Top 10 levels of gameplay that make gamers feel extremely inhibited (P.2)

The game is a place that allows players to freely drop themselves into the virtual world, fighting against hostile forces with supernatural powers. On the contrary, there are also games too … “weird”, making you feel extremely uncomfortable, helpless and just want to turn off the computer to go out to relax your mind.

The cause may be due to the strange game mechanics, or the game is too difficult that the developer created to challenge the player, but accidentally makes gamers feel inhibited. Here, the new brothers come to part 2 of the top 10 levels of gameplay that make gamers feel extremely inhibited.

GTA: San Andreas

Whenever GTA lets you play an RC plane (remote control), you should … delete the game to clear its mind. It seems that the thing that tramples the player’s morale with the extremely difficult task of driving an RC helicopter in Vice City has not satisfied Rockstar.

So they went on to do an extremely “dumb” RC pilot mission in the San Andreas – the last GTA part of the PS2 era.

This mission is called Supply Lines. You will be piloting a 2-pointed RC aircraft, equipped with guns to assassinate certain targets. It sounds fun, at least until you realize that the drone is incredibly difficult to fly. Just keeping it flying in the air is exhausting enough, let alone shooting down something. So it also has fuel properties. If you run out of fuel, don’t fly and go on missions all over again …

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Even David Cross, who voiced Zero, a character on this mission could not like this plane. He cannot even control it.

Escort the bewildered Natalya – GoldenEye

Any gamer who has been raging in games around the late 90s and early 2000s will have to shake his head in frustration when recalling escort missions. However, they still do not have “enough dollars” to compare with the task of escorting the ignorant aunt Natalya in GoldenEye.

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The classic James Bond shooter GoldenEye is a revolution in FPS and 3D graphics. The fact that it is legendary is one thing, the crap from Escorting Natalya is another.

The description of the mission is quite simple, it is to escort Natalya to her to work with the computers, while protecting her from the enemies, that’s all. These types of missions often have similar scenarios, but rarely are there games for players to force players to go with such a “brain dead” companion. If she doesn’t kill herself by going into enemy bullets you will die putting yourself in danger to save her.

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There must also be some reasons for people to remember GoldenEye mainly in the multiplayer part. And one of the biggest reasons is that this banana quest eclipses the single player game.

Map of Water Temple corpse the player – The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

If you’ve ever played through Ocarina of Time then you will definitely remember the Water Temple map. Some critics liked its complexity, but many players swore.

This is the 6th dungeon you encounter in the game. To move in this flooded map, you have to raise and lower the water level with the levers hidden in many different rooms. Combined with the use of Iron Boots to sink to the bottom of flooded rooms.

While the game doesn’t tell you which lever is connected to what, removing the Iron Boots attachment completely manually through the game’s menu is also a hassle.

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All make a map extremely cumbersome and more annoying than the enjoyment of the player. That’s why Nintendo heavily tweaked the area in the 3DS release of Ocarina.

Tailing a member of the resistance army – Metal Gear Solid 4

For a series of games like Metal Gear Solid, it is not strange that this series also has game scenes that make players extremely uncomfortable. Some of these include killing the PAL card sequence in the first game, the scene of escorting EE in season 2 and the scene where you have to feed EVA every 5 minutes so that she does not starve to death in season 3. .

Of course, to continue this “tradition”, Metal Gear Solid 4 will still have scenes that cause “pain” for gamers.

Specifically, in this game, you will have to watch a VIP member of the resistance go around the city. You’ll have to watch him without revealing any obvious action, while keeping an eye out and killing off other uninvited guests who are also stalking.

If you’ve played stalking missions in Assassin’s Creed, this is the same, only with more complexity. Because unlike the Assassin’s Creed series, you won’t lose even if your target detects you.

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If you are caught, you will not be sent back to the checkpoint location by the game, but the game will take you a long way to reach the destination location. It was also because this made a task that was already boring now even more boring.

In addition, if you fail to control your emotions but break through and bring the whole area on alert, you will be severely punished. Of course that will make you even more inhibited when you have to play this level again.

The High Road – Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

The High Road is always a nightmare for gamers no matter what version of Crash Bandicoot you play. However, only The High Road in the N. Sane Trilogy version is included in this list because the control mechanism of this section has been differentiated by the developer.

The original trio of games have their own custom controls, which means the jumping and landing movements will differ slightly between parts. To streamline the experience as well as make the game parts more cohesive, developers have used a single dance mechanism. However, this mechanism is not suitable for The High Road screen.

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Therefore, Crash’s dance steps are a bit … “deviated” a little bit from normal. But that is more than enough to make you fall into the abyss over and over again. All for that “little” thing. Thinking is quite … “spicy”.

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