mode.

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Because it took so long and extremely laborious, many gamers accepted to turn off the computer and go to YouTube to see the ending quickly.

Although this boss fight isn’t very fun, once you defeat Radec you will feel numb.

Bed Of Chaos – Dark Souls

Dark Souls has a lot of awkward bosses, but perhaps the most ridiculous is the Bed of Chaos. Instead of just flying in to slash to slowly drain as usual, this boss requires you to attack 3 energy nodes attached to a monster that looks like a giant tree.

At least the other bosses are difficult to fight, but still fair, but Bed of Chaos literally means “bad luck”. The reason is because this boss can launch the “hit and die” at any time, with no signs of warning at all.

Worse, unless you have saved the game at a nearby bonfire, the player will need to walk quite a distance to get to the Bed of Chaos location after each kill (and you). will pay many times). Fan Dark Souls have also voiced complaints about this boss, so much so that game director Hidetaka Miyazaki has to come out and admit that this is the biggest mistake when creating this game.

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Senator Armstrong – Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

As usual, the Metal Gear game often ends with a very flashy boss fight and equally … time-consuming. So Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance also holds true to this tradition and lets you confront the last boss, Senator Armstrong – a “superman” enhanced by nanomachine.

This is one of the typical bosses for the word “hegemony”. Each of his attacks has an extremely high level of damage, moving very quickly, making it difficult for Raiden to counterattack. In contrast, Armstrong was completely capable of defending Raiden’s attacks.

Players will have to continuously fight this boss through 3 different stages. And the difficulty will also increase gradually so it will take more time to defeat Armstrong. You will have to perform QTE (Quick time event) buttons quickly, while other times, focus on blocking or dodging.

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Even if you play this game proficiently, you still have the ability to take more than 1 hour to defeat the boss. The game will automatically save every time the player passes a stage, but no matter what, your hand will also have to sweat.

King K. Rool – Donkey Kong 64

Don’t let this guy’s somewhat dumb looks fool you. The battle with King K. Rool in Donkey Kong 64 is really a test of the mental endurance of the player.

You will control Kong and “lash” each other with him in a boxing match 5 innings. Each round you will control a different Kong to fight King K. Rool. Each round only lasts for 2.5 minutes.

It sounds gentle, but if you can’t pull his health bar back to 0 this time he will return for the next round with full health. If you fail to beat King K. Rool within 12 innings, the game will start all over again. Sounds annoying, right?

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Although a battle with King K. Rool was rather tiring lasted for about 20 minutes, it got even more difficult after each round, putting the player at risk of replaying from the start multiple times. That made King K. Rool ranked in the list of “top bosses that do not die”.

Emerald Weapon – Final Fantasy VII

Honestly, you have to be in the kind of “emotional hardship” to be able to fight this boss. Because it’s bizarrely beefy, it’s an optional boss that you don’t necessarily have to overcome.

Emerald Weapon is a level 99 boss, with an incredible amount of health. Is that so there is a time limit to hit the boss under 20 minutes. Unless you’re lucky enough and get an Underwater item to remove the time limit, try to pull up 1 million health in 20 minutes. To be honest, even without the time limit, fighting Emerald Weapon is still a horrifying battle, as you succumb to its painful attacks while trying to pull the blood. it returns to 0.

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Even if you are already a fan of the series, you probably already know what to face when deciding to fight Emerald Weapon. However, there is a sincere advice that if you want to do so, you should also be mentally prepared to take 10 hours of your life.

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