Top 10 'remarkable' packaging of early 2021 8 minutes to read

Top 10 ‘remarkable’ packaging of early 2021 8 minutes to read

In today’s consumer-centric world, packaging design plays a very important role! A unique and attractive packaging design is the first thing that attracts the attention and attention of the consumer. It pulls consumers into the product and even drives them to buy it.

Therefore, allotment of time, effort and energy to create an attractive packaging design is essential and designers will not hesitate to do this task. In this article, iDesign will introduce you to some creative, interesting and hard-to-miss packaging designs in the past year.

01. Coolpaste

An academic project has produced Coolpaste – an eco-friendly alternative to a signature reliable toothpaste. The aim was to develop a sustainable packaging design for toothpastes in a way that would not affect their durability when transported or stacked on shelves. For the purposes of the project, Colgate toothpaste was used as the study subject. Coolpaste not only has a physical change to the better of the environment, but the product’s graphical elements are also refreshed to reflect the project’s goals. The paper box portion was removed after an in-depth sales study without compromising toothpaste integrity.

02. Milk

Very simply, it is shaped like a cow’s nipple, not only cute but also very handy. The four small nipples give the design a little more stability and is something to hold when you pour a glass of cold milk! Available in various cute shades, we really wouldn’t mind drinking a glass of milk every morning seeing this cow-inspired milk carton every day!

03. Packaging Series

This special shape series was created through the repeating combination of the same 6-bladed shape; By rearranging the shapes to different profiles and patterns it is possible to create a variety of shapes and forms! The extremely versatile sponge form can be used to hold objects ranging from fruits and vegetables to protect them from falling. You can also pass the pen and pencil through as it constitutes an outstanding pencil box!

04. Srisangdao Rice

Srisangdao rice is grown in Thailand in a controlled environment and only a limited amount is produced annually. Because of this special type of rice, the growing environment and how to preserve the rice are given maximum attention to ensure that there are no chemicals that affect the quality. To showcase Thung Kula Ronghai’s efforts in growing this beautiful grain, one designer reimagined the packaging as a tribute to the process with the aim of not just preserving rice. The packaging created using straw, a natural waste of rice husk, incorporates the right process, something the designers want to celebrate with this product. The container features a simple yet meaningful art around the Srisangdao rice – it is shaped with a large grain of rice embossed on it to imply the main artistic element.

05. Seaweed U

Made with seaweed and vegetable extracts, these low-calorie wrappers can be used as an edible snack packaging and compostable bags for added extra boost. Nutritional value for food like vitamins and minerals as well as polysaccharides that support your gut health. The seaweed extract is then dehydrated and the prototypes are tested under different temperature settings in addition to testing their waterproof properties.

06. Hutchinson

Called Hutchinson (designed in 1894), the straight-sided bottle with an onion-shaped neck is currently being reissued as packaging for Coca-Cola’s mixer series. The aesthetically pleasing bottle design complements my friendly portfolio and makes them the perfect choice. Available in 4 distinct flavors, Wood Flavors, Spicy, Herbal and Smoke, as well as designed for use with spirits such as black whiskey and rum, bottles with white labels and lids , quite a bit off from the brand’s usual bold red design, but makes more sense for the drink-blend association.

07. Trebodur

‘Trebodur’ is an organic material made entirely of used grain by brewers! Brewer’s used grains are residues that accumulate from the barley malt during cooking during beer brewing. So what binds the material to give it strength? The proteins contained in the used grains act as a natural binder, now a self-sufficient ingredient! The creators Niko and Tillmann did extensive research and experimentation with natural fibers and adhesives. 100% biodegradable, Trebodur is a perfect choice for creating products that are used and even thrown away at big events or in PR packages. It can be used for all types of packaging products and serves as an alternative to paper and plastic packaging.

08. Rice

Rice is what we want to see every day on our table, and that’s what Backbone Branding wants to convey with their simulated packaging design. The purpose is to induce an emotional response to the rice farmer while also functioning as a product sold in medical stores. The new design is minimalistic, familiar and reminds us of the people behind the good harvest. With these core elements, the new packaging has used subtle black graphic lines to express the various emotions the farmer feels throughout the process – a face exuding confidence, pride, satisfaction, empathy and even fatigue.

09. El Corazon

This classic Amsterdam cheese cover covers your cheese for a long time as it understands the problem of the ‘heart’. No, literally – this cover is built in a way that represents the center (heart) of the cheese and also protects it. The shell has been given a very fitting name called ‘El Corazon’ which means ‘heart’. The heart of this classic Amsterdam cheese is often served as a tapas or with an aperitif and therefore deserves to be displayed exactly like a signature dish of famous bars. The container also extends the shelf life of the cheeses in the refrigerator while also turning them into a functional display when needed.

10. Pasta Box

Lurtcevich took out an ordinary rectangular box, the same kind of common pasta is sold in. However, she created 6 smart partitions using just one sheet of paper. The bright red pasta box has 6 stacked trapezoidal sections, each equivalent to one serving of pasta. Therefore, Lurtcevich’s packaging contains 6 servings of pasta, enough for an informal gathering that you can hold at home! The opening cover of each measured section is outlined with holes, three on the front and three others on the back of the box. Open the package along the perforated lines, by pulling it towards you. Divide the spaghetti you need and start cooking them!

Translator: Nam Vu

Source: yankodesign

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