Top 10 searches on Google Vietnam last week

Last week, Champion League 2018 entered the “hottest” phase, so the frequency of searching for information on quarter-finals matches of fans in Vietnam increased.

According to the announcement of Google, in the past week in Vietnam, leading the search is the keyword of the match “Barca vs Roma” (Barcelona and Roma), ranked second is the match between “Real vs Juventus” (Real Madrid and Juventus) and search for information on “Champion League 2018” in 4th place.

Regarding the trillion online gambling line, “Phan Van Vinh”, former lieutenant general – former General Director of the Police Department, is the third most searched keyword when he was investigated by the Public Security Agency. Phu Tho province police prosecuted and arrested and detained for 4 months. Ranked No. 5 is the keyword “Friday the 13th”, according to Western concepts this is an unlucky day.

The match between Barcelona and Roma last week was the focus of search on Google in Vietnam. Photo: AFP.


In addition, on April 10, the online community and media around the world were surprised when the music video that attracted the most views on YouTube (exceeding 5 billion views) was “Despacito” under the management of the entertainment network. VEVO is said to have been hacked by a group of hackers claiming “Hacked by Prosox & Kuroi’SH & Shade & Akashi IT & KiaRoot” and removed from YouTube. However, just half a day later, the video “Despacito” was restored by YouTube and the entire number of views.

The ranking of 10 most searched topics on Google in Vietnam in the past week:

  1. Barca vs Roma
  2. Real vs Juventus
  3. Phan Van Vinh
  4. Champion League 2018
  5. Friday the 13th
  6. Real vs Atletico
  7. Despacito
  8. A Lifetime of Resentment
  9. Super Beast Rage
  10. National Cup 2018

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