Top 10 super buffalo bosses make gamers hurt longer (P.2)

Often the boss battle will be extremely spectacularly designed with the difficulty being pushed up and the duration is just enough for gamers to feel challenged but not discouraged.

However, sometimes there are bosses who want to “onion” the patience of the player because it is too tough and strong, making the game last until “natural autumn”. Here we continue to find out the top 10 super buffalo bosses make gamers’ pain even longer.

Henry Cooldown – No More Heroes

No More Heroes final boss can actually be defeated in as little as 10 minutes or so. Sounds pretty easy to breathe compared to the other bosses on this list, right?

However, that is when you have died dozens of times just to find a way to “catch up” for real “pure” only. Henry Cooldown has a great speed, hitting both pain and extremely difficult to dodge. Even if you can dodge all of it easily, don’t forget that he also has a super buff. Taking him down can be incredibly satisfying, but the previous process is sure to be fraught with pain and frustration for you.

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Henry Cooldown is strong enough to be able to eat nearly 1000 slashes from the player’s sword before having to lie down “to measure the floor”. With all this in mind, Henry can completely take away hours of your hours of intense concentration!

Nyx Avatar – Persona 3

Most of the bosses on this list are quite “hard to swallow”, but with Nyx Avatar – the last boss of Persona 3 is not too difficult. However, it still took the player more than 2 hours!

The reason for this is because the boss has … 14 different lives and formations. And in its final form, it can suck the blood of the team to restore full vitality, making your effort become a cup success. And the same thing happens if you die while fighting bosses, since the Persona series naturally has very few checkpoints to “rework your life”.

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The final state of Nyx was quite difficult and time consuming. But the player will also shorten the kill time of the previous 13 forms of Nyx by … fighting and getting used to it. You will be sucked up by it full of blood plants and have to fight back from the beginning quite a lot of times.

The End – Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

The End is arguably the most annoying and also the most creative of the Metal Gear series. This is a legendary old sniper, the only one who hasn’t really tried to kill the protagonist Naked Snake. He only shoots sleeping bullets at the player and causes Snake to be jailed again, forcing the player to play back for quite a long time, maybe up to a few hours.

This is really a nightmare for players in the first try, most will lose their guard and do not remember or predict when they will “eat bullets”. If you don’t bring the thermosets, then it looks like the fight will be quite long. Because tracking and discovering The End is also a process, not to mention just eating bullets you will start playing the whole song again.

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While defeating The End is easy once you have captured him, given the total time spent on this old sniper, this deserves to be called a true full-time boss battle.

Through The Fire and Flames – Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

“Through The Fire and Flames” is not the final challenge in Guitar Hero 3, but it is only unlocked after you complete the last song and acts as a “slap in the face” of imagined players. seems to have owned the game.

The extremely strange song was indeed the toughest test. With a length of 7 minutes, more than 3700 notes and an average speed of 8.54 notes per second on Expert difficulty, this is a stellar attack that makes the player only about … 5%.

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This song was so difficult that it took more than 6 months for a player to 100% complete it. For the average Guitar Hero player, completing this song at the Expert level is definitely out of reach, no matter how hard he tries.

Yiazmat – Final Fantasy XII

Yiazmat is a boss that possesses a huge health bar with up to 50,112,254 HP, and takes anywhere from 1 to 4 hours to defeat. Fortunately, this boss is only optional, so you can decide to fight or not to hit, not required.

Yiazmat has a small probability that he will use the ultimate “punch and die”. It sounds dangerous, but you can still dodge or counterattack this move. However, even if you dodge or counterattack, the boss fight still takes a long time. Because Yiazmat has the ability to heal and limit the player’s damage to 6999 damage when the HP drops below 50%.

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Although the game allows you to save the game in the middle of a match, in exchange for the cost of Yiazmat, it will restore a large amount of health, and of course much of your fighting and flying will pour down the river to the sea . It’s possible that Yiazmat’s power has been drastically reduced in the re-release of The Zodiac Age, but that hasn’t alleviated the suffering of playing the original version for nearly a decade.

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