Top 10 games that make you “die for love” (P.2)

Not only movies, but in the game world there are also many deep and tearful love stories of couples. But in parallel there is no shortage of relationships that the protagonist is involved in is usually only dying, and literally dying.

People keep saying love means dying in your heart a little bit, but for the following games you will be … killed and had to start over. Here are the top 10 games that make you die of love.

Drops Of Death – Die from dating an assassin

Drops of Death’s plot revolves around the character Adrien narrowly escaped from death. After that, Adrien returned to daily life, went to school and met three new characters named Edwin, Nick and Natasha. Adrien can flirt with all 3 of these people. However, the irony here is that 1 in 3 people can become murderers later.

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At the beginning of the game, 1 of the 3 other characters will be chosen at random, and you have to use your reasoning to conclude who is the killer. Of course, if you instigate dating that killer, prepare yourself to die.

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards – Died of infection in the “rain clouds”

Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards is a quite humorous game with intellectual puzzles. At the same time, the game is also famous for the developer’s creativity in making the player “color flying” in humorous and embarrassing ways. Because this part focuses on the element of humor related to sex, because the main character always wants to sleep with girls at all costs, so there are many “instant” deaths in the game.

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As mentioned, since protagonist Larry loves doing it so much, he has a sexually transmitted infection (STD). After a “cloudy rain”, then Larry fell down and died, ending his journey full of deadlock.

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Catherine – Died up and down from promiscuity

If you include the flirtatious characters in the game, the Vincent Brooks guy in Catherine will be most remembered by many people, but not because of his flirtatious level but because of his bad luck.

Vincent Brooks is a 32-year-old systems engineer, and he should have married his longtime girlfriend Katherine and have a happy family. On one chance at a bar, Vincent fell into a one-night affair with the charming young Catherine, and all the bad luck began.

Catherine is essentially a succubus and is the cause of Vincent’s nightmares – where he and many other men have to climb a tower in the hunt for scary demons. If he died in a dream Vincent would really die.

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In Catherine: Full Body – the sequel to the game, the guy continues to interact with a girl named Rin, ironically Rin is “male in disguise”. When Vincent Brooks discovered it, he was shocked. In general, Vincent Brooks’ stealing relationships with other women behind his girlfriend always happen in awful ways, without being tortured to death, they also love traps. Life is too difficult.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Dead because he wanted to reunite with his lover

After Zack refuses to confront his elder Angeal, he falls to the Sector 5 Church, below the slums of Midgar. Zack hits the ground on a carpet of flowers planted by Aerith Gainsborough. Then the two decided to date at Slums, starting a long-lasting relationship. After spending a lot of fun there, Zack has to leave Aerith on a mission.

However, after many events, Zack discovers that he has been quiet for four years, and Aerith has sent 89 letters to Zack hoping to get a response the whole time. Desiring to reunite with Aerith, Zack recklessly returns to Midgar and reunites with Aerith.

However, before he can reach Midgar, the Shinra army follows the track and forces Zack to stop Zack from entering the city. At this point, Zack decides to fight the army and fight with all he has to meet his lover. The enemy army is too crowded, so Zack is seriously wounded and died in this place.

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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within – Death of reversing the time to save the one he loves

As expected of being the main character in the game with the theme of the sands of time, the Prince of Persia has a few love affairs through time that go back and forth and see… death. The most prominent is that in the opening episode of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, our prince was immediately pursued by the monster that kept Dahaka’s immortality.

Not that at the end of part 1 (Prince of Persia: The Sand of Times), the Prince of Persia and Princess Farrah stay together in a mysterious bathhouse, the two of them fall in love and do what everyone knows. that.

It was so shocking that after the rain, the prince woke up to see the princess hugging his time knife and going to fight the monster without leaving, still about to fall down the cliff. Of course, the prince flew to the hero to save the beauty right away, but unfortunately the circumstances did not allow, Farrah had to sacrifice. At this time, the prime minister (last boss) appeared and gave the prince the choice of exchanging the time knife for immortality. With a strong love, the prince immediately refused and … reversed all the time from the beginning of all events. Farrah is still alive, the prince rescues his country, the ending is quite beautiful … until the second part. The story is that the fate of the man who liberates the sands of time is death, not according to nature but dies, Dahaka will follow to death …

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Of course, the prince still finds a way to survive until season 3 (Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones), but if you do not love the beautiful Princess Farrah, you would not have fallen into this poverty.

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