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Top 10 most valuable clubs in the world: MU ranks above Liverpool

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand value of Real Madrid has decreased by 13.8% to 1.419 billion euros, but they still hold the No. 1 position. Ranked right behind Los Blancos is the rival. Barcelona increased 1.4% to 1.413 billion euros.

It’s no surprise that the Premier League dominates the top 10 most valuable football brands in the world with 6 clubs. In particular, MU ranked third with 1,314 billion due to a decrease of 10.7%. The next two positions are Liverpool with 1,262 billion euros and Man City with 1,124 billion euros.

Real Madrid is the world’s most valuable football brand. Photo: Marca

In my analysis, Brand Finance points out that Real Madrid will continue to be the strongest brand in world football and their future will be better after winning La Liga this season.

On the other hand, Real Madrid is expanding its trade by launching the Real Madrid Next brand, with the goal of partnering with technology-oriented startups. Los Blancos is also making good use of social networks to gain followers, with the creation of a pay-per-use channel for Madridista Nation.

Top 10 most valuable clubs in the world in 2020 (Value / level of increase and decrease)

# 1 REAL MADRID (Spain): 1,419 billion euros (-13.8%)

# 2 BARCELONA (Spain): 1.413 billion euros (+ 1.4%)

# 3 MU (England): 1,314 billion euros (-10.7%)



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