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Top 10 most amazing Apple products designed by Jony Ive

As we know Jony Ive – Apple's chief designer will leave Apple later this year to set up his own company after 30 years of work.

Check out the Apple products designed by Jony, which has become a "phenomenon". And of course, it is also the uniqueness of Apple in shaping the product, having its own quality, excellent finishing, a little future-oriented.

1. iMac G3 (1998)

This is Apple's 1998 All-in-one model, a very strange design at that time. A rough plastic case makes it possible to see some components inside the screen and there is an opening for USB connection. The G3 has many different colors that symbolize the color of the fruit (strawberry, lemon, orange, grape, blueberry, …).

2. Power Mac G4 Cube (2000)

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If those who first look at the Power Mac G4 Cube will not know it's a computer. The whole compact square body is covered with Polycarbonate plastic which is very eye-catching and luxurious. Expressing minimalist style as well as completely different from the computer world.

3. iPod (2001)

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iPod is the first MP3 player that can hold 1000 songs inside, creating a fever at the time when users had to struggle with bulky CD players. Apple now tries a funny advertisement, "1000 songs inside your pants pocket" because the design is very compact to pocket, easy to carry, very glossy and beautiful white, minimalistic.

4. iPhone (2007)

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It can be said that iPhone is the most special product in Apple's development history. First released in 2007, the iPhone quickly caused a fever because it was a device that only needed to touch and swipe. This is also the first phone to promote multitouch as a premise for other companies to make smartphones later.

5. MacBook Air (2008)

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The best moment was when Steve Jobs took a thin notebook out of a small package, the world was surprised because it was the world's thinnest notebook – MacBook Air. And the MacBook Air itself is the pioneering product for the unibody design for later MacBooks. Not only because of the thinness, the MacBook Air at that time left the optical drive, which Apple thought would be backward, unnecessary.

6. iPad (2010)

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The iPad was first released in 2010, a product that fills the gap between smartphones and laptops, also in an unibody design. This is the most successful tablet product and to this day the iPad has no competitors. And just mentioning "Tablet", people think of iPad.

7. Apple Watch (2014)

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Apple Watch Series 2 Ceramic Edition (2016)

For the first time, it was thought that the Apple Watch was a "baby toy". But not long after that, Apple Watch has become the most personalized device that iPhone users want to own. Not only is it a watch, it is also a device to monitor health, track exercise, receive notifications from the iPhone, or even a piece of jewelry for many people.

Apple Watch is divided into three lines: Apple Watch Sport (aluminum), Apple Watch (steel) and Apple Watch Edition. The first Edition was sold in 2015 made of 18K gold around the frame with prices from $ 10,000 (super expensive). Later on the Series 2 and 3 Apple brought the raw ceramic to the processing, it is 4 times stronger and stronger than the steel plate and great finish.

8. MacBook Pro (2016 – later)

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Since 2016, it has been a long time for Apple to change the design of the MacBook Pro, still in a unibody style, but it is thinner and more compact despite the same screen size. So far 2019 Apple continues to maintain the MacBook Pro design because it's basically so beautiful, hardware is excellent, the next highlight is the Touch Bar strip to replace the old Function keys, which looks very modern.

It is still minimalist, minimalistic to "negative" for many people at the beginning when using the USB-C port completely. But then, USB-C is the most popular connection, laptop accessories are USB-C standard.

9. AirPods (2016)

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Ever since, the first Apple product has always been made fun of. Like the Apple AirPods, for example, at the time of its launch, it was the weirdest design headset in the world. But 3 years have passed, AirPods has been a phenomenon of aesthetic, young and old, everyone wears AirPods. Because of its comfort and convenience.

10. Apple Park headquarters

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This is a great project, with great spiritual value for Apple. This design is inspired and remembered Steve Jobs, making Apple Park a valuable, great school value. The total area is about 260,000 square meters, the estimated value is 5 billion USD. The headquarters in Cupertino – California, is scheduled to be built in 2004.

These products and works are only typical and a small part of what Jony Ive has done. He is the "unique" designer not only for Apple but also unique in the world. Unfortunately, Jony left Apple later this year, but that was not the end, but also a new start for Apple and his own.

Thanks to Jony Ive for what gave Apple users great products and "priceless" values ‚Äč‚Äčthat never fade away.

(In addition: The voice of Jony Ive at a very good time! It's easy to hear. There's no longer any way to hear the video from Apple that Jony talks about product design)


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